The iconic style of a French country kitchen is frequently selected by many homeowners who wish to have colors and feelings as if right from the Provencal landscape. As a definite effortless elegance, going for such decor will give you an inevitable mental vacation, especially whenever you cook your favorite meals. What decorations should you’ve tried already?

High Ceilings

There’s no argument that a room with high ceilings is already chic on its own, even if you’re short on the floor space. A high ceiling kitchen allows you to focus on more vertical storage and tall installments, which are an excellent investment for you with tons of kitchen essentials.

If you have a lot of items in your kitchen, provide adequate storage. You can create a lot of vertical storage if you have a French country kitchen that has high ceilings. This storage style will take advantage of the space in this French style kitchen. Using white shades this room will look spacious and clean. You can use wooden floors to create a warm impression into the room. Don’t forget to add ceiling lights to light up the entire room. Vertical storage high to celling from shelterness.

A French country kitchen with high ceilings is perfect for this. Because with this high ceiling, you will feel like you are in a spacious kitchen. You can also add cabinets that are arranged vertically to maximize space on the walls of your kitchen so that it will be easier for you to store several items. With this decoration, it will make the room wider and look taller. High celling French country kitchen from shelterness.

Large Pendants

Add more modern style with stunning kitchen pendant lightings and fixtures, paired with other quintessential French-country accents like greeneries and antique gilt frames.

Three pendants set in a French country kitchen is a brilliant idea. With these pendant decorations, you will have a beautiful French country kitchen. Don’t forget to add lilies in a vase to give a natural impression to the room. Adding this antique wooden chair will also give a rustic impression to your room. The white nunasa in this cabinet gives a feeling of space to your room. Three pendants lamps from thespruce.

To give a modern touch to a French country kitchen you can use pendant accessories like the one in the picture above. Apart from being able to give it a modern touch, you will also get a warm sheen. Using gold accents in this chandelier gives an elegant impression. This wooden chair will also add a rustic touch to your room. Modern pendant lamp with gold accents from thespruce.

Plenty of Blooms

Speaking of greeneries, your kitchen can also benefit from flowers or herbs stored in antique, classic vases for that desired French-country appearance. To complement the floral kitchen decor, try changing the floor to geometric designs.

Use floral decorations in your French country kitchen as in the image above. You can place the flowers on carved wooden blocks to make them look more natural. Place it in the corner of the room for the desired rustic French look. Combined with a brick wall, it will also give a rustic impression to your room. This unique storage on the wall will also spruce up the appearance of your kitchen. Flowers on carved wooden blocks from homedit.

Installing floral decorations on the kitchen island and greenery next to the kitchen windows is an interesting decorating idea for a French country kitchen that will create a natural feel to the room. This large kitchen island is furnished with tall wooden chairs to give the room a rustic touch. This gray wardrobe and ceramic tile floor provide the perfect decoration. Floral and greenery on French kitchen decor from homedit.

Eclectic Seating

If your kitchen is also the dining room, it’s time to go for an eclectic seating in the neutral palette or gold hues. Add antique tableware and cabinetry to deliver more pops of color and hang a woven pendant lamp above the head to boast the high-ceiling structure.

We recommend using a wooden chair with a high level of comfort. Apart from adding a luxurious impression to your French country kitchen, you can also use a crystal chandelier like the picture above. These ivory shades and a dark kitchen island will bring more color into the room. This ceramic tile floor will create a warm feeling into the room. Antique wooden chair from chairish.

Make your kitchen that blends with the dining room look stunning by choosing the right chair to complement the dining table. Using this multifunctional kitchen island, you can use it for the dining table in your kitchen. If you like classic nuances, go for browns and beige tones to make them look elegant and harmonious. The chandelier above the kitchen island will also provide dramatic lighting so that your kitchen looks calm. Browns and beige tones French kitchen from chairish.

Retro-Inspired Appliances

Lastly, make time to visit nearby Parisian flea markets to hunt some retro-inspired appliances to get mixed into your French country kitchen. They work well in balancing with other modern aspects of the kitchen, and they’re not tacky at all.

Retro kitchen utensils are one of the best tools to complement your French country kitchen. This decoration is essential to make your kitchen look unique and vintage. This retro-styled fridge, stove, and green warrants touches that will make the room the perfect focal point. Combined with white and wooden floors, it brings a warm vibe to the room. Green retro-styled french kitchen from designrulz.

Using a light blue retro refrigerator for a French country kitchen is a great idea. With this idea, you’ll end up with a tacky-resistant kitchen look. Combined with the white of the room, this blue refrigerator will be the perfect focal point and will balance the look of your kitchen. These wooden floors and white cabinets will complement your French kitchen. Light blue retro refrigerator on French country kitchen from designrulz.

We hope there’s one from these French country kitchen ideas above that’ll suit your preference.

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