If you’re a first-timer, picking the right bedroom decor might be a life-changing task. However, it doesn’t have to be that way. If you already embraced that sleek and clean feeling of a modern bedroom, you’ll be delighted with various elements and furniture you can mix and match around.

Curious to start? Look no further; here are five essential elements to create a foolproof modern bedroom.

1. Incorporate Bright Palettes

Sleek lines and bright palettes, those are some of the compulsory checklists to nail the modern bedroom. Generally, neutral colors such as white, gray, cream, and black are the most picked ones. However, more people begin to experiment by adding bold, fun accents such as cherry red, green, and yellow.

Repaint the modern walls of your bedroom with bold colors, such as green. Green paint makes the room feel fresher and less boring. To enhance the look of this bedroom, you can use a pillowcase with matching colors and a mustard leaf pattern. These two types of green plants are suitable decorations to be placed in any stylish bedroom decor, including the modern style that you are currently using. Paint the walls green with a matching pillowcase from bocadolobo.

Instead of using pastel colors in your modern bedroom decor, you can get a more luxurious and bold look by painting the bedroom walls with red cherry colors to make them more vibrant and luxurious. This wall has a little carving so it adds a beautiful and not boring artistic impression. White bedding is a neutralizer for the room’s color scheme to make it look more elegant. Cherry red walls with carvings from home-designing.

2. Combine It with Natural Materials

A steadfast and classic addition to your modern bedroom, warm wood, and sleek metal accents will bring warmth and character to your bedroom without making it fussy and overcrowded. Wooden accents are excellent for flooring, whereas metal for edges and shelves.

There is nothing wrong with including natural materials in your modern bedroom decor, wood floors are the right idea that you can try. Besides that, you can also use metal materials through some of the furniture in your bedroom, for example, gold metal nightstands and benches. The metal leg material will be sturdier and not easily porous, so it is very suitable for long-term use. The combination of light and sun is a bright lighting idea and it is very suitable for you to use it together. Wooden floors and metal furniture legs from bocadolobo.

Choose hardwood for your modern bedroom floor ideas, this material has a smoother and softer texture so it is comfortable to use all year round. Use the surrounding furniture with matching colors so as not to spoil the color scheme of this room. Enter the metal material on your minimalist nightstand as a blend of materials that can work well when put together in a room. Hardwood floor from bocadolobo.

3. Focus on Arts

Modernity leaves unnecessary knickknack and trivial collections out of the room. Instead, it puts its focus on a single, large piece of artwork, namely poster, painting, or sculpture. This modern bedroom is full of character, and it depends on the aesthetic of the owner.

This modern bedroom decor that is dominated by dark colors is suitable when it is perfected with a fairly large gothic art. Hang this gothic art right above your bed. The white LED on the headboard adds a dramatic feel to it that brings a masculine style that never goes out of style and makes the room look cooler. Neutralize this black bedroom decor with a wooden floor that has a brighter color like brown. Dark modern bedroom with gothic art from home-designing.

Bring a tropical vibe to the modern bedroom decor with a large banana tree painting on the back of your headboard. This bedroom is dominated by white so it will look more contrast and make it look more perfect. Colorful furniture adds a bold color that can work well in this room. Large tropical painting behind the headboard from home-designing.

4. Play with Lighting

There’s nothing like a modern bedroom without spectacular lighting. Opt for headboard lighting or wall-mounted lamp to create a simple yet still romantic ambiance in the room. You can also create a focal point in the room by putting it behind a large piece of art.

Lighting is one of the important accents that you must have in every room in your home. This modern bedroom with wall scones produces a beautiful glow because it is equipped with an openwork light filter that resembles a flower on your wall decor. Use some furniture in neutral colors for a more muted and elegant bedroom finish. Wall scones lamp openwork from home-designing.

Some of the modern hanging lamps installed in this modern bedroom decor can be the main lighting ideas that you can use throughout the year. These lamps have different lengths so that they create an artistic impression that is not excessive. This black matte chandelier also has an ambient light that is very comfortable to use during the day or night. Black matte chandelier from home-designing.

5. Form Follows Function

“Form follows function” is the inherent motto of modernity; it means that the essential feature of furniture is its function and not appearance. That is why the modern bedroom is usually simple with less to none decorations. Everything that is set inside must be useful in some ways or another.

Take advantage of the quality of your walls as built-in bookshelves that are open and wide. This bookshelf will organize all your favorite books safely and of course according to your theme and needs. Paintings and greenery become artistic finishing touches and of course help this bedroom decor to be more beautiful, perfect, and of course elegant. Instead of walls with glass windows to maximize sunlight entering your bedroom. Built-in bookshelves from home-designing.

There is no need to overuse furniture in your modern bedroom decor to make a minimal room that looks neat and orderly. Functional furniture is highly recommended for this room, for example, the nightstand which is equipped with storage drawers. This drawer will store all your small items so they are not easily lost and can be found more effectively and efficiently. Nightstand with storage drawers from home-designing.

Modern bedroom sure has an inevitable charm for those who fancy its aesthetic. With clean, sleek lines and minimal clutter, the bedroom is straightforward and open, leaving few for imaginations.

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