If you are a parent, designing a kids’ bedroom can be a little tricky. You have to think about what is right and what is not for the sake of your kids’ development. Understanding the kids’ character may help you design the bedroom that will suit them the most.

These tips below might help you create the perfect bedroom while involving the whole family to participate!

Hanging Handmade Crafts

Make handmade crafts together with your kids can be really fun. You can make any shape of ornaments that your kids like and hang them on the wall and ceiling. They enhance the buoyant and joyful atmosphere so the kids can always feel fun.

You can make crafts with the main material of paper in a child’s bedroom decor to add a more attractive and creative impression. Here you can shape it as you wish, for example a heart shape with colorful paper. Make this craft look like a waterfall, hanging just above the head of your wooden bed. This DIY wall decoration does not require a lot of expenses so it is very on budget, another advantage you can get is that these crafts make kids bedroom decorations more colorful. You can try this DIY handicraft easily. Waterfall hearts that made of colorful paper from cutediyprojects.

Another option besides the wall is in the ceiling of your child’s bedroom. You can shape it into a star tied with a rope to make it look more cheerful. Choose the color of this paper star according to the feel of your child’s bedroom to match the elegant color tone of the room. This unique lamp adds different lighting than others, with this the child’s bedroom will be more comfortable and colorful. The gray and black combination in this room brings a masculine style that is cool and trendy this year. This color combination also makes the room not easily boring. The high curtain helps to enter sunlight easily. Hanging ornaments of paper stars as ceiling decorations from cutediyprojects.

Cartoon Wall Art

Turn the wall into a colorful cartoon wall art to brighten up the kids bedroom. It suits the cheerful and innocent personality of your kids. The cartoon wall art also lets the kids’ imagination developed and helps stimulate their creativity.

Choose a wallpaper that suits your child’s preferences to present a brighter and more cheerful atmosphere. Mickey mouse motif is known as the favorite cartoon wallpaper idea this year. Other motifs and patterns applied to bed linen and curtains add a cheerful impression that will make this room decor comfortable for children. Choose footwear that is safe and non-slip for children, such as wooden floors that give a warm and environmentally friendly impression. Mickey mouse wallpaper from architectureartdesigns.

Try installing a cartoon character wallpaper that your child likes. You can install it on one part of the wall only to avoid boring and monotonous room decorations. Animal cartoons are much liked and enjoyed by children so that they provide a room character that can be received properly and comfortably, of course. Animal theme wallpapers from architectureartdesigns.

Sharing Room with Fun

Teach the kids to share from an early age by having them sleep together with their siblings. It strengthens their bond because they will always have private conversations when parents are not around. Place their bed side by side and let them share everything, including toys.

Teach your children to share stories from an early age, this will make a better person. Teach them with simple things, for example sharing a bedroom with their siblings. That way, besides teaching them to share the room, it will also indirectly teach them to communicate and interact with each other. An easy way to make bedroom decor more cheerful is to throw in bedding and blankets with different motifs. Don’t forget to decorate your plain wall with paper ornaments that make it a creative and smart DIY garland. Double bed with some cheerful fabric motifs from livingetc.

If your child often feels lonely when he is in the bedroom, then there is nothing wrong with giving a double bed for a friend or relative in the same room. The bed placed side by side allows them to share experiences and stories of the whole day that they have passed. The canopy bed with neutral colors gives an elegant feel that is sweet and not excessive, throw pillows and bedding with a thick and soft fabric texture as a comfortable area for your children. Use a bedding pattern according to what your children like. Kids beds that are placed side by side and equipped with elegant canopy from livingetc.

Big Drawers or Basket for Dolls and Toys

You will need a big drawer or basket to place all the dolls and toys. Moreover, you can teach your kids to clean and tidy up all the mess after they’re playing. The big size helps you to store all the stuff more neatly and efficiently.

Add a basket in the kids bedroom as a toy container for a tidier and less cluttered room. You can make it from thick fabric, give it a motif on the outer surface to emphasize the children’s decorations. There is no need to use too many toys in this room for a freer and more spacious room. Toy baskets that are made of thick fabric from hgtv.

Give an empty space under your bed for a storage area for all the toys your children have. You can add a wicker rattan basket as a container that can organize toys that are rarely or often used according to your child’s preferences. This rattan basket also adds a natural feel that is environmentally friendly so it is safe for children. Wicker rattan baskets from hgtv.

Educational Framed Letters

Hang framed letters on the wall to help the kids not only having fun but also learn alphabets. Other than alphabets, you can also hang numbers or simple vocabularies and sentences to help them read.

Use lettering wall decorations in the kids bedroom for an early introduction to the alphabet. By getting used to seeing the alphabet in a child’s bedroom will make it easier for children to understand it. Interesting patterns with a variety of bright colors will attract the child to this alphabet motif. You can apply in various sizes and randomly located so that it doesn’t get boring easily. 3D letters are a more eye-catching and prominent wall decoration option, reflect the light on this wall decor to reveal the letters of the alphabet more clearly. 3D alphabet wallpapers from homedit.

Indirectly, you can motivate children by decorating the letters wall in your child’s bedroom. You can use easy or simple words that the child can read and remember. Suppose the word STAR is attached to the bed, complement this word with an LED light for a more attractive appearance. Adding a guitar accent is a décor that feels more upscale. Wall decoration with the word LED STAR from homedit.

Love your kids by creating the best kids bedroom for them and have fun with your family!

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