They say white is the best paint for a laundry room because it will give a clean look to space, clutter-free, less-stress effective, and easy to combine with any decoration and design. The truth is there are so many color options that work the same.

Here is some advice to notice on probable colors you might want to think about before painting your laundry room.

Pastel Color

When you need reference color to paint your laundry room, the pastel color can be an option beside a white color. This color will offer same effect to you laundry room becomes bright, clean, clutter-free and also easy to combine. And also, the pastel colors option will make the room more spacious than it is.

So that your laundry decoration walls don’t look lonely, then you can use pastel green wall paint combined with white around it. The combination of these two pastel colors makes the room feel brighter and softer. The built in cabinet shelf has a minimalist concept that you can use as an open storage idea to put some washing equipment and wicker baskets. Green pastel wall with splash white color from homedit.

This wooden cabinet, repainted in aqua blue color, features a pastel color that makes the laundry room look cooler and fresher. You can neutralize this pastel color with a clean white ceramic backsplash, besides that the red brick floor also provides its own patterns and colors that make the room look more attractive and not easily boring. Cover the glass cabinet doors with a plaid curtain to hide any clutter in your laundry cabinet. Aqua blue cabinet laundry room from homedit.

The combination of lime green and white in this washing machine you can apply in your laundry room decor as a color combination that will work well without causing chaos. Lime green pastel is one of the pastel colors that many people like because it gives the room a more natural vibe. It doesn’t stop here, you can also use the floral backsplash as a pattern and add a beautiful contrasting color. Combination of lime green with white color from homedit.

You can apply this pastel color decoration idea to the laundry room by painting the entire wooden cabinet in pastel blue which has a more elegant and calm appearance. No need to worry about this pastel paint because the color can be adapted to any room concept, including a modern style laundry room. Take advantage of the empty space under the laundry to place the wheel basket as a container for clean clothes. Pastel blue wooden cabinet from homedit.

The Fresh Paint

When you want to paint your laundry room, a fresh paint can be an option to boost your mood. A yellow color is a fresh idea, not only brightening the space but also raising the eye upward. After all, yellow deserves to be your favorite best paint for laundry room.

Make your laundry room decor brighter and more colorful by painting the cabinets and window frames in a bold yellow color. Neutralize this yellow color with the dominant white pattern wallpaper. Yellow is one of the colors that is suitable for small rooms, this color can make the laundry room decor more spacious and open, don’t forget to use transparent glass windows to bring in more sunlight into the room. Yellow paint on the laundry cabinets and window frames from decorpad.

To neutralize the yellow color on the walls of your laundry room, then applying white paint to wooden doors and floating cabinets is an idea to make the room look less glamorous. Don’t forget to add green plants on top of the washing machine as a natural color that matches and is placed in any room with any nuance and color. You can install this green plant easily and it doesn’t cost a lot of money to buy it. The combination of yellow and white from decorpad.

Shooting White Combination

White, as always, a soothing color option for any space. Now since we’re talking about the laundry room, a soothing laundry space helps turn the tiring tasks into a more pleasant chore. White and softer colors combination work even better.

Here are some calming palettes to inspire you: white and pale aqua, mint green and white, white and beige, white and gray, white plus gray and blue, and white and gray plus yellow.

White is one of the colors that is easy to match and is combined with any color, including gray. The combination of these two colors will work well in your modern laundry room decor so that it is more comfortable to use and presents a modern style room that is not out of date. This yellow flower in a glass vase filled with water provides its own beautiful color and is certainly a beautiful bold color and not boring. You must pay attention to lighting, you can install chandeliers crystal in this room. The combination of white and gray from

If you have applied pastel blue to your laundry cabinet, then don’t forget to use white wall paint as a neutralizer for this laundry room color scheme to make it look more beautiful and brighter without being overwhelming. Pastel colors will make the room look cheerful and fun. If you use green plants to decorate this laundry room, balance it with transparent glass windows that are larger and wider. Pastel blue cabinet with white walls from

Consider Painting the Cabinets Too

You probably won’t be spending hours upon hours in your laundry space but give some personality to it won’t hurt. Since you need to set the mood during the tasks, paint the cabinetry with your favorite color. For example, if you’re a fan of intense hues, you can go for vibrant colors.

The light gray paint that is applied to this laundry cabinet makes the laundry room look more modern and minimalist. Attach white tile as a backsplash idea to make it easier to clean when it starts to get dirty. You can use floor tiles that have elegant colors and patterns together to make them look more perfect. Repainting the cabinet is intended to make it look fresher and more shiny. The laundry cabinets were repainted light gray from homedit.

A final idea for decorating a laundry room is to repaint a wooden laundry cabinet beige. This color will be more vibrant and neutral when combined with white in other cabinets and your floors. Place a small vase filled with greenery in the corner of this laundry room countertop for a fresh finishing touch and soothe the entire room. Beige wood laundry cabinet from homedit.

Your laundry room is indeed not a place you’ll be living and the space probably pretty small. But with the best paint for laundry room ideas above, you will have a more pleasant even fun space to do daily laundry.

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