A start of a new year always brings new energy and a desire to change. Some of you may already start listing 2021 resolutions, why not adding a new bathroom as one of the resolutions? Bold and rustic styles will be the bomb of bathroom trends in 2021. Learn more about those styles here.

1. Bold colors

Forget white pastel colors, 2021 is for ambitious and self-indulgence colors. Creating a warm and serene atmosphere in the bathroom can be achieved by putting bold colors such as black. Black tub and vanities exclusively offer the luxury look and moody ambience for a different mood in a bathroom.

Black color is not always eliminated when choosing colors for bathroom decorations, from now on, try going out and looking bold with black that is masculine and soothing. Apply black to all layers of the walls and sink to match the desired theme. Bring a dramatic atmosphere by adding dry twigs to the room’s decor, and the sunlight helps the lighting in this bathroom. You can also use a small round mirror to add aesthetic value to your bathroom. All black bathroom with sunlight from digsdigs.

You can also look different by presenting a rustic theme in your bathroom, the simple thing you can do is cover most bathrooms with dark reclaimed wood accents. By adding a touch of wood you easily get a very natural rustic value. You can also try using a black stone sink to emphasize your rustic theme. The addition of a woven carpet on your concrete bathroom floor which has 2 functions, in addition to preventing the floor from slipping easily, it can also add its own rustic value. Black bathroom with stone sink from digsdigs.

2. Statement Tiles 

Tiles can help change your bathroom entirely. Instead of choosing standard rectangular ones, opting for unique tiles, such as hexagonal or scale-shaped, is definitely a statement. The size of the tiles can also help strengthen the look of your bathroom. Do not fear in choosing ultra-big or ultra-small sized tiles to bring the boldness to the next level.

Don’t forget to look more shiny for different nuances, the decoration that you should try is to install ceramic hexagonal tiles on the walls as high as the ceiling to form a pattern on your bathroom wall. The small size of the hexagonal tiles will make the pattern on the wall even closer and more unique. Pair it with a large concrete framed mirror that is installed near the dressing table in your bathroom so that it doesn’t look plain and boring. Wicker baskets under the vanity are an additional storage idea that you can use to lay out some clean towels. Ceramic hexagonal tiles from shelterness.

With hexagonal tiles, you can easily make the bathroom look monotonous if it is installed throughout the walls of your bathroom. White hexagonal tiles are perfect for decorating your modern rustic bathroom, then combine them with a dressing table equipped with a wooden cabinet to get multifunctional furniture that saves space in your bathroom. To add to the artistic impression in this bathroom, you can also use two mirrors with wooden frames in the shape of water drops side by side and have different sizes. White hexagonal tile walls from shelterness.

3. Play with Patterns

Another alternative to make your bathroom the new bathroom trends 2021 is by adding some patterns. You can add wallpapers with abstract motifs and vibrant colors.  If you like to add some plantation in your bathroom, choose a vase with motifs instead plain ones. Also, you can opt for marble pattern with a hint of rustic colors to create a warm atmosphere.

So that your bathroom decoration is not boring, you can apply floral pattern curtains with bright colors. Open these curtains during the day to let in as much sunlight into the bathroom as possible. This sunlight is very useful for some of the interiors in it so that it is not easily moldy and causes premature porous. Choose a clawfoot bathtub with a matching color to match the color tone of this bright room. Floral pattern curtain from hgtv.

Instead of plain and boring walls, you can decorate this rustic bathroom as much as possible by installing classic wallpaper that never goes out of style. Choose this wallpaper which is dominated by white so that it is easier to mix with other interiors around it. Wooden vanity decorated with water greenery makes this bathroom decoration fresher and cooler. Choose curtains as room dividers that do not take up much space. The wallpaper is dominated by white color from hgtv.

4. A Touch of Brass 

Rustic style offers a special mother-earth atmosphere in your bathroom. Changing your bathroom fixture into brass-finished will accomplish the rustic look you may after for your new bathroom. You can also choose for mirrors with the brass frame to accentuate the rustic vibes.

If you use dark colors in your bathroom decor, give it a touch of brass to get a luxurious and rustic impression. You can apply it to the wall lamp holder and also to the foot of the sink. The shiny effect on this brass makes it even more antique and unique in the bathroom. Not only does it stop there, the faucet handle which also uses a touch of brass will make your bathroom even more perfect, you can neutralize this color with a small pink flower that is placed in the corner of the sink. Brass interior from digsdigs.

The combination of black on the walls and white in the bathtub will be more attractive if you give a touch of brass to the faucets and shower. The touch of brass will give your bathroom its own color which makes it look more rustic, especially if you also use a herringbone wood floor it will certainly make your bathroom look perfect. Large windows will provide sunlight to the entire bathroom area and will also make your faucets and shower pipes look sparkling, giving the room a more dramatic effect. Black and white bathroom with a little brass splash from digsdigs.

5. Wood and Stone Combo

Combining both wood and stone will create a magnificent bold and rustic style. Give your extra bathroom touch by adding stone to your wall. To balance the cold sensation, install wooden vanities. If you like the simpler look, just add a wooden stool to bring back the warmth.

Give something more leverage for your bathroom decor, the combination of a wooden roof and stone walls is the right action for your natural rustic bathroom results. This combination gives the impression of being very environmentally friendly and creates harmony. The warmth that is generated from wood and stone as an accent to balance it. As a final touch, don’t forget to install a wooden floor covered with vintage carpet that is applied just below the bathtub. The combination of pieces of wood with natural stone from decoist.

6. Concrete Material

If you’d like to take your rustic bathroom to the next level, concrete is the answer. Concrete offers colder and harder ambience for your bathroom. You can make your wall, floor or the top out of concrete. This material matches well with other earthy material such as woods and metals. You will definitely have that bold and rustic trends on your hand.

Leave this rustic concrete bathroom in its original color to give it a bit of an industrial vibe at the same time. In this bathroom you can use a stone sink that has been scraped back for a smoother surface. The combination of conrete with this stone will blend perfectly when equipped with bright lighting, transparent glass windows are a source of natural light during the day. You can open the curtains as wide as possible, and close them again at night. Combination of concrete bathroom with stone sink from architectureartdesigns.

Redesigning your bathroom should give an extra new feeling in your house. Following those bathroom trends 2021 will give you that new bathroom you desire.

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