We all know that the bedroom is the most important room in the house. It is where you sleep and enjoy your relaxation without being disturbed. That is why you need to have a nice and comfortable bedroom.

Having a well-decorated bedroom can boost your daily mood and bring you more quality sleep. To feel the pleasure at its finest, let’s decorate yours into a romantic bedroom so you can spice up your romance with your loved one.

King-size Bed

When you have a partner, choosing a king-size bed is just right for you two. Extra space on the big bed is important to relieve stress and fatigue. Therefore, you will be able to sleep more comfortable and feel intimate at the same time.

Install and use a king-size bed platform for more comfortable and free sleeping and resting area. You can choose a wooden platform for a warm natural feel. Adding LED lights on the headboard adds a dramatic effect that makes the room feel even more romantic. No need to overuse furniture for a modern and minimalist final result. Wooden platform king-size bed from home-designing.

By arranging a minimalist and contemporary bedroom, you can use interior furniture as needed. You can maximize the bedroom area for relaxation without feeling claustrophobic. One great idea that you can try is to use a tufted king-size mattress without a bed frame. Choose velvet material for a softer texture and can give a more luxurious impression. Instead of using a wall with large and spacious glass windows, this window makes the bedroom decor brighter and more open. Tufted king-size bed from home-designing.

Choose bedroom color tones with neutral colors that are never boring and never out of date. Gray and black are a suitable color combination. You can choose a king-size bed with a minimalist wood frame. Present wooden nightstands and soft chairs as additional furniture that doesn’t make the room feel cramped. The combination of floor lamps and table lamps is sufficient to provide bright and bright lighting. The carvings on the walls give a beautiful and creative artistic impression. King-size bed with minimalist wood frame from home-designing.

Flower Petals

Flower petals—especially red roses—have been used by ancient Greeks and Romans as spa decorations. As time goes by, people love to decorate their bedrooms with petals as well. They enhance the romantic vibes and give a nice scent to your bedroom.

Arrange the layout of the red roses in the shape of a heart in the bedding for a beautiful and romantic decoration idea. Add other decorative items that can support this room well, candles are the right answer. Place a candle on the floor just below the side of the bed frame. The flower sprinkles on the floor also make for a sweet, more perfect finish. Heart-shaped red roses are complemented by wax accents from fodors.

You can sprinkle red roses on the mattress as a natural romantic accent. This rose gives a fragrant aroma and makes you and your partner feel more comfortable throughout the day. In addition, this red rose is also a beautiful color contrast when applied over white bedding, this bedroom decoration is a favorite this year for married couples. Sprinkle red roses on top of white bedding from thesleepjudge.

Tumblr Light

Replace the regular room lighting to Tumblr lights. Make sure you choose the warm white tone to perfect the romantic decoration. It also turns your romantic bedroom into a photoshoot studio so you can take a nice cute picture with your partner.

In this bedroom decoration, you can apply decorative string lights so that the charm of the walls can still be felt when you want to sleep. The warm light from simple string lights gives a romantic atmosphere so it is perfect for those of you who want to decorate a room with your partner. The light produced from this lamp also looks more natural. Decorative string light for bedroom couples from thesleepjudge.

The Boho bedroom design is synonymous with string lights, this lamp complements the light touch of the Boho room. You just need to put on a string of string lights on a wooden roof, the light from the string light makes the details of the bedroom decor look more beautiful, besides spoiling your eyes when going to sleep. Perfect your bedroom decor with natural decorations, namely some green plants with different types of plants. Boho bedroom design with string light from thesleepjudge.

String lights never fail to make bedroom decor more dramatic and romantic. When your bedroom is equipped with a canopy, adding strands of string light on the outer surface is a decoration idea that you can try. You can choose white string lights which can make the room look more beautiful. Here you don’t need a bed frame to save space better. White string light with canopy from thesleepjudge.

You can use string lights as the main lighting in the bedroom decor to give a more romantic dramatic effect when you are in this room with your partner. You can apply this string light on the headboard, choose a string light with white lighting to give the room a brighter and brighter look. String light that is applied to the headboard from homebnc.

A Big Portrait Hanging on the Wall

Have a portrait of you two on a frame and hang it on the wall. It is better than having wallpaper. With that portrait, you can cherish the memory with your loved one every day and remember it for the rest of your life.

To maintain a romantic bedroom decor, you can post more than one photo with your partner on the wall. Wedding photos are the right choice that you can try. Make this photo from the canvas so that it is more durable and doesn’t fade easily over a long period of time. Hang this wedding photo right above your wooden headboard. Wedding photo canvas from homebnc.

Finally, if creating a romantic bedroom is on your and your loved one top list, those ideas above are worth trying. All you need to do is only find which one fits you best. Have fun and enjoy your quality time with your loved one by creating a romantic bedroom with those ideas!

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