It sometimes feels like you’re doing a never-ending task in your laundry room between all the washing, drying, and sorting. You may need some helpful tricks from these functional laundry room design ideas to finish the job easier and in time-efficiently. You also will have a stylish and enjoyable space to spend in.  

Laundry Room with Hanging Bars

Use the blank wall space in your laundry room by installing simple tension rods to create hanging bars. You can use it for air-dryers and hold freshly laundered clothes. Also, baskets with wheels for easier tasks to and from the dryer and washer.

The layout in the laundry room is very nice and neat. And furniture decoration through the touch of shelves and hanging bars is very appropriate and practical to use. It is also very suitable for placing a dirty wash basin under the hanging bar. So, your laundry room will be more organized. By using this gray room pattern, it will bring a warm impression into the room. Hanging bars and basket storage from impressiveinteriordesign.

Use the space next to the cupboards in your laundry room to install hanging bars. You can use stainless steel material for durability and simple appearance. This hanging rod is very useful to make it easier for you to hang clothes after washing. You can add a few wicker baskets to the wardrobe to keep the room tidy and clutter-free. The bege cabinet in the green wall color provides the perfect contrast. Stainless steel hanging bars from impressiveinteriordesign.

An elegant laundry room with an accent on a glossy white subway. And the hanging bar accent that makes use of the free space above the washing machine brings a feeling of a more comfortable laundry room in washing and drying clothes. You can add blooming flowers in a vase to create a fresh impression into the room. Combining this room with white shades will create a spacious and airy laundry room. Hanging bar accent on laundry room from impressiveinteriordesign.

Laundry Room Countertops Option

If you need more counter space in your functional laundry room design plan, one of the great ideas is to install countertops for your washer and dryer so you can fold the clothes right out of the dryer.

Choose the material for your countertop wisely. Though you can pick stone surfaces like limestone or marble which have a super stylish look, they are porous and require high-maintenance. The best material options are slate, granite, and quartz.

Laundry room decorating ideas in soft white. In addition, a large granite countertop accent paired will make it easier for you to do the work of folding clothes more freely. Give the charm of a laundry decoration that is more stylish and functional. Pair it with white cabinets and shades of gray for a warm and spacious vibe. The lighting of the ceiling lights will make for the perfect lighting in this laundry room. Large granite countertop from decorpad.

The quartz countertop provides a more stylish laundry room decor. In addition, the white accents on the cabinet create an elegant laundry room feeling. Combined with a black and white grid pattern floor will present an interesting room decoration for you to try. Flowers blooming in a vase in the corner of the room will bring a fresh and natural impression to the room. The all-white nuances and large windows will add a spacious and bright impression to the room. Quartz countertop laundry room from decorpad.

This luxurious laundry room design will make you comfortable doing washing activities. Using a slate countertop will be low maintenance and you can fold your clothes easily and a tidy atmosphere will be created. Don’t forget to pair it with cabinet storage and wire baskets to spruce up this laundry room decor. The subway tile backsplash and all-white nuance provide the perfect contrast. The penny-tiled flooring also complements the decor of this room. Slate countertop on laundry room from mariakillam.

Laundry Closet Idea

Not everyone has a large space for a laundry room. Well, do not worry if you don’t have a laundry room, the laundry closet idea is the most functional laundry room design you’ll ever need. You can set a small yet organized laundry space and use the space of the back of the doors to hang your laundry supplies.

If the traditional closet doors are functional, installing sliding barn doors is more practical, space-saving, and stylish. You can install floating shelves above the washer for storage, or use a Lazy Susan to hold the detergent, dryer sheets, fabric softener, and stain removers.

If you don’t have enough space to make a laundry room, you can make a laundry cupboard like the one in the picture above. You can put two washing machines and a floating shelf next to them. In this way, a neat room decoration will be created and will attract the attention of many people. The storage rack next to the washing machine makes it easy to pick up soap or softener from low reach. Two washing machines and a floating shelf from onecrazyhouse.

This laundry cabinet that has sliding barn doors is perfect for you to use. Because besides having a unique appearance, this laundry cabinet also looks very organized. Don’t forget to add a few storage racks on top of this washing machine to store some decorations making it easier for you to pick them up. The white nuance and blue barn door make the room look even more stunning. Laundry cabinet with sliding barn doors from onecrazyhouse.

Using a laundry cabinet that uses two washing machines looks very neat. You can use a curtain to cover your washing machine. Using terracotta nuances combined with white furniture and geometric patterned curtains, this is the perfect room decor. A design like this, it will make the room neat. You can add storage shelves so that your room decor is not cluttered. Laundry cabinet with a curtain from onekindesign.

The laundry wardrobe this time has complete equipment. In addition, this laundry wardrobe also has a very organized appearance so it is comfortable to use. You can use the built-in laundry room which is equipped with a door so that you make your home space more organized. Don’t forget to add a storage rack to make it easier for you to store your various washing utensils. A laundry signboard and some other ornaments will complement this laundry room. Built-in laundry room from onekindesign.

Laundry may be your least favorite chore, but with some tips of these functional laundry room design ideas, even if you’re working with a tight space, you’ll make the experience better. And maybe you’ll find that laundry day’s now not looking so bad after all.

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