Furniture as the must-have items in your house can be really varied both for the designs and the materials. Even the materials can bring a certain impression to add the artistic value of your furniture. Of course, that will be really functional to beautify your home decoration even with only minimal ornament. It is caused by the characteristic of each furniture material based on where it comes from.

Wood Material

Although it doesn’t have long durability compared with the metal material, wood is really loved to be used as the furniture material. Wood is really proper to be formed in many designs. Moreover, it has a warm and natural impression as it comes from nature. You can even use it for any home decor style such as the modern style, rustic, farmhouse, and more.

Wood is a favorite choice for furniture ideas in your living room decoration. Apply wood to some furniture such as coffee tables, standing cabinets and TV stands. Leave them in their original colors to present a modern and contemporary Scandinavian style. The nuance of this dark room is a beautiful color contrast. Scandinavian wooden furniture from home-designing.

The second furniture idea in this living room is the use of plywood with a slightly darker color. Look at the plywood table which is equipped with storage drawers, making the room look more minimalist and sophisticated. Also take advantage of the empty wall area to hang some other plywood furniture such as floating cabinets and TV stands, this furniture really saves floor area to be more effective and efficient. Plywood furniture living room from home-designing.

The teak wood TV stand, which is equipped with a built in standing shelf, is one of the smartest pieces of furniture that saves living room space more effectively. You can use this shelf as an idea for storing small items and ornaments that perfectly beautify the room. The animal skin rug gives a vintage touch that is more classic natural. You can tufted the sofa as a soft and comfortable sitting area to use all day long. Teak wood TV stand with built in standing rack from home-designing.

Rattan Material

Rattan material can be a unique one because you can have it in woven furniture. It can’t be doubted that woven furniture is really artistic. Then, because it is woven, it can be formed to any design and more flexible than the wood. From the chair, table, and even the basket can be made of rattan material.

To incorporate natural nuances into your home decor, using rattan furniture is a smart idea that you can try. Cover the rattan chair with cushions to provide a softer and softer layer to sit on. This different pillowcase motif provides a bright and cheerful color. Place a wicker basket on the side for blanket storage. Rattan woven chairs covered with cushions from grandinroad.

This rattan wicker bench is comfortable furniture to use and does not spoil the color scheme of the room in this house. Place this rattan bench near the window to get direct lighting from the sun which will minimize moldy and porous rattan furniture. The pillow becomes a soft and smooth layer when used to relax all day long. You can have it by buying it at the nearest furniture store. Rattan woven bench from grandinroad.

Rattan provides one of the furniture crafts in your home decor, including a coffee table equipped with wheel legs. With this wheel leg, you will find it easier to move the table without lifting it. Decorate this coffee table with several ceramic vases that have different shapes and sizes for a more attractive and artistic appearance, after that you can fill them with fresh green plants and cool the room as a whole. Rattan wheel legs table from grandinroad.

One of the materials that are environmentally friendly and suitable for you to use is a rattan coffee table like the picture above. With rattan tables and chairs like this you will have a comfortable seat to use. No need to repaint this rattan furniture to show the authenticity of this material’s inherent color. Throw in a blanket for a warm accent that you can use at any time. Rattan tables and chairs from grandinroad.


Metals will be a really durable material for your furniture. Although it will be matched with a limited style, it is really worthy caused by its good durability. It will be really great for you who has a modern home style. You can have it in black or white in color. Here are some examples of that!

Have a TV stand that is made of metal material as furniture that can last a long time in the long run. Use the wheel leg to make it easier for you to move it to another area you want. Re-polish the exterior of this metal TV stand for a cleaner and more shiny look, this TV stand is a multifunctional piece of furniture as it is equipped with a small cabinet underneath as a built in storage idea. Metal TV stand with cabinet storage from decoist.

Apply metal to your furniture for a home interior idea that is strong and not easily porous. This metal chair and table leg will be stronger when used. You can repaint this metal material with white for a more minimalist and modern look. Some of the ornaments on this wooden table are a more beautiful and artistic decoration for the room. Greenery is a fresh, non-boring indoor decoration. Metal table and chair legs from decoist.

In addition to its shiny appearance, this metal table is also a piece of furniture that is not easily corroded and corroded. You can combine it with a minimalist modern sofa for a newer and contemporary look. This ornament on the coffee table is a sight to behold when your family or guests come to the house. Lining this table with a rug is a favorite decor idea in the living room. Sleek metal coffee table from decoist.

Well, anyway each material has its own durability and capability to be formed in certain designs. That is why, when choosing the material of your furniture, you should think of the furniture design you want to have. For your advice, it should also be adjusted with the decoration style that you apply to your home.

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