Since the laundry room is one of the spaces that you might use regularly, it always deserves special attention. This is why you need to pick the most stunning decor style that can suit your personal taste and make your laundry routine more fun and enjoyable.

If modern decor is what you like, scroll through to discover some exceptional modern laundry room design ideas which will help you to create the most luxurious area in the house. Check them out!

Fill the Room with Natural Wood

No modern laundry room design is complete without natural element touches. Among many natural materials, wood is the most popular option for floors, furniture, ceilings, and walls. The best thing is, this sustainable material comes with rich patterns, textures, and colors—great for getting a unique room look while also adding a warm, cozy, and inviting atmosphere to your laundry space.

Make the small laundry room more multifunctional to save space more effectively and efficiently. You can use wooden planks on the washing machine to fold and iron clean clothes. The wood accents in this room add a natural and warm impression. Green plants have always been a popular decorative decoration in every room. The white shades look so clean and calm. Wooden planks on the washing machine from hgtv.

Apply wood material to storage cabinets to create a natural feel in your laundry room decor. No need to repaint these cabinets, just leave them in their original colors. To avoid mildew in wooden cabinets, you should have a glass window to enter sunlight into the room. Green plants become decorative items that refresh the room. Wooden cabinet storage from hgtv.

Give a different look and decoration to your laundry room with glossy wood floors. This wooden floor has a surface with a smooth texture so it doesn’t cause your feet to feel uncomfortable. Wooden floors will also last longer for a long time, you just need to provide regular maintenance every day by sweeping and mopping them. Wooden floor with smooth texture from hgtv.

Focus on Neutral Colors

A modern laundry room design is also associated with neutral colors—such as white, gray, and beige—that can introduce a serene and elegant effect to the room. What’s great is, all the colors in this category will make your laundry room seem open, airy, and more importantly, never out of style.

Nuances of white will never fail to decorate a room including a laundry room, in this room you can add a pattern to your tiled floor. This floor provides color as well as a more lively and different atmosphere. Provide maximum lighting through chandeliers and large and spacious glass windows. You can try this laundry room decoration in your home. Shades of white with patterned tile floors from onekindesign.

The combination of gray and white in the laundry room decor makes it look more spacious, calm and clean. Coupled with the glass windows that provide sunshine perfectly. Use a pattened backsplah with a splash of black to give it an unusual and less boring atmosphere. The combination of gray and white in the laundry room decoration from onekindesign.

Wooden shiplap wall in white provides a neutral color that can be easily matched with any other interior that you want. Light blue cabinets add a fresh color, you can try the red brick floor to give it a natural impression and present an industrial chic style. Take advantage of the wall area as storage by installing a multipurpose floating rack. White wooden shiplap walls with light blue cabinet from onekindesign.

Use white for the overall decoration of your laundry room to give the room a bright and bright effect. In this room, you don’t need a chandelier during the day, because here it is equipped with large and spacious glass windows. To give a different color, you can use a unique pattern mat. Perform regular maintenance to display clean laundry room decorations. All white nuances laundry room from onekindesign.

Go Uncluttered as Much as Possible

Last but not least, the modern laundry room design is known for its minimalist or simplistic approach. That is why you need to pick laundry furniture and fixtures that come with clean lines and smooth surfaces. If your laundry room is located in the multipurpose area or those who want to save more floor space, you may consider hiding your washer and dryer inside cabinets to create a sleek and uncluttered room look.

Install wooden wooden shelves for a more effective and efficient open storage idea. You can also add a wooden cabinet for a bigger storage idea. This iron basket under the cabinet becomes a container that you can use to store clean or dirty clothes. With this, your laundry room will be tidier and more organized. Wooden rack storage with cabinet from onekindesign.

Several cloth baskets under the cabinet make it easy for you to organize clean or dirty clothes. Floating cabinets equipped with stainless steel shelves add to the idea of easy storage that you can emulate. This floating cabinet is a smart storage that doesn’t take up much floor space. Paint the cabinet with white to match the color tone in this room. Cloth basket to organize dirty and clean clothes from onekindesign.

Take care and arrange the layout of your laundry room to produce a neat and uncluttered decoration. Use the barn door as a sliding divider to cover the storage room. A large and spacious wooden shelf is a storage idea that you can try because this shelf can accommodate more of your laundry room needs. Add a wreath to this barn door for decoration that gives a rustic impression. Large wooden shelf with new door divider room from onekindesign.

Those are some inspiring modern laundry room design ideas you should try to build the most luxurious laundry space. So, what about you? Are you ready to update your laundry room look with those decor schemes?

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