Lighting fixtures are important elements in all interior designs, including the coastal décor. Forget a regular neon bulb and invest in lamps reflecting things like waves, tropical plants, weathered materials, sea life, and maritime culture. Use these five ideas to find the right light sources for your coastal home.

1. Scallop Pendant Lamp

Scallop pendant lamps reflect one of the most unique shapes in the ocean world. The “scallop” part may refer to actual shells or scalloped design, resembling fish scales. Scallop pendant lamps are available in various colors and styles, from vintage to contemporary.

If the interior decoration of this coastal living room has used several different colors, then you can hang a white scallop pendant lamp which has a large enough size, this lamp is equipped with a gold chain that makes the impression of the lamp more luxurious without being overkill. You can also apply various types of patterns in this room through pillowcases, high curtains and vintage carpets in one room. A transparent vase filled with yellow flowers is a decoration that you can use easily. White scallop pendant lamp from countryliving.

If you want to make the scallop pendant lamp as a focal point in kitchen decor, then the red splash in the lamp container is the best choice for you to imitate. This lamp has a bright reflection of light so that it can be used as the main light. Red is one of the bold colors that is very suitable when combined with the nuances of a white room. The striped carpet that covers the wood floor gives a fun impression and makes kitchen decor not monotonous, you can try this kitchen decorating idea with ease. Scallop pendant lamp with red splash from countryliving.

2. Blue Glass Pendant Lamp

Why sticking with regular glass if you can use the blue one? Blue glass pendant lamps are ideal for coastal décor, even if the designs are simple. You can find various shades of blue glass, from deep blue to pale aquamarine.

If you need lighting in the beach theme living room decoration, the blue glass pendant lamp is the best choice you can try. This blue light forms like water droplets made of transparent glass, you can apply other blue colors to some of the interiors around it, for example the ceramic ornaments on the coffee table and some pillowcases. The combination of blue and white is one of the hallmarks of this style. Water droplet blue light made of transparent glass material from completely-coastal.

Maximize the appearance of your coastal kitchen with the installation of three blue glass pendants that hangs just above the kitchen island. Hang this lamp with a rope that is the same length and size to make it look more elegant and suitable for use as the main lighting in this room. Turn off these lights during the day to maximize the lighting you get from the glass windows that are large enough. Three blue glass chandeliers with the same rope length from completely-coastal.

Cover the entire outer surface of your blue glass lamp with string for a more distinct look. This time you can use a round lamp that has a large enough size. Hang this lamp in the living room decor as the main lighting that will illuminate the entire room to its full potential. This lamp is also made of transparent glass so you can see the inside in detail. Round blue light rope from completely-coastal.

3. Jute Pendant Lamp

Jute is one of the most popular grass fibers for tropical-style furniture. Pendant lamps with woven jute are available in various shapes and designs. You can find shapes like globes, cylinders, baskets, curved, or wavy. The more contemporary designs even appear in asymmetrical or unusual shapes to contain the bulbs with style.

Another option for coastal themed bedroom lighting is to use a jute pendant light which has a finer material and of course gives a natural and environmentally friendly impression. Other interiors that reinforce this style are the rattan woven rugs and thick blankets that are thrown over the bedding. The green plants that are placed above the nightstands give a fresh impression and of course they are never boring. Natural jute pendant light from mydomaine.

4. Seagrass Table Lamp

Another great alternative for natural fiber, seagrass is appropriate for a beach theme. A seagrass table lamp looks unique without being excessive. Seagrass table lamps are available in various designs, from “full seagrass” to the combination of seagrass base and modern white shade.

A table lamp with metal poles covered in seagrass with a round shape is an accent that brings a coastal feel. This seagrass layer has different sizes so that it looks more artistic. Don’t forget to put some marine ornaments such as corals and starfish to fully emphasize this style. This reclaimed wood table provides a vintage vibe that is perfect for you to try. Table lamp with seagrass poles from hgtv.

5. Table Lamp with Pleated Shape

Thinking fish or seashell motif is too obvious? Choose a table lamp with a pleated shape as a part of its design. Pleated are elegant and giving the vibe similar to ocean waves. The pleated shape also provide a “neutral” look in the design, ideal for a minimalist or rich interior.

When you put a white table lamp with this pleated shape on a metal gold table, the color contrast that you get will look more beautiful and of course present a luxurious impression that is not excessive. Not only lights, you can also complete the appearance of this lamp with a transparent glass vase filled with white flowers in bloom. Flowers also give a fragrant aroma to guests who come. White pleated shape table lamp with floral accents from decorpad.

This desk with glossy white color is completed with pleated shape table lamp with ceramic holder. You can use this lamp when the atmosphere in the room is getting dark, during the day you can use a glass window which is the source of sunlight. The painting frame in gold color is a perfect complement and a sweet finishing touch. Pleated shape table lamp with a combination of ceramic materials from decorpad.

This pleated shape table lamp that has a splash of blue will look more perfect when equipped with star accents that emphasize the coastal style in your bedroom decor. Complete the wooden nightstand look with a vase of brightly colored flowers. You can put them side by side to maximize the appearance of this table. This lamp is the last option that you can easily try and of course it doesn’t cost a lot of money to buy it. Pleated shape patterned table lamp from decorpad.

Give your coastal décor the right look by choosing complimenting lighting fixtures. From blue glass to seagrass, these lamps will make every beach-themed house look charming.

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