Despite what the name suggests, you can use a glass brick shower in other places than the shower. Indeed, it would result in weird eyes and questioning faces at first, but it doesn’t mean that you can give up on its potentials. Whether you use it as a window or your latest ceramic floor substitute, here are three unique places to install a glass brick shower in your bathroom.

1.   Glass Brick Shower as a Window

Letting the illuminating sunrays go inside your bathroom, using a glass brick shower in your window emanates a soft-glow and bringing an entirely unique feeling to the interior. Consider matching it with a sleek marble countertop and floor; the combination will make your bathroom look more luxurious than ever. To make it better, you won’t need to worry about the lack of sunshine in your bathroom anymore.

Let the sunshine into the bathroom. You can use the brick shower as a window. You can match it with a marble tile wall for an elegant look. Using this brick glass divider also creates the illusion of a spacious and airy room. The gold accents on the faucet and the shower will bring an elegant and luxurious impression to this small bathroom. Window brick shower from decorpad.

Using a glass brick shower in the window will allow a soft glow to enter your bathroom. To make it even better, you don’t have to worry anymore about the lack of sunlight in your bathroom. Combined with a white bathtub and granite stone frame, this will complement your small bathroom decor. This decoration idea will create a spacious and airy room. Small bathroom with glass brick from topdreamer.

Brick shower glass as a window can easily let the sunshine through your bathroom and combine it with a brown ceramic tile. This method will give off a soft light and bring a totally unique feel to the interior. Placed in the shower room will provide a perfect and inviting light. Don’t forget to add ceiling lighting for perfect lighting. Large window brick shower glass from nextluxury.

Brick shower glass as a window combined with ceramic tiles will create an attractive and beautiful appearance in your bathroom. This method will emit soft light into the room so that your room will look spacious and bright. This combination will make your bathroom look more luxurious than before. Complete the décor with a shower and built-in storage for a sleek bathroom design. Brick shower glass from nextluxury.

2.   Glass Brick Shower as a Room Divider

Dividing your room with reflective or transparent surfaces is a rule of thumb when it comes to decorating a small space; the same case goes to this glass brick shower. If your bathroom feels overcrowded, try to replace solid walls with a glass brick shower instead. Without any obstruction in your view, the bathroom will immediately feel larger and airier.

A room divider with a glass brick shower will make your limited bathroom more organized and attractive so that the bathroom will instantly feel bigger and flatter. You can combine it with beige nuances and ceramic tile floors to give an attractive look for you to try. You can complement the room decor with a stone countertop to create a stunning and luxurious room. Glass brick divider from topdreamer

Providing a multi-functional wall in your narrow bathroom, you can use a half-wall brick glass to make the room spacious and still look bright. With this idea, you will have a comfortable and attractive shower room decoration. Don’t forget to add glass doors to create the perfect room. Multi-functional wall with glass brick from topdreamer.

Applying a glass brick shower barrier will instantly make your bathroom feel bigger and flatter. With a white tone, it will make the room feel more spacious. With this idea, your bathroom will look wider and wider and will make the room an attractive decoration. This wooden cabinet furniture and wooden frame make an attractive room decor and will create a tidy room with brilliant storage. Glass brick shower divider from topdreamer.

The glass brick shower as a room divider will give you a bigger and even appearance, so it doesn’t block your view. Using this half wall divider also provides interesting decorations for you to try. Combined with beige ceramic, this bathroom will look elegant and charming. Don’t forget to add potted greenery to give this room fresh and natural air. Glass brick shower divider from topdreamer.

Dividing the bathroom with a glass brick shower will give you a large and spacious look if you combine it with white shades. Natural stone floors and white furniture complement the décor. Don’t forget to complement the decor with greenery in a vase to give this small bathroom a natural vibe and fresh air. The white carpet also complements the decor of your room. Divider bathroom with glass brick from topdreamer.

3.   Glass Brick Shower as a Floor Substitute

While the idea might come off as surprising, the glass brick shower can be a great substitute for boring marble and granite floor. Are you feeling a little bit funky? Opt for the colored glass brick shower and watch as the water creates a subtle glow whenever you take a bath. However, as the material can be quite slippery, make sure to layer it with an anti-slip treatment for flooring.

Blue brick bathroom floor ideas will create a subtle glow whenever you are indoors. Combine it with a transparent sink and a few ornaments on it to make your bathroom more stylish. Equipped with a square mirror also provides perfect lighting so that your room will look spacious and bright. The flowers in this vase bring fresh air into the room. Blue glass brick bathroom floor from cbdglass.

Your bathroom is the place where you can relax and take your mind away from the hustle-bustle of your day, and it should be treated as such. Luckily, the addition of this glass brick shower will transform your bathing experience like never before.

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