It can be more of a challenge to build a functional laundry room in a small space, especially when you need to fit in everyday laundry essentials. Don’t let it limit your creativity, take a look at the list of modern laundry room decor ideas below, you’ll see with simple tricks and clever storage you can create your dream laundry room.

1. Go Under Cover

To maximize the space, consider installing a laundry counter above the washer and dryer. Not only do you make a convenient surface for folding clean clothes, but they also leave ample space for storage below.

Laundry counters made of wood seem more environmentally friendly and durable. Because this wood material is not porous, thus minimizing the renovation of the furniture in this room. With an decoration like this, it will make it easier for you to fold clothes and you can use it to put several ornaments in the form of flower vases. Wooden table countertop from homebnc.

Line your washer and dryer with a laundry counter to make it easier for you to fold clean clothes so they don’t look messy. This laundry table can also be used to put several wicker baskets for extra storage ideas in your laundry room. Don’t forget to add an open shelf to easily store various soaps and some other ornaments. Laundry counter from homebnc.

2. Hide It with Curtain

Your laundry room is in the open area where you welcome your guests, and you’ll want to hide it behind the curtain. Simply install a rod and curtain so you can easily hide the room when not in use.

Hide your laundry room with black curtains that look luxurious. With these curtains you simply attach the rods and curtains for easy opening. Decorating ideas like this will make a neat room. Stacking washing machines will maximize your space. In this small room you will create a stylish room decoration that will steal the attention of many people. Laundry room with black curtains from

Install luggage and curtains to cover your laundry room, especially when this room is in an open area. This decorating idea doesn’t take up much space so it doesn’t interfere with the main function of this room. The design of a laundry room like this will make your room neater and will maximize space in a narrow space. Hiden laundry room from homedit.

3. Bookshelf Storage

You can add this plan into your modern laundry room decor list; make use of extra furniture in your garage or attic that may work well in your small room. For example, you can install an old bookshelf to an odd corner or wall for a storage solution.

To increase storage in the laundry room, you can add a bookshelf that is placed above the washing machine. This storage does not take up much space so it is suitable for small spaces. Utilizing a room like this will make an interesting room decoration for you to try. Combined with storage on the door that will serve as a place for storing soap easily. Bookshelf on laundry room from renoguide.

4. Hanging Basket Organizer

Use as much space you have in the room, including vertical space. A hanging basket organizer on your wall or behind the door is a great space saver and helps you to organize all your cleaning products.

Vertical shelves equipped with rattan baskets can be used to store various kinds of soap. This basket also makes it easier for you to find the things you need. Place this storage on the wall near the door so it won’t take up a lot of space and will maximize your laundry space. This type of storage will create a neat look and will avoid clutter in your laundry room. Vertical rattan basket storage from renoguide.

Vertical storage is perfect for decorating a small laundry room. Because this storage does not take up much space. Use a basket to make it easier to tell them apart. In addition, using a white board and equipped with several hooks will help you store various laundry tools easily. This blue and white color scheme will dominate your laundry room. Vertical storage laundry room from renoguide.

Easy storage and a great space saver are the wall hanging baskets. This storage doesn’t limit your laundry space so you can still move freely. You can combine it with a galvanized tray equipped with some famhouse ornaments that will make the room decor stylish. Using wooden boards will give an attractive appearance to your laundry room walls. Hanging baskets from homebnc.

5. Built-in Ironing Board

An ironing board is one of the most important things in the laundry room. When your space is limited, why not add a built-in ironing board into your room. It will save both the floor and storage space. When it is not in use, you just simply fold up and hide.

Leave some space in your closet to properly hide the ironing board. This storage is quite practical and easy to try in your laundry room. This will save floor and storage space. When not in use, you can simply fold it up and hide it. Equipped with open shelves in this cabinet, it will make it easier for you to store your various soaps and laundry items easily. Ironing board storage from renoguide.

One of the best ideas for using furniture in your tiny laundry room is to use an ironing board that can be tucked into a storage cupboard when not in use. This is a great solution that you can try. You can add some extra storage in the form of rattan baskets and cabinets for the perfect room decor idea and avoid clutter. This white color scheme and limestone floor complete the look of your laundry room. Built-in ironing board from decorpad.

Another fun idea you can add to your modern laundry room decor list is keeping your tiny room open with floating shelves. Now you see that not all laundry rooms need a lot of space to be well-equipped, well-organized, and functional.

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