While the premise of having your personal front yard garden is immensely tempting, not everyone can afford the land and energy to build it from scratch. Creating a planter bed is considered as the easier–but no less attractive–option. Not only that you won’t need to worry about the limited space in your front yard, but the planter bed also lets you cultivate an attractive garden within a portable, contained soil area.

Wondering where to start? Here, we’ve collected the five finest ways to utilize the best of your planter bed and create a sanctuary out of your DIY garden.

1. Spiraling Herbs Planter Bed

From anise to cumin to basil, unleash your inner herb enthusiast with this spiral planter bed. Easily built using stones, tiles, or bricks, the design lets you plant a wide variety of plants without taking too much space. It’s a perfect piece for a beginner or those who want to decorate a cramped lawn with simple yet refreshing plants.

The spiral herbal bed planter using bricks allows you to grow a wide variety of plants without taking up a lot of space. It is a perfect part of your home garden decoration so it will become the focal point of the perfect garden. You can put this garden bed on the edge of the garden for a perfect design. Combine it with green grass to give a natural impression to this garden. Spiral herbal bed planter from balconygardenweb.

A pile of pebbles will make your herbal spiral mattress look neat and unique. This method can decorate a narrow garden with simple but refreshing plants. You can add wire to keep this rock from getting anywhere, thus creating a beautiful and tidy garden. Plant some greenery and herbs to make the perfect garden focal point. Spiral garden bed with pebbles from balconygardenweb.

2. Multi-Season Planter Bed

Like what the name said, this planter bed is suitable for any plant, in any season. With a raised bed design and hoop roof above its construction, you can protect your plants from rain, frost, and heavy sunlight.

Using multi season planter beds with high bed designs can protect your plants from rain, snow and direct sunlight. adding this type of garden protector will make your garden look different and make the garden more attractive. You can add some greenery and herbs for a fresh and natural garden design. A wooden garden bed is also the perfect choice. try it now. Multi season planter beds from gardeners.

3. Masonry Planter Bed

One of the most classic planter bed designs in store, masonry, or stone-based planter bed creates a luxurious and mansion-like feeling to your front yard. Due to its strong edge, masonry will help protect your plants from the weather as well.

Brick planter bed with stone planter creates a luxurious, home-like feeling for your front yard. Add some vegetables and plant them in your bed. Using the semicircular shape of this garden bed will be a special attraction. You can also combine it with a wooden garden bed for an attractive appearance. You can complement your garden decor with some green plants for a fresh and natural look. Brick planter bed from airtasker.

Brick planter beds are one of the most classic planter designs. Using stone materials will also help protect your plants from the weather. Completing the garden decoration with some green plants and herbs will be a garden decoration that looks natural and natural. Don’t forget to add a seating area to enjoy the fresh air while enjoying a cup of coffee. Brick planter beds with seating area from thespruce.

4. Planter Bed with Bench

Who doesn’t like spending a nice, warm afternoon picnic in their garden? This L-shaped planter bed is equipped with an inner bench where you can sit, relax, and eat one or two slices of the sandwich while chatting with your family and friends.

Make molds for the planter and end and corner supports for an L-shaped bench using a mix of concrete countertops and white paint to complete the style and décor of your home. This L-shaped wooden bench will create a cozy and inviting garden look. You can complement your garden with some greenery for the perfect garden design. L-shaped bench and garden bed from homebnc.

The design of a planter bed from an L-shaped bench will serve two functions at once. This method will let you enjoy the tea and relax while enjoying your herbs. Using wood materials will give you a unique garden. The wooden deck on this floor will also give the garden a warm and elegant impression. These greenery will make your garden look fresher. L-shaped bench from thegardenglove.

This bed is made of real raw wood. With an L-shaped bench equipped with an inner bench where you can sit and chat with family and friends. Equipped with several greenery and flowers in bloom will give a natural and fresh impression to your garden. You can also add a large concrete pot to complete the décor. Concrete garden bed from homebnc.

5. Repurposed Wheelbarrow Planter Bed

Despite its old age, this repurposed wheelbarrow makes a unique planter bed where you can display your flowers and herbs. To make it better, a higher planter bed means you won’t have to worry about naughty dogs and cats stomping on your plants.

A cart that has been converted into an attractive succulent expanse. This myth creates a real bed for succulents in your home garden. You can place this old cart on the edge of the garden so that it becomes the perfect garden focal point. This idea of using this planter has a low-budget garden decor and makes for an eye-catching garden decoration. Repurposed Wheelbarrow from blog.gardenloversclub.

A wheelbarrow is a unique bedding idea for your gardening. This method will make your garden look attractive with some beautiful blooming flowers. You can place this cart in the center of the garden so that it becomes the perfect garden focal point. This idea will add an attractive impression and will steal people’s attention when entering your garden. Using this type of planter you have a low budget garden decor. Repurposed wheelbarrow planter bed from blog.gardenloversclub.

Planter bed comes in many variations, and these are just some of the easiest one to start. It might be challenging to figure out what you want at first. But don’t give up. Pick the ones that you like and slowly build your dream garden from there.

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