An old, outdated door with faded color can look unwelcoming and will not flattering to your house’s appearance. But you don’t need to worry since you can always freshen up the door by changing its look. A simple re-decoration using paint, or some additional accents can give your outdoor a different look and looks more interesting. Here are some door décor ideas to re-energize your door.

1. Modern black door

Black is still not a popular color for house decoration because many people think of it as a taboo. Let us debunk the myth by painting the door in sultry black color, which will create a modern look to your door. The matte finish tone down the color, creating a perfect contrast to the brighter tone of the wall. Put some vase filled with colorful flowers and plant to balance the overall look of your door.

Repaint your wooden door with dark black for a more modern look and of course it will be more shiny when exposed to sunlight. Install two stone pots between the doors as a beautiful decoration and of course make the atmosphere of the room more feminine and fresh. The combination of flowers and green plants in one pot gives a lush impression. This wall scones lamp with a splash of gold gives a classic impression that is not excessive. Repaint wooden door with dark black color from digsdigs.

If you have a contemporary style home decor, then use a wide black door made of wood with glass. This contemporary door will be more perfect when equipped with stainless steel handles that are strong, not easy to porous and not easy to rust. Install several pots containing different flowers for a more beautiful appearance and of course it will be a welcome for the guests who come to your house. Turn on the wall scones lights on the right and left of the door when it gets dark outside. The modern door that made of black wooden with glass from digsdigs.

This black wooden door with a glass accent at the top is a peek a boo accent that looks elegant and certainly doesn’t get boring easily. Install two layers of doormats as additional formal accents that you can try with ease. Green plants and candle holders will warmly welcome the guests who come to your house. Don’t forget to put the house number next to the door to make it easier to find your home address in a faster time. Wooden doors accented with glass peek a boo from digsdigs.

2. Farmhouse-style door

A farmhouse-style door creates a charming look to your entryway. This simple design is perfectly combined with pastel color, creating a calming and stunning look to your entrance door. To enhance the look, you can always decorate it with a flower wreath, and hang matching sidelights on the left and right side of the door. Potted shrubs with colorful flowers can be a beautiful decoration to a farmhouse-style door too.  

Pastel colors will never fail when decorating your front door, now you can choose pastel blue which is equipped with a solid black iron holder. Don’t leave this wooden door plain and boring, you can hang a wreath moss with burlap tape. This door is decorated with two shiny black pots filled with white pumpkin and small shrubs, you can try it easily and of course it doesn’t cost a lot. Pastel blue door with wreath moss from homebnc.

Warmly welcome the guests or your family who come to the house with greenery wreath enhanced by yellow flowers in the wreath and pots. You can use wooden doors that are repainted in a pastel yellow which is not too flashy. This door is equipped with window accents at the top and left side. A patterned mat with a splash of a matching color is the right choice that you can try. Pastel yellow wooden doors from homebnc.

If you are confused about choosing a porch door, then try a pastel pink door made of two different materials. For example, a combination of glass with teak wood accents, which is sturdier in use for a long time. In the area around this door, you can also put clay pots filled with lavender flowers as decorations that never bore your eyes. Candle holder lamps that are installed on the right and left side of the door are important accents that will help illuminate when the outdoor atmosphere starts to feel darker. One pastel pink door accented with decorative pots from homebnc.

Complete your cottage terrace style with pastel colored doors to refresh your current terrace atmosphere. Choose a pastel blue accented with reclaimed wood that hangs at the top of the door. Wisteria flowers with used tin pots also present a vintage style that never goes out of style. This door is equipped with glass accents so that it can enter more sunlight into the room. Cottage style patio with pastel blue doors from homebnc.

3. Soft pink door

Pink can make a great color too for your front door. To make it not look too much like a dollhouse, use soft pink paint and combined it with an antique brass door handle. The white door frame is will also complement this door theme nicely. The green panel walls will make your outdoor appearance more charming to balance everything out.

Soft pink is one of the pastel color choices that many women like, you can apply this color to your door decoration. The handle with a splash of gold makes the perfect match for a decor that is a little extravagant. This moss ball plant planted in a white stone pot is a decoration as well as a warm welcome for the guests who come to your house, this pot is completed with beautiful carvings on the outer surface so that it adds a sweet artistic impression. Soft pink doors with gold accent handles from laurelberninteriors.

Don’t let this wooden pink sofa door decoration look plain and boring, you can occasionally decorate it with a hanging wreath made of live plants to make it look fresher. Before entering the house, you will step on a woven mat which is equipped with the words “Home Sweet Home” as a friendly and very elegant initial welcome. In addition, this soft pink door is also equipped with a white window frame that will be a sweet color combination. Soft pink door with hanging wreath decoration from lollyjane.

This soft pink wooden door with a gold handle is a very elegant combination of the two materials when used in a modern cottage home decor. Add a pendant lamp made of iron as the main lighting that you can use at night to help your night activities when outdoors. Clay pots filled with green plants are one of the most popular decorations to use, you can try them right now. Soft pink wooden door with gold iron handle from lollyjane.

The door does not only serve as a point of entry, and you can make it the highlight of your house appearance by decorating it nicely like those ideas above. From picking the right color, or adding some decorative elements like wreaths, lamps, or plants, the options are limitless, so you can have fun decorating your front door. Which door décor ideas do you like the most?

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