Being a personal sanctuary for those who earn their income from home, a workspace is a place where the greatest ideas and inspirations were born. Thus, you want to make sure that your workspace can accommodate you in the best ways possible and making it feels like home within a home. 

Adorned with rustic wooden accents, cozy furniture, and natural fabrics, the country decor will transform your dull space into a personal haven. Wondering how to incorporate country decor into your home office? Here are some of the best ideas to start.

Neutral and Muted Color Palette

Neutral color tones are the best companion for country decor. Neutral-colored walls will emphasize your rustic furniture and make every element feels more vintage. Don’t worry about coming off as old-fashioned, because nowadays there are many vintage color combinations such as gray-blue and gray-white that will make your house look even more fashionable than before.

If your shiplap walls are white, then have it and choose an interior that has a variety of colors. Re-polished wooden workbench, bold color carpet and blue wooden chairs are the right interior choices and are not boring. The iron basket becomes vintage storage that you can use to store some office equipment more neatly. White wall shiplap with colorful interior from bhg.

The combination of white nuances with wood colors, namely brown, is a blend that is not boring and never fails. In addition, brown brings a warmer feel to the room and is easy to match with the surrounding interior. You can enter a unique motif on the neutral carpet that lines your wood floor. Corner workspace really saves your country workspace so that you have more empty space that you can use to put other furniture. Shades of white with wood color country workspace from bhg.

Wooden Furniture

Your country decor won’t be complete without a set of wooden interiors. Looking warm yet professional at the same time, your workspace would be perfect for both business meetings and creative endeavors at the same time.

Think of wooden furniture for a country workspace decoration to make it look more perfect and less boring. You can start with a wooden workbench and an old classic wooden cabinet. Wood floors that have a soft and smooth texture also work well in this room. Partially cover this floor with vintage rug which has a neutral color for warmer footwear. Cover the wooden chairs with faux fur to make them more comfortable to use throughout the day. Work table and old standing wooden cabinet from decoist.

Reclaimed wood desks equipped with built in storage drawers are great furniture to maximize the potential of your workspace to be tidier and more organized. Table legs made of iron will be stronger when used for storage at the same time. An open standing cabinet is another additional storage idea that you can try. Reclaimed wood desk with built in storage drawers from decoist.

Vintage Bookshelf

Displaying your books creates a striking, library-like atmosphere such as in this workspace with vintage bookshelf and old-fashioned upholstered leather chair. The floral curtain and patterned couch pillows also add a country touch to the overall decor.

This wall mounted wooden bookshelf gives a vintage and antique impression to your country workspace decor, you can refinish it for a more shiny and new look. Adjust the use of other interiors around it, for example, covering wooden floors with animal skin rugs and leather chairs that look classic and old. Chandeliers are the main lighting that gives the room a brighter and warmer atmosphere. Wall mounted wooden bookshelf from decoist.

If you want to add a bookshelf in your country workspace area, then making it from teak is a suitable and appropriate idea. This teak wood is a strong, sturdy and not easily porous material. This bookshelf is designed with an open plan that makes it easier for you to store or retrieve books. Take advantage of the empty bookshelf area to display some painting frames and other beautiful ornaments. Teak wood bookshelf from decoist.

Lush Branches and Greeneries

Feeling like your country decor is way too edgy? You might want to add a touch of nature in it. These rustic branches and potted plants are taking your workspace into a whole new level of the countryside.

Greenery is always a never-failing indoor decoration. This time you can try putting it in the country workspace decor that you often use, you can apply it to the floor area or on the ceiling of the room. Clay vase floor with a larger size provides more cool and fresh air into the room, do not forget to do watering and fertilizer to help the growth of this plant. Green plants in the floor and ceiling area from decoist.

A country workspace decoration is incomplete without indoor greenery. You can choose a type of rubber tree that is tall enough as a fresh focal point. Place it in the corner of the room so that it doesn’t interfere with your space when working. Cubbies wooden shelves are an open storage idea that makes it easy for you to put small items that tend to be lost frequently, such as notebooks and pens. Rubber tree placed in the corner of the room from decoist.

Shiplap Walls

What’s country decor without shiplap walls? Enhancing the airiness and bright feeling to your workspace, shiplap walls create a tranquil atmosphere that helps you to focus on your works. Combine it with a weathered desk, reindeer wall decor, and potted plants for simplistic yet homey country decor.

When applying country decor you can separate the decor with the shiplap wall. This the main characteristic of a country vibe. Apply this kind of wall to your workspace and pair it with a wooden floor. Paint the wall in white color for the bright nuance. The bright nuance will enhance the comfort of your workspace and airier. For the workspace furniture, you can combine between modern and country vibe. Choose the weathered table and complete it with modern office chairs. For more comfortable layered the wooden floor with a jute rug. White shiplap from hgtv.

Complete the ship’s wall decor with a reindeer headdress to emphasize a rustic decor in your workspace. Place a wooden workbench on a soft, warm animal skin rug. You don’t need to repaint existing furniture as a characteristic of country style, namely the use of reclaimed wood that looks natural and is environmentally friendly. Wall-mounted shelves are an open storage idea that you can try. Shiplap wall decorations with deer head from decoist.

Nailing the perfect country decor won’t be a difficult task if you know the ways into it. These foolproof inspirations will help you in deciding what kind of country house your workspace is going to be!

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