The dining room is one of the special spots in the house to make precious moments with friends and loved ones. It’s a place where you’ll socialize with each other, have an intimate conversation, and enjoy tasty meals. That being said, you’ll always need to pay attention to every detail of the room decor, and set the right mood and atmosphere to your liking.

If warm, vibrant, and casual ambiance is what you’re looking for, why don’t you try to use a French country dining room design? Don’t know much about this decor style? Read on and figure out some French country decorating ideas to create an elegant eating spot hard to beat.  

Fill the Room with Gold and Silver Accents

The first characteristic of French country dining room design is that it’s always dominated by natural colors. However, remember that this design scheme is never complete without gold and silver accents as the ornate colors. Thus, fill your dining area with gold or silver decorative items, such as gold drapes, silver ornate lighting, or gold wall frames.

Enter gold accents with two different colors, namely dark gold and light gold. What are these two gold accents on the wall decorations and hanging lamps that are right above the wooden dining table. This gold color gives a luxurious impression that is not excessive so it is very suitable to be applied to the French country dining room decoration. To perfect your wall decor, you can also install some ancient ceramic plates that are attached to a standing reclaimed wooden shelf. Gold accents on lights and wall decorations from housebeautiful.

Furthermore, there are gold accents on the sticky lights that are installed between the classic mirrors. Apart from being a decorative item that emphasizes the French country dining room style, this lamp will also illuminate your room maximally at night. China ceramic with blue color on this wooden table is an additional decoration that you can apply simultaneously, don’t forget to cover your wooden chair with white linen to make it more comfortable and warm to use. Gold sticky lamp from housebeautiful.

This wooden chair, repainted with gold, gives the impression of a more classic dining room in accordance with French country style. You can pair it with reclaimed wood for a blend that will blend in perfectly. Other gold accents are on the painting frames which are used as wall decorations that make the room look more beautiful and perfect. Wooden dining chair repainted with gold color from housebeautiful.

Introduce Vintage Touches

Next, build the perfect French country dining room design by adding vintage touches as much as you like. As the focal point, you may pick antique dining room furnishings and light fixtures. Then, complete this vintage look by displaying classic paintings and frames on the walls. Otherwise, you can also create vintage wall art by showcasing antique dishes, vases, wall clock, or other old-fashioned accessories.

Complete your French country dining room decor with a vintage touch through classic ceramic plates that are used as antique wall decorations. You can choose a variety of plate patterns and shapes to make it look more artistic. Another decoration that you can apply to this dining room is a ceramic teapot flower vase filled with lavender flowers, then the wire basket also becomes a vintage-looking dining table decoration. Wall decoration with antique ceramic plates from shelterness.

This gold framed wall painting becomes a French country dining room decoration that never goes out of style. You can combine it with some antique wood furniture that looks shabby and natural. Decorate your reclaimed wood dining table with a ceramic vase filled with green plant stalks as a maximum freshener. Pendant lights made of iron reinforce this style as perfectly as possible. Wall painting with gold frame from shelterness.

Other vintage interiors that you can apply to your French country dining room decor are hanging decorative lights, chairs covered in pastel fabrics and a shabby white wooden dining table. Wall painting with gold frame is the final touch that you can try right now. Don’t forget to decorate your dining table with colorful flowers that are blooming as a centerpiece that refreshes the dining room to the maximum. Decorative hanging lamp with shabby white dining table from shelterness.

Use Colorful Motifs

Last but not least, don’t forget to include beautiful motifs in your French country dining room design. Thankfully, there are plenty of colorful and eye-catching motifs you can choose, such as grapes, lavenders, and olives; all of which will dress up your eating area. These motifs are commonly used in some furnishings and accessories like upholstered chairs, curtains, and tablecloths. 

The striped fabric in a neutral color that covers your wooden chairs will look more contrasted against the cute vintage patterned backsplah. The combination of these two patterns will bring the dining room decoration more colorful and passionate, you can choose neutral colors to make it easier when combined into one in a room. Some of the wooden interiors that surround this dining room give a natural and environmentally friendly impression. Striped seat fabric with backsplash pattern from elledecor.

The floral dining chairs combined with the vintage, bold patterned rugs make the dining room feel more passionate. Red is a bold color that will contrast even more with green wall paint. The more patterns and colors that blend in a room, the more colorful and fun this room will be. The painted and re-polished wooden dining table looks cleaner and more shiny. Floral dining chairs combined with bold colored rugs from elledecor.

Some patterns that come together in a living room decoration seem more fun. The graphic pattern is on the high curtain while the vintage pattern on the wallpaper has a slightly shabby color. Several ceramic plates with this classic pattern add color to the room so that it looks more perfect and doesn’t get boring easily. The wooden tomb chair which is equipped with a backrest becomes a comfortable sitting area to enjoy your meal. Combination of graphic patterns with vintage patterns from hgtv.

The flower patterns on the dining chairs, wallpaper and curtains come in different hues that make for a fun color combination. Green, yellow and white are colorful colors that blend perfectly. Apart from the floral pattern, the French country dining room is also equipped with a square floor pattern that has a matching color. You can paint the wooden dining table white as a color neutralizer. Flower patterns on dining chairs, wallpaper and curtains in different colors from housebeautiful.

Those are some brilliant French country dining room design ideas to inspire you. In the end, you’ll have the most elegant, stylish, and inviting dining spot where everyone wants to dine in with you every day.

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