Window treatments have always been a big deal in Mid-Century décor history. Many retro ads for home renovations or household products feature unique window treatments, which you can mimic in this modern era. Explore your local remodel shops or online stores to find these vintage, Mid-Century window products.

1. Roller Shades

Roller shades were popular during the 60s and 70s, thanks to their practicality and sleek looks. You can find roller shades in various colors and patterns to match your interior. While roller shades have quite simple looks, you can embellish them with line edges or tassels on the pulling cord.

Use roller shades for window treatment ideas in your living room. The brown color will give an elegant mid-century look to your open kitchen. Equipped with all brown nuances, it will give your mid-century kitchen a more elegant and inviting look. This pendant lamp on the kitchen table provides the perfect lighting for you to try. Brown roller shades from housely.

You can choose to use roller shades for window treatment ideas in your open dining area. So that it will look better and present an attractive medieval look. With this idea, it will give the room a more upward decor and will have a minimalist impression. Using this large window will also give the illusion of a spacious room and let sunlight into the room so that it will create a spacious impression. Black roller shades window treatment from decoratedlife.

2. Venetian Blinds

Venetian blinds are popular names for vertical aluminum blinds. While they were popular during the 60s, 70s, and 80s, you can still find many homes with these window treatments. Horizontal blinds provide bold visuals suitable for Mid-Century décor. They can also block light better than thin plastic or fabric blinds.

Vertical venetian blinds for your window treatment ideas will give you a better mid-century look. In addition, it can block out light better than curtain fabrics. Using this window will give your room a better decoration and will steal people’s attention every time you enter your living room. Equipped with white nuances and some potted green plants to freshen up your room. Vertical venetian blinds from architecturaldigest.

3. Floor-to-Ceiling Pleat Drapes

Floor-to-ceiling pleat drapes appear in various retro home pictures, and you can still replicate the look today. Choose drapes with bold or neutral colors to complement your interior, depending on the overall tones you want to adopt. Long pleat drapes provide more privacy and better protection from blinding light.

Floor-to-ceiling patterned curtains for your dining room decorating idea will create the perfect privacy for a more comfortable feel. Long fold blinds provide more privacy and better protection from glare. In addition, this curtain will give the illusion of a spacious and tall space for you to try and will make your room more stylish. It is combined with white tones and wooden floors to give the room a warm and inviting decoration. Floor-to-ceiling patterned curtains from homedit.

If you want a simple and easy mid-century décor, consider using floor-to-ceiling pleated curtains. Because it will achieve a decorative look and create perfect privacy. You can install it in this living room so that you will have the perfect private room for you to try. Combined with beige nuances and blue sofas to provide a perfect decor space. Floor-to-ceiling pleated curtains from homedit.

Use floor-to-ceiling pleated curtains for window treatment ideas in your bedroom. Because it will provide more privacy and perfect protection from glare. Choosing this beige color will provide the perfect room decoration so it is suitable for you to combine it with shades of gray and wooden floors in your mid-century bedroom. This curtain will give the illusion of a tall and spacious room. Beige floor-to-ceiling curtains from homedit.

4. Wooden Blinds

Wooden blinds were popular in the 60s, but you can bring them back to this era, especially to give the house a rustic look. Wooden blinds offer a “softer” look than aluminum blinds, perfect for a bedroom, living room or kitchen/dining room.

Wooden curtains are the right choice to give your living room a rustic look. Will give a softer appearance than aluminum and look more elegant. Pair it with gray shades and a soft sofa for a contrasting and comfortable room decor. This gray kapette under the sofa gives a warm impression to the room and is perfect for your bedroom decorating idea. Wooden curtains from diynetwork.

Try using wooden curtains to bring a rustic feel to your mid-century living room. The wooden curtains will also give a soft look so that they can attract the attention of everyone who sees them. This wooden curtain will take you to the 60s era so that it will give this room a rustic look. The all-brown shades will also create a warm and inviting room. Wooden curtains on Mid-century living room from diynetwork.

5. Tropical Shades

Tropical shades were all the rage in the 50s and 60s, especially when people started to fly to tropical areas for the post-war holiday. Bamboo, rattan, or knotted pine are the typical materials for such window treatments. They are lighter than regular wooden blinds, offering cozier looks.

To create a tropical feel to your mid-century décor, try using bamboo blinds for your window treatment ideas. Because it is lighter and still looks charming. Apart from that these curtains offer a more comfortable and inviting look. Placing these curtains in an open kitchen and paired with shades of beige will provide the perfect contrast and will look more stylish. Tropical curtain with bamboo from mydecorative.

You can never fail to use bamboo curtains to create a tropical feel in the living room. This curtain is lighter than the others and will offer a more attractive look. In addition, this type of curtain was very popular in the 50s and 60s so it will create a more perfect room decor and give your mid-century living room a rustic feel. Equipped with armchairs and round wooden tables will give an attractive look for you to try. Bamboo curtain on Mid-century living room from mydecorative.

Make your Mid-Century décor more convincing by installing the right window treatments. Get the retro vibe by bringing back popular window treatments from the past.

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