When you think outside the box, you can always create something new, unique, and unusual. For example, a cinder block is usually recognized as a heavy-duty construction material. But in the hands of creative people, it can be a decorative item to spice up their garden. Here are some cinder block ideas to enhance the appearance of your garden.

1. Stylish planter with cinder blocks

Cinder blocks may look bland, but with a creative style and design, you can turn it into a stylish planter. You can paint them or create a mosaic by attaching a few broken tile pieces to cinder blocks. Create a beautiful pattern that will make anyone turn their head twice. Once it ready, fill it with flower plants you love.

Take your creative style and design techniques to the next level by creating a super stylish mosaic planter using cinder blocks. With a few broken tiles, you can create masterpieces that turn your garden into an art project. Fill it with your favorite plants and you have a unique new way to show off your artistic skills. This idea will catch people’s attention because of its flawless design. Mosaic planter using cinder blocks fromhomebnc.

Turn a boring square cinder block into a beautiful concrete vase almost instantly. Color the cinder blocks using your favorite designs, quotes or stencils and display them on the patio. Fill the holes with your favorite flowers for a beautiful display you can enjoy all year round. This idea will attract the attention of many people because it looks unique and grabs the attention of many people. Square cinder block from homebnc.

You can also choose cinder blocks in a variety of sizes to build great looking outdoor planters. Apart from that, you can also paint the cinder blocks with various patterns to create a neat and attractive garden. In the image above, an example of a stenciled cinder block that has been put together for corner planting looks very visually appealing. Adding some white flowers also makes the garden perfect. With the idea of your garden it will look festive and have its own charm. Stenciled cinder blocks with various patterns from diycraftsy.

2. Cozy outdoor furniture from cinder blocks

You don’t have to buy a new wooden bench for your backyard. You can make them yourself by stacking a few cinder blocks and adding a few wood posts as the seating. This cinder block idea is simple, easy to make and certainly look artistic for your outdoor space.

Everyone loves throwing nice garden parties during spring and summer nights. You can add a cinder block bench with wooden beams complemented by green chevron patterned cushions for a cozy and inviting garden. You can make it yourself in the backyard and don’t forget to complement your look with striped curtains and you will be ready for some fun outdoors. Framed writing also provides the perfect focal point for a room. The black marking-patterned rug also balances the look and creates a warm garden on your feet. Black and white cinder block benches from bobvila.

Applying stack cinder blocks and wooden beams will create comfortable outdoor bench furniture that you can try in your garden. You can use it yourself by stacking a few blocks of wood with wooden slats and fluffy pillows to create an attractive garden. This patterned blue pillow also complements the outdoor furniture look. You can put this bench in the corner of the garden so that it will become a comfortable garden to party with your friends. Stack cinder blocks and wooden beams from lushome.

A pile of cinder blocks will create comfortable outdoor furniture. Use wooden planks to get a comfortable bench. You can also add some colorful flowers between the cinder blocks for an eye-catching look. This idea of using furniture will withstand any weather and create a cozy garden. Using reclaimed wood blocks will create an inviting and stylish vintage garden. Combined with a few pebbles also creates an attractive garden. Cinder blocks bench from lushome.

You don’t need to buy benches to complement your garden furniture. Stack the cinder blocks and wood to make a unique bench. Complete with a few cushions to create a cozy and inviting garden. Adding various kinds of plants in pots beside the cinder block will also enliven your garden so that it will make a festive garden. Outdoor furniture with cinder blocks from lushome.

You can stack several piles of wooden blocks to create a unique bench in your garden. Top it off with a few fluffy pillows to create a cozy garden. You can paint the cinder blocks green to match the color contrast to this green and white striped pillow. Putting the plant in a pot next to the cinder block is this perfect garden. This furniture idea is perfect for you to use in your garden because it is resistant to any weather. Green cinder block bench from lushome.

3. Potting table from cinder blocks

If you have a few cinder blocks lying around, use them as potting tables, or any kind of outdoor functional tables you like. Just stack some cinder blocks and use a wooden board for the tabletop surface. This table is perfect for storing your gardening tools, plants, or for holding plates or cups during a small gathering.

Creative table pot ideas from cinder block complete with some flower pots for a stylish look in your garden. You can place this furniture on the walls of the house for the perfect look. You can add antique decorations in the form of hangers and some antique pots to create a garden that attracts the attention of many people. These pots of various sizes present the perfect appearance so they are perfect for you to try now. Potting table from cinder blocks from homebnc.

Placing a cinder block table pot complete with some blooming flowers will become an outdoor functional table that you like. Just stack a few cinder blocks and use wooden planks for the tabletop. This table is perfect for storing garden tools and some potted plants. This idea will maximize the space in your garden thus presenting the perfect garden. Cinder block table pot from lushome.

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