The simplicity and nostalgic feeling offered by the modern farmhouse style are what make this decoration style popular these days. The retro and neo-rustic approach of this style reminds us of a much simpler and slower time in the past, creating a warm and calming atmosphere. Recreate this charming design in your bathroom with these steps.

Neutral tone

Farmhouse design is almost always associated with a calm and natural feel, therefore, pick a neutral tone as the main colour to your bathroom. Reclaimed wood can be a perfect material to use in this interior design, and you can implement it into a vanity in your bathroom. For a touch of luxury, you can add a more modern wall lamp installed beside the mirror.

Modern farmhouse bathrooms in neutral whites, reclaimed vanities and modern styles make for the perfect room décor. Adding subway tiles to the shower walls and penny tiles will create the perfect room decor. This wicker basket on a bench provides an attractive and inviting decoration. Vintage wall mirrors also present a cheerful and spacious room. White neutral bathroom from airtasker.

A modern farmhouse bathroom with neutral white walls and reclaimed vanity makes for a perfect and inviting decor. You can use greenery in a vase to make a room fresh and natural. This black-framed photo wall decor provides the perfect contrast. For a luxurious touch, you can add a more modern wall lamp mounted on the side of the mirror. Neutral white walls and reclaimed vanity from airtasker.

A modern farmhouse bathroom in neutral tones of gray tones, heringbone flooring and a gray vanity make up the perfect and inviting space. This reclaimed wood framed mirror creates a rustic feel to this bathroom and gives the illusion of a spacious and bright space. For a dramatic touch you can add a metal sconce lamp over the mirror for a modern look. Gray tones modern farmhouse bathroom from airtasker.

The bathroom is a modern farmhouse with neutral colors accentuating the warm and inviting décor. Opting for grays and reclaimed wood dressers, patterned tiles, and vintage wall lamps make the room interesting. Using a mirror with this cabinet will give the room a bright decoration as well as make it easier to store some of your belongings. The large window beside the dressing table and the blooming flowers in this vase make for the perfect room decoration. Gray nunace from airtasker.

Antique items as the highlight

To give your farmhouse bathroom a more authentic feeling, bring in an antique item that can be doubled as the highlight of the bathroom. It doesn’t have to be new because reclaimed items usually fit this style best, so it’s time for you to hunt some vintage items in the thrift shop or flea markets.

Some example of the antique items you need to look for are antique mirror, dresser, and antique bathtub. You can also use more subtle items like vintage doorknobs, towel racks, paintings, or other weathered items.

Modern farmhouse rooms furnished with large framed paintings will create the perfect space. Combined with white nuances and red wooden cabinets, this is an attractive focal point for the room. This red chandelier also represents a dramatic space. By using this painting you can buy it at a flea market at a low price so you have a low budget room decor. Large framed paintings from sebringdesignbuild

The farmhouse bathroom with antique dressers with stained wood, modern pendant lights, white tones and patterned tiles makes for the perfect and inviting space. A round mirror with greenery in a vase will present an interesting room decoration. With this idea will create a room that will attract and steal the attention of many people. Antique dressers vanity from apartmenttherapy.

A modern farmhouse bathroom with antiques featuring an antique wood dressing table, wood frame mirrors, and some antique wall lamps will create the perfect modern farmhouse bathroom decor. Adding this wardrobe will create the perfect focal point for the room. You can combine it with all white hues for an attractive room design. Antique wood dressing table from apartmenttherapy.

The modern farmhouse bathroom with towel racks and shutters brings antiques to this space. You can buy them at flea markets to make room on a low budget. Placed beside the sink, this towel rack makes the perfect focal point of a room. Shades of gray will bring a warm impression to the room. You can complement a large mirror room decor to create a bright and spacious room. Antique towel racks and shutters from homebnc.

Bronze materials

Last but not least, you can also incorporate bronze material for your modern farmhouse bathroom. Bronze plumbing on a bathtub will bring out the antique and retro feeling to this interior design. The combination of gleaming bronze material and white bathtub, for example, will give your bathroom a polished look which can be a modern touch to your farmhouse interior design.

The modern farmhouse bathroom with bronze plumbing in this bath gives the room an elegant look with a rustic feel. Combining with white nuances can mean that the flowers are blooming in a white vase, so that the impression of a room feels fresh and natural. This white bathtub gives your bathroom a polished look that can add a modern twist to your farmhouse interior design. Bronze plumbing and white bathtub from housebeautiful.

A modern farmhouse bathroom with bronze plumbing in the bath combined with white and some vintage items such as an antique vanity and chair make for the perfect room decor. You can use a black heringbone floor and a white subway tile wall for the perfect contrast. This antique chandelier is also the perfect room decoration and provides dramatic enrichment. Modern farmhouse bathroom with bronze plumbing from countryliving.

These three simple tips will instantly turn your usual bathroom into a nostalgic sanctuary. The weathered items combined with the polished look of the plumbing create a harmonious look of retro and modern feel to your modern farmhouse bathroom design.

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