It’s no surprise that the modern farmhouse decor living room becomes popular nowadays. This decor shows how simplicity could bring warmth and serenity to the living room.

The key element of a modern farmhouse living room decor is to look as natural as possible. For that reason, the rustiness of furniture becomes an important factor in this design.

A modern farmhouse living room decor is usually dominated by casual and comfortable furniture. Some neutral colors are often used in this design, such as white and khaki brown. Those colors are very close to nature. For more ideas on how to make modern farmhouse living room decor, take look at some ideas below.

1. Open Concept Farmhouse Living Room

The modern farmhouse living room style does not always have to look bucolic. An open concept in the living room could also give a farmhouse and traditional feel that is not over the top.

To make this concept, you can complete your living room with a glass wall to modernize the traditional approach. To enhance the farmhouse feel, you can put comfortable furnishing and industrial light fixtures.

You can change the accent wall with large and spacious glass windows. To enhance your farmhouse decoration, you can use wooden frames that are repainted with white. White stone walls are a material that you can add to your farmhouse living room décor as a material that is easy to find and gives a natural feel to the room. A reclaimed wood roof is the right mix. Glass windows with wooden frames painted white from thespruce.

Bring a bright nuance to your living room decoration with transparent glass windows that can make the atmosphere in the room more open and spacious. High glass windows with teak wood frames highlight the traditional nature of the room. Wicker carpets and wooden floors add a natural and inexpensive feel. Decorate your coffee table with towering flowers. High glass windows with teak wood frames from thespruce.

Glass doors and walls provide an easy way for sunlight to enter the room. The advantage of using glass doors and walls is that it saves electricity costs at the end of the month, in this room you can turn off the lights because the room looks bright with incoming sunlight. Add an interior that accentuates the farmhouse décor such as a stone fireplace and varnished wood floors for warm, smooth and cozy footwear. Large glass doors and walls from thespruce.

Turn one part of the wall into a large glass window. This window makes your room look more spacious, airy and not cramped. Paint the entire room white for a clean and elegant theme. You can use some dark furniture for a beautiful contrast. This electric fireplace adds a warm atmosphere to your entire living room to the maximum. You can try this open living room idea in your home. Turn one part of the wall into a large glass window from thespruce.

2. Electric Farmhouse Living Room

You have to keep in mind that the farmhouse style is quite adaptable. It could be combined with the latest decoration trends.

To make the living room interior looks traditional and transitional, you can put a Persian rug and deco mirror. To nail the look, you could also add a coffee table and a fashionable sofa.

Combine a linen sofa with a black wood coffee table to be the perfect match for an eclectic farmhouse living room style. You can choose a sofa with a larger size to accommodate more of your family or friends who come to your house. Fill the sofas, chairs and tables with vintage carpet that has a smooth and thin texture. The open living room of the farmhouse pampers you when you are in this room because it will be freer to move around. Combination linen sofa with black wood coffee table from elledecor.

Use farmhouse living room furniture with matching colors for a more elegant and uncluttered look. Gray is one of the favorite neutral colors that you can try. The suede sofa provides a smooth and soft surface. Take advantage of the empty wall area as a smart built in storage idea, these shelves help keep everything you have in a safe place. To add a modern impression to this room, you can change the wooden window frames with iron which has a dark color. Interior furniture with neutral color from elledecor.

Black and white are colors that are combined to create a monochromatic style in a living room décor. You can apply white throughout the room except for the wooden dresser and the fireplace. A sofa covered with white fabric is a typical furniture idea for a farmhouse style. The wooden roof provides natural warmth in the room. Don’t forget to add wall decorations such as framed paintings and carved mirrors. Sofa covered with white fabric from elledecor.

3. Traditional Farmhouse Living Room

The main point of the farmhouse style is relaxation and comfort. To have an open and airy feel, you can decorate your living room with elegant furnishing. The low ceiling would bring warmth feeling. The fireplace and timbers would give a traditional nature feel to your living room.

Wooden shiplap walls with fireplaces and classic floor lamps are part of the traditional farmhouse style. Give a striped pattern to your sofa to add color and an energetic fabric texture. Have a dresser with glass doors to display some vintage decorative items that can beautify your living room. Rattan woven chairs equipped with blankets and pillows make for comfortable seating. Wooden shiplap walls with fireplaces from digsdigs.

Take advantage of the fireplace as an accent that adds warmth when winter arrives. Throw some cushions on the sofa to add the perfect warm impression. The woven carpet is a distinctive footwear in traditional farmhouse decorations. The lighting produced by yellow lights and candles gives off a warm, dramatic feel. This living room decoration is ready to be a family gathering area. The fireplace is equipped with several cushions on the sofa from digsdigs.

The low reclaimed wood roof adds warmth and comfort to your living room to the maximum, add a classic sofa in two different colors for a more unique and less boring look. You can decorate the coffee table with blooming flowers to make it look fresher. Don’t forget to use weathered iron lamps as the main lighting in this living room. White walls are one of the characteristics of a traditional farmhouse living room. Classic sofa in two different colors with reclaimed wood roof from digsdigs.

The modern farmhouse living room decor would give simplicity, nostalgic, relaxed, and comfort feel to your house. Hopefully, our ideas would inspire you to create a farmhouse living room that you will never want to leave.

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