Decorating can be pretty challenging at times, especially if there are two people with different preferences and styles. While there has been a long debate on how certain furniture appears more feminine or masculine, it’s important to know how to balance both features that look best from both worlds.

Forget all the headache and turmoil of getting the right balance, here are some of the great tips to mix masculine and feminine decor

Playing with Colors

While both men and women have a different preference on colors, mix-and-matching the perfect color could be something that’s challenging and fun. Masculine colors are typically identified with heavy and dark colors. Meanwhile, feminine decor tones tend to be brighter and airier such as pastels. Try to opt for two-tone combinations such as pink-black, cream-brown, and soft blue-gray.

A feminine and masculine bedroom that uses a bed with a black and pink combination will create a feminine bedroom that has a masculine impression. Choosing shades of beige and wooden floors will make the decoration of the room more attractive for you to try. Besides that, it will bring a warm and calm impression to the room. Some of these pink pillows will add a feminine impression to the room. Feminine and masculine bedroom from decoist

A masculine bed that has gray walls gives the room a warm and inviting décor. Combined with a white bed with a pink tufted headboard, it will give your bed a feminine touch. This contemporary bedside table will give you a modern bedroom decor for you to try. The carpet under the bed makes for a warm and inviting decoration. Gray walls and pink tuffed headboard from decoist.

Combination of Pattern and Texture

Another way to create balance in your decor is through pattern and texture. Feminine decor tends to incorporate fur rugs, floral and delicate patterns such as polka dots, whereas masculine pattern and texture prefer harsh lines and geometric shapes. Consider combining a floral background and geometric lines for a chic balance.

The dining room which uses chairs with fine textures combined with geometric patterns on the dining chairs will create a masculine atmosphere in your dining room. Adding a feminine touch to the flowers on this dining table will create the perfect look for you to try. The black nuances on the walls and some ornaments will enhance your home decor. This wooden floor will give a fresh impression to this room. Geometric patterns chair dining room from trendir.

If you have a bold decorating style, you can go for a softer accessory or vice versa. Adding texture and pattern to this masculine living room decor will create an interesting room decor for you to try. Choosing a soft texture on this pink curtain will add a feminine look to the room. This black pillow pattern also presents an interesting room for you to try. This idea is perfect for use in your feminine and maskuin living room. Because these textures and patterns will complement your two living room decorations. Texture and pattern feminime and masculine living room from trendir.

Picking the Right Furniture

Masculine furniture tends to emphasize function and lacks the embellishment and decoration that feminine decor has. Since feminine decor is usually curvy and light, you need to be tricky in finding the right combination. You can try collaborating both of them such as draping fur blanket or soft pillows on a masculine sofa.

If you use both feminine and masculine décor in your living room, it’s a good idea to choose the right furniture. As in the picture above, using a masculine sofa equipped with pillows and blankets is a perfect decoration of the room and will steal the attention of many people. Combined with a pink sofa and a wooden coffee table, it will also present an interesting room for you to try. Sofa masculine from hgtv.

For the perfect feminine and masculine décor, use a leather sofa with faux fur cushions added. Because with furniture like this you will have an elegant appearance. Equipped with an antique wooden coffee table, this will create an interesting room for you to try. Adding storage cabinets to the right and left of this white mantle fireplace will create a charming decor and will give a warm vibe to the space. Leather sofa with faux fur pillows from designingidea.

80/20 as the Rule of Thumb

Being the rule of thumb in the interior design world, the 80/20 rule means that as long as 80% of your interior is unified, you can get creative with the rest. This means that you need to make a compromise in deciding whether you want your room to lean more into the masculine or feminine decor.

It’s a great idea to give a bedroom a feminine touch with masculine décor. Adding a feminine touch through the flowers in the yellow facades and the soft yellow sofa will also make your bedroom feel warm. These shades of blue and white will create an attractive room appearance for you to try. The blue carpet under the bed will add a warm impression to this room. Feminine touch with masculine décor from home-designing.

If you want a masculine bedroom with extra comfort you can add a touch of feminine decor. Use a pink floral wallpaper on a black background to make a charming room decoration. Several pillows and soft mattress will add extra comfort to your masculine bedroom. Tables on the right and left of the bed plus table lamps will create a modern room decoration. Masculine bedroom with floral pattern wallpaper from .

Balance of Accessories

Accessories are usually kept minimal in masculine decor in the form of wooden carvings and metal embellishment. To make it more feminine, opt for a light-colored wood with small details for a more delicate impression.

If you use wood accessories in a masculine living room, you can choose bright looking wood like the one in the picture above to give a feminine touch to your masculine living room. Sitting on top of this black coffee table will provide the perfect contrast to this masculine living room decor. Shades of black, large windows and a black sofa equipped with colorful cushions will add to your stunning appearance. Bright wooden curved from digsdigs.

Decorating a masculine living room using wood carving accessories placed on the table will make your living room look unique. However, you should choose wood with bright colors to give it a feminine touch. In addition, using this animal-shaped pattern will create an interesting room decoration for you to try. You can mix it with a beige room feel and complement it with Loveeta and some other furniture for a stylish and attractive living room look. Wood carving accessories from decoist.

Although everything always comes back to a personal taste, finding the right balance of masculine and feminine decor would be a piece of cake with these handy guidelines.

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