Minimalist interior design is one of the most popular styles today. Its clean and simplistic approach gives a spacious and modern feel to a house. This style is also perfect for a bathroom due to its simplicity, and therefore does not need too much furniture or accents.

However, leaving too many spaces empty in the bathroom can look bland, boring, and cold rather than enhancing its minimalist style. These are a few tips you can do to make your minimalist bathroom far from being bland.

Implement rich textures

Minimalist design doesn’t have to be all-white or using similar texture throughout the space. You can always implement rich texture to a minimalist bathroom to give some depth and dimension while keeping the minimalistic and clean aesthetic. One way to add textures into the minimalist bathroom design is by adding matte black elements throughout the space or adding a rug to your bathroom floor.

An easy way to bring an artistic impression to your bathroom decor is to use a tile with a matte black color on the wall. The use of a gold bathtub and a table set in one room gives a classic and vintage feel at the same time. Don’t forget to add green plants with dark pots as well as a color neutralizer as well as a fresh and environmentally friendly decoration. This bathroom is equipped with two glass windows which will help provide natural lighting in the bathroom. Black matte tile wall from elledecor.

The small bathroom with a combination of black and gold gives a beautiful contrasting appearance. You can install black tiles on the walls and floors with different patterns but have the same color, while you can attach the gold color to the shower. Palm trees with patterned ceramic pots present a tropical touch that refreshes the surrounding space, you can try placing them in the corner of the room so as not to disturb your space while on this wet floor. Installing black tiles on walls and floors with different patterns from elledecor.

To bring an artistic impression in your bathroom decor, don’t just use the all-black nuances of the room. Instead of a black interior, for example, you apply a glossy floor, single sink and mirror frame. This black interior requires sufficient lighting to maximize the bathroom decoration to look bright, with that you can use a fairly large window and light wall scones that are installed between these mirrors. Both of these lights will work best at night or during the day. Black matte interior from elledecor.

Don’t just be motivated by one color in your bathroom decoration, you can use a black backsplash that is perfected with a dark blue mosaic tile on one of your wall surfaces. Neutralize these two colors with a white sink and toilet, you can add live flowers in a transparent glass vase as a final touch that refreshes the atmosphere of the bathroom to the maximum. Black backsplash with dark blue mosaic wall from elledecor.

Play with shapes

Don’t be afraid to play with shapes when you are designing a minimalist style. It will add character to your otherwise bland bathroom. For example, use oval bathtub rather than the traditional box-shaped shower or bathtub and complement it with a bulbous-shaped side table. Triangular flooring will also add characters to your minimalist bathroom.

The standing oval bathtub which is equipped with a reclaimed wooden bench beside it gives its own artistic impression in your bathroom decor, to emphasize this style you can also use floors and walls made of cement which has a slightly dark color. Indirectly, this cement material presents a splash of industrial style which is suitable for use in any decoration, including your bathroom. This combination of room nuances and existing interiors will work and work as well as possible. Standing oval bathtub with reclaimed wood bench from mydomaine.

Do you want to present an artistic style in your bathroom decor? If so, then you can combine several interiors that reinforce this style. Start by using a vintage rug that covers the herringbone tile, then you can use a white oval bathtub, a small wooden bench and roman blinds which have the same color as the bathtub you are using today. Some of the interiors here have prices that are not too expensive so that it is very affordable for anyone who will use them. Oval white bathtub with roman blind curtain which has matching colors from mydomaine.

Another option that you can use to present an artistic impression in your bathroom decor is the use of triangle tiles on your wet floor. You can place this wooden table which has a smooth surface next to a standing oval bathtub which is equipped with a shiny gold faucet. Transparent glass windows and geometric chandeliers are lighting ideas that you can use in your bathroom decor today. Triangle tile floor with standing oval bathtub from mydomaine.

Use a pop of color

No one says that a minimalist design has to be all white, black, or grey. You can always add a pop of color to give a fresh look to your minimalist bathroom. The important thing to remember is making sure that each colored piece you placed there is intentional and suitable with the color palette of your bathroom.

Bring a different nuance to your artistic bathroom by giving a splash of blue to some of the interiors in it. You can apply this blue color to the walls, vintage chairs and mosaic tile bathtubs. Combine this blue with white as a color combination that will blend perfectly. The blue color itself gives a symbol of a fresh room and of course it is not easy to get boring when it is used as a pop color in this bathroom. The combination of blue and white in the bathroom interior from homedit.

There’s nothing wrong with using a pop color in one of the interiors in an artistic bathroom, you can start with a green backsplash tile which is equipped with a round mirror with wooden frames, a gold faucet and a white standing single sink. Some of these interiors give an artistic impression that is not excessive. Another advantage of using this backsplash is that you can use it as built in storage because it is equipped with an open shelf. Green tile backsplash with built in rack storage from homedit.

Black and red are a combination of contrasts that give a bold impression to your bathroom decor. The matte black color on the tiles makes the room seem more artistic. Use a glass divider for the interior that fits into a small bathroom so that the illustration of the room feels brighter, more spacious and of course you can use it to check your appearance in more detail. The combination of black and red interior bathroom from homedit.

Those are some tips you try to implement the minimalistic design to your bathroom. As you can see, minimalist interior design does not have to be all-black-and-white or without shapes or patterns. You can still add colors and shapes to bring character into your minimalist bathroom interior design in order to keep it from looking cold, bland, and boring.

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