Nothing feels better than relaxing on the balcony on warm sunny days. Therefore, it is always a good idea to decorate your balcony and make it look pretty rather than leaving it unloved, filled with dead plants or broken furniture. When decorated correctly, even a small balcony can look beautiful too.

Here are three ways of how you can decorate it and transform this space into an irresistible hangout spot.

1. Add planter walls

Despite the small size, it doesn’t mean that you cannot add some plantation into your balcony to make it prettier. One trick you can do is by installing wooden panels on one side of the wall and uses it as a planter wall. Add some string lights to create a festive feels to your balcony. Don’t forget to bring out your rug and cozy sofa to turn your unloved balcony into a comfortable hangout spot.

An easy way to revive your balcony wall decor is to install succulent walls that thrive and certainly look fresh. Succulent care is quite easy, because you just need to sprinkle water that is not too much because if it is exposed to too much water, these succulent plants will rot. You can put the furniture around it as a sitting area that can be used to enjoy the outdoor view freely. Succulent wall decorations from digsdigs.

Not only in the wall area, you can also use a little floor area as your green plant storage idea. Hanging the iron shelf in the corner of this room is a suitable area to place some green plants vertically. Repaint this iron shelf with black to make it look more modern and of course, it doesn’t look rusty. Hanging metal racks to put your greenery from digsdigs.

Hang some colorful pots containing green plants on the balcony wall area as decorations that make the room feel fresher and cooler. You can add name tags according to these types of plants to let people know who are present at your balcony. The bench covered with floral patterned fabric is a perfect complement that you can use as a comfortable and soft sitting area. Colorful flower pots hanging on the wall from digsdigs.

2. Cozy balcony

To create a cozy balcony, you are going to need some items like a sofa, coffee table, rug, and some throw pillows. Cover the floor with a rug and arrange the sofa and coffee table on top. Set the furniture so that it can feel like the balcony is an extension of the indoor part of the house. This will create a nice, cozy spot for you to hang out with your family and friends.

Choose balcony furniture made of iron to make it stronger with all changes in outdoor weather. Cover this iron chair with pillows and blankets to get a softer and smoother surface, if you are going to use a carpet then choose and use a color that matches the surrounding nuances. A combination of white with blue will work well and make the decor of the balcony brighter. Iron table set covered with pillows and blankets from digsdigs.

Monochromatic style can be obtained easily in your balcony decoration by using black and white furniture, if you use a wooden table set in black then the use of the dominant white carpet is a good mix. These vines with purple flowers make for a refreshing and never boring decoration. The striped pattern on the sofa cushions adds to the modern style. Monochromatic furniture style from digsdigs.

If you want to use furniture in small balcony decorations, then choose chairs and tables that are small in size. For example a small wooden table equipped with an effective folding iron chair. Cover this metal chair with colorful striped cushions to give a more cheerful and colorful feel to the balcony. Cover your hardwood floors with blue rugs as an elegant and warm focal point for your footwear. Small table with folding iron chairs from digsdigs.

To get a different atmosphere when eating, then you can add a dining table set to your balcony decoration. Choose a wooden folding chair that you can get rid of easily when you are done using it, this way you will get more balcony space with more space. Don’t forget to decorate this wooden dining table with pink flowers in bloom to make it look more dramatic and beautiful. Dining table folding set from digsdigs.

3. Green tropical balcony

You can also turn a small balcony into a tropical paradise by adding potted plants and some decoration. Installing reed fencing can also turn your urban balcony to feel more tropical. Don’t forget to place a storage bench that can be useful for storing items and at the same time as a hangout spot during a lovely warm, sunny day. If your balcony faces other buildings, you can always install a privacy screen.

The palm tree is complemented by several other types of greenery, giving this balcony decoration a tropical vibe with a soothing atmosphere. Perform routine maintenance on this green plant so that it can develop properly and of course be more fertile. Put this pot right in front of your furniture for a view that never gets boring. Combination of palm trees with other greenery from decoist.

A wooden fence will be more useful when used to propagate lush greenery. This plant will protect you from the stinging rays of the sun during the day, the more vines you have, the more shady your small balcony will be. Choose iron furniture as a material that is stronger against all weather changes. Vines decoration from decoist.

Apart from lush greenery, you can also add blooming flowers with a beautiful bold color when applied to your balcony decoration. Several types of green plants that are integrated into a balcony present a comfortable tropical vibe and are suitable for relaxing with a fresher and cooler atmosphere. You can try these plant ideas with ease and choose low-maintenance plants. Combination of several greenery in a balcony decoration from decoist.

No matter how big your balcony is, it will not feel special if it doesn’t get the love it should have. However, a small balcony will look stunning and add value to your property if you know how to design and decorate it.

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