To borrow Mediterranean style to your backyard means bringing up some aesthetic details. That’s because some Mediterranean styles often look like resort-style living. So, if you think a romantic villa is your new kind of backyard, take a look at these backyard design ideas.

Palm Frenzy

While stucco is associated with Mediterranean typical exterior style, the palm is associated with beach, resort, and vacancy. You can capitalize on these two until it looks like a Mediterranean villa—a villa that feels intimate, romantic, and fresh.

Well, you can begin with a raw stone walkway and small greenery in terracotta. Then, pull the lush foliage of the palm tree through the open air. Make the shades cover your wooden chair and table. Although, be sure to keep some space because you need to give that stucco an appropriate welcome. More than that, the Mediterranean design is an avid sun-loving décor.

This white stone road surrounded by trees that have a large and tall size will be more perfect when equipped with a stretch of green grass that grows lush. Some of the palm trees in the Mediterranean Garden are one of the characteristics that must be owned. To maintain the fertility of some of the plants in this garden, you can take full care of it by giving it fertilizer and watering it regularly. White stone path surrounded by a large tree from homestratosphere.

The Rectangle Mediterranean backyard is equipped with towering trees, different types of greenery and refreshing lawn. Not only here, you can use natural stone paths for a more natural and environmentally friendly decor appearance. In addition, the stone path also has a slightly rough texture so it is not easily slippery when exposed to water. Add a fountain accent to complement your Mediterranean backyard décor. Mediterranean backyard with natural stone walks from homestratosphere.

Another option that you can try to decorate your Mediterranean backyard is the use of paving stones that have a neutral color, namely white. You can combine the colors of this road with various types of green plants, including palm trees. The palm trees along this road will serve as a medium for shade during the day, so they are very useful and become one of the hallmarks of the Mediterranean backyard style. Not only here, you can relax outside the room by adding outdoor furniture that is not too large so it doesn’t take up a lot of land area. Palm trees along the paving stone path from homestratosphere.

Outdoor Fountain and Lounge

The next backyard design idea is adopting local houses welfare and happiness. With all those natural colors and plenty of light, it’s always a good option to set up a gathering spot and a centerpiece like a classic Spanish or Italian fountain. On top of that, you know that the Mediterranean is also known for its high social density. Why not borrow the culture too?

So, begin by giving a natural look to the pavers. You can do it by adding a small space for grasses between each paver. Then, set up the classic fountain with its layering tiers. For now, you don’t even really need to add up some Mediterranean furniture. Comfy modern furniture will be just fine to show that this is a Mediterranean look.

The fountain that is applied in the middle of the Mediterranean backyard is a different view and layout that you can try. This fountain has several levels so that it produces a splash of water that will make you feel more relaxed when listening to it. Complete the look of this fountain by adding a highlight that will make it appear clearly at night, the green plants around it are a refresher as well as a view that is not easily boring. A terraced fountain set amidst the Mediterranean backyard from architectureartdesign.

Don’t let this Mediterranean backyard décor appear monotonous and boring, the tiered fountain that is installed right next to the outdoor dining table is an imitation of this set because the splash results will make you feel more relaxed when chatting or enjoying a meal on the dining table. The outdoor dining room will also provide a different atmosphere so that it will refresh you throughout the weekend. You can enjoy the outside scenery freely and relax. Tiered water fountain from homestratosphere.

The fountain accent applied to the Mediterranean backyard decoration will appear more vivid at night when complemented by the accent lights below. Place this fountain in an area that is frequently visited by your guests or your family as a different view and of course presents the sound of water splashing that relaxes the outdoor atmosphere. The stone path with grass accents in between gives a natural and environmentally friendly impression. Fountains with light accents from architectureartdesigns.

Traditional column

The easiest thing about the Mediterranean look is giving terracotta and palm trees. The hardest and the most effective thing, however, bringing up a traditional column. Since it’s most likely you use a column for your backyard patio, then do not need to hesitate.

You don’t need to copy the Temple of Athena’s pillar or Concordia. Any traditional column will boost them up.

With the traditional column, you can enjoy the outdoor atmosphere without worrying about being exposed to the sun during the day. Instead of this, you can also sunbathe as much as possible in the outdoor furniture area that has been provided. This traditional column has a shabby white color that gives you a vintage feel that never goes out of style, you can try and imitate it right now. A shabby white traditional column from diynetwork.

The outdoor dining room, which is under the traditional column, will be more shady and prevent you from excessive sun exposure. It doesn’t stop here, you can also use the terracotta garden placed in every corner as a view as well as an ornate accent suitable for Mediterranean backyard décor. The wooden roof is your protector during the day, choose teak wood to make it stronger when used for a long period of time. Outdoor dining room in a traditional column area from diynetwork.

This traditional column with a spread of terracotta pots makes the atmosphere fresher and certainly not boring. You can take shelter under this traditional column because it is equipped with a white ceiling and curtains so you can avoid the sun’s rays. You can tie this curtain when you use it for sunbathing. Water and fertilize these green plants regularly so that they thrive throughout the changing seasons. Traditional column with terracotta pots from diynetwork.

You can repaint the traditional column with beige color to make it look cleaner and of course present a vintage impression that is suitable to be applied to any room including the Mediterranean backyard decoration. Here you can put some wooden chairs and a dining table to get the atmosphere of enjoying different dishes and more precisely getting fresh and healthy outdoor air. The surrounding palm trees provide a medium for shade during the day. Repaint the traditional column with beige paint from lushome.

So, those are some Mediterranean backyard design ideas. Do you want to try?

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