We all love clean clothing, but the truth is many people can’t stand to do the wash, especially when you have to spend time in a bored, dreary room. It is the list of vintage laundry room decor ideas to add a touch of soft country charm to your home.

1. Wicker Laundry Basket

Whether you do a load of laundry per day and cleans throughout the week or you like to save it all for the weekend, a laundry basket can help you a lot to keep the house in order. Functional and pretty, the wicker laundry basket is one of your easiest ways to create a vintage look in your laundry room.

To make the laundry room look neater and more organized, you can put all your dirty or clean clothes into a rattan wicker basket that has two different sizes. You can place the largest size on the floor area while the medium-sized basket can be placed on the countertop to store your clean towels. Rattan wicker basket with two different sizes from homebnc.

To incorporate natural accents into the laundry room, you can use a rattan wicker basket to organize all your clothes so that they are neater and of course not scattered everywhere. You can fold the towel and place it on the basket neatly, with this you can take the towel easily. The large basket on the stone floor is equipped with a lid so that it is more secure. Natural woven rattan basket from homebnc.

2. The Farmhouse Sink

Every laundry room needs a sink, and the farmhouse sink is both practical and trendy, lending a vintage vibe into your laundry room. Its deep basin feature is a perfect solution for you who have a lot of delicate.

Besides being used as an area for washing hands, farmhouse sinks can also blend perfectly when applied in a vintage laundry room. This sink is equipped with a wooden cabinet that can be used as an idea for storing your washing items or equipment so they are not scattered everywhere. Use sinks and cabinets with matching colors so that there are no flashy colors that will damage the color tone of this vintage room. Farmhouse sink cabinet from onekindesign.

There’s nothing wrong with adding a sink in the laundry room décor to bring a vintage vibe as well as a farmhouse at the same time. This sink will help you wash your hands after washing your clothes. The laundry decoration is also equipped with red brick floors and pastel colored wooden cabinets. Glass windows that are large enough to be a source of sunlight that can be used as natural lighting. Combination of sink with pastel color laundry room cabinet from onekindesign.

 3. Rustic Wood Charm

Wood is a crucial accent to achieve vintage laundry room decor, and rustic wood has its charm to make a timeless design to any room. You can keep your space well-organized by adding old cabinets or add a laundry counter from repurposing wood.

If you have a laundry room decoration with a limited area, then you can use reclaimed wooden hanging shelves as an idea to store your washing equipment neatly and regularly. In addition, this shelf also presents a natural rustic vibe and can blend in perfectly in a white laundry room. This hanging rack is combined with an iron support so that it will be more sturdy and strong when used for storage in larger quantities. Reclaimed wood hanging shelf with iron support from homebnc.

So that you can fold clothes on the washing machine, then add an age-old teak wood countertop for a rustic look that is just right and very easy to try. Avoid repainting for more efficient expenses, on this countertop you can also put a basket as an idea for storing clean clothes or towels. A glass vase filled with water and greenery is the finishing touch that refreshes the room. Weathered teak wood countertop from homebnc.

 4. Metal Baskets

You might paint your wall white and fill your room with wood to accomplish the vintage aura, but you can always add one or two metal baskets into your decoration list.

Use some metal or wicker baskets as a container that can organize all the equipment or laundry room equipment better and neatly. After that, you can place it on an open shelf to make it easier for you to take or store it in this metal basket. Metal baskets are a suitable accent for decorating a vintage laundry room that looks cheaper and simpler. Metal basket combination with wicker basket from homebnc.

Don’t let your laundry room decor fall apart and make you feel uncomfortable, you can use a metal basket as a storage container for towels or washing utensils. Place this basket on an open wooden shelf that has several partitions to make it easier for you to store this basket, to be more detailed and not confused, you can add a black label on the outer surface according to the contents of the basket. Metal basket with label from homebnc.

 5. Wood Laundry Sign

Rustic, aged wood pieces never fail to add vintage flair to any room. A large lettered wood piece can create a fancy focal point to your laundry room. You can find so many designs on local stores or DIY creative ones.

Decorate the brick walls with a vintage and simple wooden laundry sign. You can place this sign on a floating open shelf and then it can be equipped with other accents such as green plant pots. The combination of the two can decorate the laundry room optimally with a low budget. Choose two laundry signs with different sizes, colors and materials so that they seem more attractive and certainly not boring. Two laundry signs with different sizes from homebnc.

Don’t just hang one or two laundry signs, you can hang four or five laundry signs with a vintage and classic vibe. Make this sign out of reclaimed wood repainted in black and white for a cleaner, less shabby look. Hang these wall decorations in frequently visited areas such as the ironing area for a unique and different look. Hanging reclaimed wood laundry sign from homebnc.

You’ll find one or two inspiration from these laundry room decor ideas to add to your makeover plan, let’s make your laundry rooms as special as any other room in your house.

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