Bathroom is one of the important rooms in a house. If you have a small house, the best option you have is, of course, a small bathroom. However, having a small one doesn’t mean that you can’t feel comfortable. Here are some small bathroom ideas you can try.

1. Choices of color

Use neutral colors such as white, beige, gray, and even black since these color choices simplify the bathroom look. For the focal point, you can put the different color or bold tiling on one of the walls.

To give the illusion of a small bathroom decor that looks wider, you can use white nuances with a splash of green tiles in the shower room area. The combination of these two colors will look contrasting but not destroy the color tone of the room. These floors and walls have different materials but with matching colors so they can blend more perfectly. Corner floating shelves are a storage idea that you can make good use of. Nuance of white small bathroom with green tiles from bobvila.

This patterned tile with a black and white color combination presents a monochromatic style that makes the bathroom look more modern and minimalist. The tiles that are used on the walls and floors are used so that they blend together perfectly. Floating toilets and sinks are suitable furniture that does not take up much floor space so they don’t interfere with your activities while in the bathroom. This round mirror which has a larger size will reflect light throughout the room evenly and optimally. Patterned tile with combination of black and white color from bobvila.

2. Industry Interior Design

The use of industrial elements will make your bathroom amazing! Highlight the exposed wall, visible pipes, and wires–making an impressive bathroom. To create an industrial atmosphere, you can show off raw materials which can enlarge the bathroom look.

This small bathroom decoration is equipped with two walls that have different materials and colors. The combination of red brick and marble walls brings a luxurious industrial vibe that doesn’t go overboard. You can place a red brick wall in the dry floor area and a white marble wall in the shower room area. Don’t forget to use a sink with shiny gold pipes. Glass divider is a suitable interior and is very appropriate for bathrooms with limited space. Combination of red brick walls with marble walls from home-designing.

Apply a large glass window on the red brick wall as a source of sunlight which makes the small bathroom decoration look wider and does not cause humidity in the wet floor area. Use wooden sinks and cement floors as the right industrial interiors that you can try. The toilet and bathtub that have this matching color are a perfect blend that will blend well when combined with industrial furniture. Industrial interior combined with red brick walls from home-designing.

3. Natural Element

Another trick to make your small bathroom comfortable is bringing nature inside. Give a warm ambience from its interior options, such as the use of wooden materials, warm wall or wallpaper, and other decorative items. Opt for candles, lamp, and furnishing with the same color or its gradation.

This cabinet sink made of teak wood looks more shiny when re-polished. This pebble wall with a darker color will look more natural when combined with a mirror covered with a DIY wooden twig frame that looks more vintage and artistic. Metal sink with a unique shape becomes an unusual focal point, hang two long lights on the right and left side of the mirror as the main lighting that can be used at night. Teak cabinet sink with wooden branches mirror frame from homedit.

Pieces of wood that are used as walls, roofs and poles bring natural nuances to small bathroom decorations instantly. Floors with plywood colors and materials are also a perfect blend that you can apply. Some of the walls which are built with the arrangement of slabs of stone also have a hard texture so that they are very sturdy and do not easily become porous when they are splashed by water from the bathtub. A window that has a size large enough to be a light source that you can use. Pieces of wood walls, roofs and poles from homedit.

4. Spacious and Airy

Limit the things you put in the bathroom; just keep important items. You have to make sure that you are comfortable to move around. Avoid placing large furniture that can make the room cramped. Minimalist furniture is the most suitable for a bathroom with limited space.

Use enough furniture according to your needs while in the bathroom. This floating sink and toilet are placed side by side, giving a minimalist impression that doesn’t take up too much floor space. Choose a sink that is equipped with a built in storage cabinet to place various kinds of toiletries and equipment to make it more well organized. The floating shelf above the toilet is a sweet touch because it is used to put green plants. Minimalist furniture with floating shelves from home-designing.

Portable sinks, ladder storage and floating wooden shelves are enough furniture to organize all your needs while in the bathroom. The sink in this bathroom is equipped with a wicker basket that can be used as a container to store some clean towels. Use a glass divider to limit between wet floors and dry floors so as not to disturb the bathroom with small and confined spaces. Green plants are a never-dull decoration and are suitable in any room in any style. Portable sink, ladder storage and floating wooden shelves from home-designing.

5. Light and Bright

Make sure to pay attention to lighting. The right placement will make the light spreading all over the room, making your bathroom look bigger. Bring natural light and fresh air with windows. Another option that you can try is using an exhaust fan and bright lamps.

Take advantage of the wall area as a source of sunlight entering the room through a large shutter window. Don’t let the walls in this bathroom look boring by installing leaf wallpaper that has a combination of black and white. This bathtub with pastel colors provides its own color which makes the bathroom decor seem more colorful. The stainless steel countertop and faucets are the same material and color. Shutter window ideas from hgtv.

If you want a small bathroom decoration with a bright room, then you can use several transparent glass windows that will maximize sunlight entering the room to the fullest. Cover your white tiles with woven rugs that have a vintage style and make the room look more elegant. Use an interior with two different colors such as a combination of white with wood accents. Transparent glass windows in the small white bathroom decor from hgtv.

Those are some small bathroom ideas to implement to your small home. You can choose and apply the ideas above as a trick to make your room larger. There is nothing impossible when it comes to creating a spacious illusion, even with a small area.

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