Sometimes children refuse to take a bath because they think it is an unpleasant activity. Before getting mad at them, try to know what makes them do so.

Look at their bathroom. Does it have a cute and colorful interior design? Besides safe and comfortable, a kid-friendly bathroom must be appealing to the kid. There are some steps to make a bathroom suitable for your children.

1. Colorful Wallpaper

The easiest way to make a bathroom for kids is by applying colorful wallpaper. If you have daughters, pick a roll of soft pink wallpaper for them. For your sons, a roll of baby blue wallpaper is a better choice.

What if you have a son and daughter? Opt for a neutral color, such as yellow or cream. You can also buy a Mickey Mouse or Donald Duck wallpaper if your children like them.

Light blue wall color in the bathroom with a forest theme. You can use this wallpaper because it will create an attractive child-friendly bathroom look. Complementing the decor with a green tinted floor will also create the perfect contrast. don’t forget. Besides, the white furniture makes the decor look perfect. Light blue wall color with forest theme from homedit.

Choosing a wallpaper with a beach theme will give your bathroom a fresh decoration that will look spacious. You can also add some pictures to grab your child’s attention. This white furniture will complement your kid-friendly bathroom decor. The use of stone tiles will also provide the perfect decoration for the room. This storage furniture will spruce up your room so the bathroom won’t get messy. Blue wallpaper with coastal theme from homedit.

Children’s bathroom wall decoration with car wallpapers. It not only provides bold art but also makes your kids have fun in the bathroom. Combining it with a subway tile wall and marble floor will give a perfect décor and an elegant look. This wooden furniture will complement your small bathroom decor. Car wallpapers on kid-friendly bathroom from elledecor.

To create simple wall art and make your child feel comfortable having fun in the bathroom, you can choose colorful agris wallpaper for the best wall decoration of all. This decoration fits perfectly in a small bathroom. You can also combine it with white tile shower walls and green tile floors to give your bathroom a freshness. You can also add built in storage to keep some of your child’s toys neatly. Colorful striped wallpaper from architectureartdesigns.

2. Kid Size Toilet

A kid-friendly bathroom should have a kid-size toilet. You probably have a step stool at home to help kids reach the adult’s toilet.

However, they will be safe inside the bathroom if you provide a kid-size toilet. It reduces the risk of slipping or falling from the step stool. If your child is under two years old, it is better to have toilet training with the right size.

A fabulous children’s bathroom with furniture that has been adapted to the size of the child. Like toilets and bathtubs. The festive curtains also make for a décor shot. Using the white tones of this bathroom will look spacious and airy. You can add penny tiles to the floor and small runner rugs to give the room a warm appearance. White mini toilet with bathroom kid-friendly from architectureartdesigns.

The bathroom is kid friendly with a small toilet for the kids. Of course, it is suitable for children because it is designed and made for children’s bathrooms. Using blue and white wall tiles will give a fresh and airy impression to this bathroom. Don’t forget to add some children’s toys to complete this kids’ bathroom decoration. Red and white mini toilet from architectureartdesigns.

Making things smaller than usual makes kids more comfortable and bathroom fixtures easy to use. Like a toilet, you should use a small toilet for children. so it will happen to reduce the risk of slipping or falling off the stool. This method will be safe for them while in this bathroom. Don’t forget to add some wall decorations to grab your child’s attention. Small toilet for children from architectureartdesigns.

3. Kid-Size Furniture

Do not forget to buy kid-size furniture. Children can take their toothpaste, liquid soap, or shampoo by themselves because the storage’s size matches their height. You can also find a special sink and other bathroom accessories specially made for children. To make it even more attractive, opt for colorful and bright furniture.

Wonderland themed bathroom for the boy. The color-saturated in this bathroom creates ample space. Moreover, the small size of the furniture used is the best thing. It helps kids do things in the bathroom. This small size sink and toilet will make it easier for your child to wash their own hands. Painting the walls blue and yellow will create a bright room. Small size sink and toilet from architectureartdesigns.

Using small, kid-friendly furniture will provide the perfect bathroom decor. Using under-sink storage can also be used as a stair stool. This colorful take on in the bathroom looks fabulous and beautiful. Pddukan with white nuances and white floors to give a spacious and airy impression to this kid-friendly bath. Small wastafel with storage from architectureartdesigns.

A navy themed children’s bathroom. Make everything as small as furniture. You can arrange it perfectly like a sink with a stepping bench. This helps the child use the sink. With this wooden floor it will give a warm impression to the room. These duck patterned curtains will create the perfect focal point of the room. To make it more attractive, choose furniture that is colorful and bright. Mini white sink with stepping bench from architectureartdesigns.

Designing a kid-friendly bathroom is important to make sure that your kids are always safe. Besides, you can let them enjoy a fun bathing experience. Choose kid-friendly furniture, such as mini storage, colorful sink, cute wallpapers, and many more. It is not just something exciting for kids but also for the rest of the family.

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