You all know that besides wall paint, wallpaper contributes a drastic change to a room. Whether you want a refreshing feel, lively vibe, or fun atmosphere, the right wallpaper can do it all for you. So this time, if you wish to create an elegant bedroom with wallpaper ideas, this inspiration will stun and help you gain one.

Golden Wall-Covering

Luxury is identical to gold shades. So the first thing you can do to elevate the elegance of your bedroom is installing golden wall-covering. To avoid the boring tone, select golden wallpaper which also features with delicate patterns, such as floral damask, leaf glitter, and york.

This gold colored wallpaper is perfect for a luxurious modern bedroom design. With this wallpaper, you will create an extraordinary impression in your bedroom. This contemporary style bedside table will add a modern design to the room. This gold plated pendant lamp also makes for an eye-catching decor. Gold colored wallpaper from homedit.

Having a unique complexion and a gold color this wallpaper is perfect for you to use. These wallpapers can make your bedroom look beautiful with patterns and colors. Using some of this classic style furniture will make your bedroom look more stylish and attractive for you to try. This contemporary style bedside table will add a boost to any room decor. Gold wallpaper with trellis patterned from homedit.

Fabric Motive

Have you seen expensive vintage chairs or pillows that usually adorn a big house living room? If you’ve seen one, try to impersonate the fabric’s pattern to your wall decorating. The vintage impression will make the elegance of your room rocketed.

For an on-trend nautical vibe, opt for a classic stripe design in shades of white and blue. A bedroom that has a fabric-shaped wallpaper with blue and white stripes looks very attractive, so it is perfect for you to use. With vertical lines this room will give the illusion of a high room. Using matching colored bedding sets will give you a feeling of calm. Coastal theme with striped wallpaper from idealhome.

There’s nothing quite as fresher as neat lines, so it’s a great way to kick off an elegant bedroom scheme. This bedroom wallpaper that has a fabric-like pattern is perfect for you to use. Because with a motif like this you will get a beautiful look in your bedroom. To create a feature wall and accentuate a customized look with a smart city grays palette and button details. Add an animal print palette accessory and a statement light to prevent the display from getting too stuffy. Suit-up with pinstripes from idealhome.

Yellow Floral

Just like the golden wall-covering, yellow floral wall plaster with white touch can also infuse the delicacy of your bedroom. Marry it with stunning white porcelain wall arts. There are some unique designs you can display, such as swallows in flight, chrysanthemum, and even bubbles.

Trailing floral wallpaper, upholstered bed and pale wood table give this room a classic rustic look. However, there’s nothing exciting about it – with contemporary lighting and a mix of rustic textures bringing in the latest. Golden yellow creates a subtle sheen, with aqua blue creating freshness. Adding additional storage in the form of a bedside basket will tidy up your room. Trailing floral wallpaper from idealhome.

This bedroom wallpaper chooses to use yellow floral motifs on a white background. With these wallpaper ideas, you will get a bedroom that has brightly colored wallpapers. Combined with this wooden bedside table, it will create a rustic feel to the room. This heringbone wood floor adds texture to the room decor. Yellow floral motifs wallpaper from goodhousekeeping.

Striped Pattern

If you wish to gain elegance in a chic and modern way, try a striped pattern. Match the bold wallpaper with a bedroom headboard that also comes in a similar pattern. Then, try to place a metal touch to add the grand vibe.

The horizontal line is one of the motifs suitable for use in bedroom wallpaper. With this horizontal stripe motif, you will get a unique bedroom look. The wide line design will give an attractive appearance for you to try in your garden. Designing the headboard with the same pattern and wall color will make the room decor even more interesting for you to try. This tribal patterned carpet will give the room a warm impression. Horizontal striped wallpaper from decoist.

This bedroom wallpaper uses horizontal stripes. With this gray and white motif, you will get a room that looks wider. Combined with some dark wood furnitures, it will give a warm feeling to the room. Don’t forget to add rugs throughout the room to give this modern bedroom a warm feeling. The height from floor to ceiling gives the appearance of a high room. White and gray horizontal stripes wallpaper from decoist.

Hand-Painted Wallpaper

To create an elegant bedroom with wallpaper idea, nothing can compare the luxury of hand-painted wall-cover.  The quality and elegance they offer also comes with a high price. Most of the wall-painted wallpaper features a floral or neutral theme.

Bring out the beauty of a wild flower garden in a feminine bedroom with a complete wall mural that stretches from floor to ceiling. The yellow, red, and pink floral designs come alive in the white nuances on the walls of the room. The motifs are perfect for girls’ bedrooms and are sure to brighten up any room. Don’t be afraid of the splash of color as you fill your walls with this pretty look of this lovely garden. Flower power garden wall mural from homebnc.

This vibrant and vintage wall mural gives a charming and eye-catching look with petals of fuschia, yellow, blue, and orange. From dahlias to daisies, this gorgeous beauty above the bed is sure to wake up this bedroom. A feminine feel meets the downy leaves on this blanket for an eye-catching design. With this painting on the wall, you will have artistic value in your bedroom. Flower wall mural from homebnc.

One of the best ways to show off the elegance of your bedroom is through a perfect wall covering selection. The elegant bedroom with wallpaper ideas above will transform your bedroom into a grand oasis.

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