If you are looking for laundry room remodel ideas, there are a lot of things you can do for a full-scale renovation with a good investment of time and budget. Since there are also options for the budget-friendly, why not take advantage of it. Here are some ideas for easy, low-budget remodel projects that could be your favorite.

Lighten Up Your Wall

Don’t you agree that the walls’ color can affect your mood when doing the laundry? Cramped, drab, and dark space can feel uninviting that you won’t stay in for longer to do any tasks. Painting your wall with light neutral colors will set the mood and brighten up the room.

The choice of white ceramic backsplash is the right choice for the final result of a laundry decoration that looks more neutral and inconspicuous. White is a favorite color choice that is suitable for use in any style of room, besides that the ceramic backsplash also brings the decor of this room to a more modern and minimalist look. Just choose and use a wooden cabinet with light blue color which has a fresh, bright and neutral impression. The wooden floor covered with striped carpet gives an elegant tone and does not damage the eye. White ceramic backsplash with blue cabinet light from housebeautiful.

This all white laundry room nuances will be more colorful when equipped with wooden accents that are placed on the surface of the laundry room cabinet. White and wood accents work best when combined in one room, but this color combination still gives off a subtle, unobtrusive feel. Adding metal shelves to the wall is a storage idea for your clean clothes, use the hanger as a tool to hang your clothes regularly. All white laundry room nuances from housebeautiful.

Use What You Already Have

Make the most of left-overs to give your laundry room a new look. You can use left-over tile to upgrade your backsplash or build unique shelves using the scrap wood.

Don’t let this empty outdoor wall area go unused, hang DIY wooden shelves as a more effective storage area when applied to small laundry room decorations. In addition, this shelf also helps maximize the empty wall area to be more useful. Paint this wooden shelf black for a monochromatic style that is contemporary and never goes out of style. Black wooden shelf hanging on the white wall from housebeautiful.

Use a wooden shelf as an open storage idea, then you can hang it in the backsplash area which is still empty and unused. If you are using used wood, then repaint it white for a more modern and clean look. This wooden floating shelf is equipped with iron as a strong and sturdy shelf support. Put a few towels and washing supplies on this shelf to make it easier to use. Repaint floating wooden rack from housebeautiful.

Add Extra Storage

There’s always an option to add extra storage in the laundry room remodel plan. Use the space on the back of the door to store your laundry essentials. If you have space, you can install a new cabinet to store the laundry supplies. However, if you don’t, adding a floating shelf or bringing in some furniture for extra storage is a good idea.

Don’t leave the back of your door empty and useless, use this area for additional storage ideas in the laundry room decor. You only need to install and hang a vertical rack equipped with an iron basket to organize storage of goods or washing equipment according to function and needs. This shelf also saves space because it does not take up the floor area at all. Vertical shelf behind the door from hgtv.

Change the empty wall area as a storage cabinet that keeps the laundry room decor tidy at all times. This cabinet is also equipped with open shelves that can be used to store several clean towels, this black wire basket is a storage helper which is very useful for proper and organized towel storage layout. Built in wall cabinet storage from hgtv.

Add Artwork

Elevate your space by hanging cool artwork on the wall. A large wall art, photo wall displays with a collection of your favorite pictures, or other decorative wall arts—there is no limit to picking any design themes you like.

The two paintings that are hung on the white wall have a monochrome color that is suitable to be installed in a modern farmhouse-style laundry room. This painting is a separate view that makes you feel unsaturated and boring when doing activities washing or drying clothes. Other accents that can beautify this room are green plants and tulips planted in white ceramic pots. Green plants present a cool and fresh natural nuance. Monochrome paintings complemented by fresh plants from homebnc.

Do you have any wall areas that are still empty and unused? If you have it, use it as an area to hang your painting, which will give you an artistic impression that never goes out of style. You can place it between two floating cabinets, with this the painting is the focal point that transforms the laundry room decor into a more artsy one. An artistic painting hangs between two floating cabinets from homebnc.

Install Curtains

Curtains are an easy and great way to divide the space between the washing machine and other areas in the laundry room while giving an aesthetic touch at once. You can also install curtains either with cool colorful print or classic monochrome patterns to any windows to bring some fresh look.

To hide the clutter in your laundry room, using a high curtain is the right and smart idea that you can try. Choose a bright and out-of-date pattern to give a different impression and atmosphere. This yellow curtain with a white pattern makes a perfect match. The existence of this high curtain is also a barrier between rooms that is very flexible and saves more space. High yellow curtain from decoist.

When the walls of your laundry room are painted orange, the suitable curtain is a simple pattern with a dominant white color. Hang this curtain between the laundry room with a dry area as a room divider that doesn’t take up much space. You can change the curtain when it starts to get dirty and dusty. Simple patterned curtains with dominant white color from decoist.

Laundry, undoubtedly, is an inevitable chore. However, you can make it better by refreshing the space. So, are you ready for a laundry room remodel?

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