It needs to be asserted that a stunning and cozy Scandinavian decor works magic by several principles and inspirations in order to make the execution successful. If you’re considering changing the rooms at home into this particular style, then you should check out our list below to equip yourself with the much-needed information.

Create Proper Lighting

If the natural lighting isn’t compatible with the structure of your home, you can still experiment with other lighting fixtures like candelabras and candlelight—which is why these two are highly popular. Any proper lighting will emit that warm and inviting feeling.

To maximize the Scandinavian living room decoration at night, you can add a few candle lights that are placed on the floor area or on the wooden log side table. This candle light gives a dramatic effect to the room so that it gives a warm impression and relaxes your body when you feel tired. Leave this wooden side table in its original color to emphasize the Scandinavian style that is natural and environmentally friendly. Candle lamps on the floor and above the side table from digsdigs.

In order for the lighting to be more perfect, then you can use a white candle holder in the corner of the room that is placed on a wooden root table that looks sturdy and strong when used to put things down. Apart from being a lighting, this candle holder is also an ornamental accent when complemented with tree branches and faux fur rugs, you can try this idea in your Scandinavian home decor. White candle holder from digsdigs.

Clear the Clutter

Define your room into more Scandinavian by clearing the clutter. A clutter-free room should be the golden rule of this desired design, which is why putting less stuff and furniture is highly recommended to gain that visually relaxing atmosphere.

When you want the Scandinavian living room decoration to remain minimalist in style, then you can try putting some furniture that is often used. For example, a combination of a coffee table with a sofa, a bed, and several room decorations that can enhance and beautify this decoration. Don’t forget to put iron baskets and standing ladder storage as a storage idea that saves space as a whole. Combination of coffee table with sofa and rug from homebnc.

Get rid of unused furniture from the Scandinavian living room so as not to make the room feel cramped and stuffy. Using too much furniture will cause chaos in the room that makes you feel uncomfortable. Use some wood furniture without paint as one of the characteristics of Scandinavian style such as several tables, wooden hexagon racks and the floors of your home. Houseplants make for a sweet finishing touch. Wooden furniture without paint from homebnc.

Incorporate Plants and Flowers

Besides natural lighting, incorporating greeneries at home helps bring nature from outside for that dose of healthy and fresh visuals. Decorate the planters with shells and pebbles, or you can also substitute it with acorns and conkers.

You can combine two fresh accents in this Scandinavian living room to give it a fresh and cool feel, for example placing a flower vase on the coffee table and a floor vase behind your linen sofa. The placement of a green tree behind the sofa is intended so as not to disturb your space when doing activities in this guest room. You can water it regularly so that it can thrive. Flower vase on the table and floor vase behind the sofa from homebnc.

A rose placed in a transparent glass vase is a beautiful focal point because it has a beautiful bold color. You can also add rubber trees and cacti in this Scandinavian living room as a complement to the overall soothing decor. Use different types and shapes of floor vases to add to the uniqueness of the room and a touch of artistic impression. Choose some furniture in neutral colors for a less boring look. The combination of roses, rubber trees and cacti from homebnc.

Keep Floors Light

More things to note is to keep the floors light—in terms of material and color. Light or neutral-colored floors made from hardwood define Scandinavian style’s trademark in exuding that warm and inviting atmosphere.

Keep your floor in a neutral color to make it easier for you to combine it with the interior around it. This white wood floor has a slightly rough texture so it is not easily slippery. This floor is very environmentally friendly and suitable for those of you who have small children at home. Arrange the layout of the furniture that you have as comfortable and as possible to give more empty floor space. White wooden floor from digsdigs.

This black sofa will appear more contemporary when placed in a Scandinavian living room with brightly colored floors. This coffee table with iron legs will be more sturdy to use for a long time, don’t leave this white wall plain without any paintings and decorations. Several painting frames with different themes and colors add to the impression of architecture that is not easily boring. Bright wooden floor with black sofa from digsdigs.

Keep It Simple

Lastly, we urge you to keep everything simple because it’s the Scandinavian signature design guideline. A simply-designed home also strives to put decorative accents as minimal as possible.

Make your Scandinavian living room as simple as possible so that it remains comfortable to use to relax all day long. To enjoy coffee or tea in this room, you can add a wicker chair covered with a faux fur blanket and pillow, this additional accent is aimed at making you more comfortable when sitting for long periods of time. Carpet becomes comfortable footwear and is very warm to use when the weather starts to cool. Wicker chairs covered with cushions and faux fur blankets from homebnc.

Your morning will be more cheerful when it starts with drinking coffee and reading your favorite book, with this you can choose minimalist chairs and tables to suit the space in your Scandinavian house. Linen sofa and round side table are enough furniture that will accompany you when you are at home. Add a white ceramic vase filled with green plants on the coffee table to decorate a fresh and cool room. Linen sofa and round side table from homebnc.

Those are five cozy Scandinavian decor principles and inspirations you should have adopted already for your mission. We hope it helps!

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