Even though it is often overlooked, everyone needs a laundry room in their residence. Being one of the most crucial parts of a home, the laundry room ensures that your home is clean and well-kempt from mountainous dirty clothes and dusty furniture. Unfortunately, not every house has enough space for one. But do you know that it doesn’t take a large space to fit all the laundering essentials in? Emphasizing its functionality and efficiency, here are five compact laundry design ideas that fit within the small space of your home.

1. Laundry in a Closet

Using the most of every space in your house, closeted laundry is an excellent laundry design to fit all the laundry essentials without blocking the room or hallway. Simply pick one large-sized cupboard in your house and take out all its dividers, then install the washing machine, rack, and iron board. Voila!

Hide all clutter in the laundry room decoration by storing it in a wooden cabinet equipped with folding doors which save space more effectively. Add vertical shelves as an open storage idea that you can use to keep all your washing utensils or equipment neat and orderly. Because this closet laundry room has limited space, there is no need to add complementary furniture, just a storage rack and a level washing machine. Small laundry space in the closet with vertical storage rack from onecrazyhouse.

When your laundry room is in a cupboard, all you have to do is adjust the layout of the furniture or washing machine appropriately to create a slightly larger room. Install floating wooden shelves and clothes drying racks above the washing machine so that the ceiling area is more useful and efficient. Use a clothes dryer rack made of stainless steel so that it is not easily corroded or porous. Green plants are a refreshing and soothing decoration for the laundry room. Laundry room in the closet with ceiling storage from onecrazyhouse.

2. Vertical Laundry Slider

A classic, tricky way to declutter a messy laundry room, this vertical slider will hide all laundry essentials from plain sight while still keeping it within your reach. Opt to purchase a wheeled slider to avoid chaffing and creaking sounds from the floor.

An easy way to hide the laundry room is to add a sliding barn board as a room divider while hiding the clutter in the room. This divider is perfect for limited room decoration ideas because it doesn’t take up much space when closing or opening this door. Repaint it with a bright color like light blue to produce a fresh and not boring look, you can try these laundry room decorating ideas right now. Barn board door laundry room from homebnc.

This sliding wooden door is very useful as a functional room divider. This sliding door is also quite easy to use because you can simply slide it to the right or left. Choose teak wood as the main material that is not easily porous and strong for a long time. The application of black paint to this sliding door is very appropriate because this wall is enhanced with white which presents a monochromatic style and makes the room look cleaner and more modern. Teak sliding doors from decorpad.

3. Exposed Shelves Laundry Design

One prevalent benefit from open shelving is that it helps you to prevent mold and distasteful smell. Aside from avoiding an incapacious look, exposed shelves also make it easier for you to reach stuff and to put it back together in place.

This open wooden shelf has several boxes that you can use as an open storage idea that is easier to use to retrieve or store things safely and without mold. Re-paint these shelves to match the colors of the cabinets for a more elegant and unobtrusive laundry room decor. The rattan wicker basket that is placed on this shelf becomes a storage container that can organize your items according to their needs. Open wooden shelves with wicker baskets from

Use stainless steel for an open shelf idea that you can use as storage in the laundry room decor. This material is also stronger and sturdier when used for storage in large quantities, besides this stainless steel material also does not rust easily when exposed to water. Some of these baskets will organize your washing equipment according to their functions and needs. Re-paint the walls a bright blue for a fresher look. Stainless steel open storage shelves from

Pastel colors that are applied to this laundry room decoration do not cause boredom and saturation when you see them. You can use pastel green on the shelves and cabinets, while paint the walls and floors you can try warm and muted beige colors. This shutter window brings sunlight into the room so that it doesn’t cause the furniture in it to not easily become moldy and porous, this sunlight also brightens the room to the maximum. Pastel color storage rack from decoist.

4. Utilize Every Available Surface

You hear that right. When it comes to a small laundry design, there’s no way that you leave a wall clean and unoccupied. Install a hanging basket, ironing board holder, drying rack, or anything that you can use to ease the soreness after finishing a laundry day.

When you use a woven basket in the laundry room, don’t forget to add a label to each basket as a sign that is easy enough for you to make. Make this label black for more contrast and more detail. This woven basket holder is easier to move to other areas by lifting it. Clean towels can be neatly placed in the basket and don’t look messy. Wicker basket with black label from homedit.

Bring a natural impression to your laundry room decor with several storage rattan wicker baskets that can organize your laundry equipment properly and optimally. You can hang a black label with white writing to make it easier for you to pick up items as needed. Not only wicker baskets, you can also use stainless steel baskets that hang on the wall just below this white shelf. The more baskets used, the more organized your storage ideas will be. Woven baskets combined with stainless steel baskets from homedit.

5. Behind-the-Door Shelves Design

Ever watched that sci-fi movie where the main character stores their guns and ammo on the shelves behind the door? This laundry design is adapted from it, only less dangerous. With compact racks to store every essential, you won’t need to worry about extra space.

When you have an empty laundry room door, you can use it as a storage rack which greatly saves your small laundry room. With this you can also save expenses because you don’t need to buy storage furniture anymore. In addition to storing washing equipment, you can also hang up cleaning tools such as brooms. Storage behind the door from the laundry room from decoist.

Creating a charming laundry room out of cramped spaces isn’t that hard if you know the rule of thumb. These laundry design ideas will help you to realize the potential in every nook and corner of your home.

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