When you are talking about house design, you cannot forget about the kitchen. This room is a bonding place that ties your home and your loved ones together. It is where you gather to eat, cook and socialize. A kitchen is basically the center of your family’s day-to-day living.

You need to pay as much attention as other rooms to the kitchen. One of the important things is the floor. Your kitchen floor is just as important as other furniture. If you love a simple interior, try these kitchen floor design ideas you will love.

1. Hardwood Flooring

Hardwood flooring highlights the look of your kitchen. It gives a warm and calm atmosphere that will smoothen the entire house. All décor themes in your interior will always look good in this floor design.

Hardwood flooring is also incredibly easy to clean and has low maintenance. It can be steam-cleaned, swept, or vacuumed faster. Plus, the material will make the kitchen feels warmer because it does not absorb cold air.

You can stick hardwood floors in the kitchen for a stylish look. This type of floor can make your kitchen look elegant and warm. In addition, using this type of floor will be easier to clean with steam, swept, or vacuumed more quickly. Combined with the white color scheme in this kitchen, it will present a spacious and bright decoration of the room. Hardwood flooring kitchen from decoist.

Attractive hardwood floors you can try in your kitchen. This method is easy for you to try to make your kitchen feel warmer. Combining it with a white color scheme in this open kitchen will present a spacious and airy room. A large window on one wall will also let sunlight into the room and will give a bright impression. Hardwood floor from decoist.

Attractive hardwood floors combined with white color create a luxurious kitchen. Combine with modern kitchen equipment can strengthen the impression of luxury in your kitchen. A wooden table will also complete the look of this kitchen so that it gives a natural impression to the room. Kitchen decor with hardwood floors from decoist.

This herringbone pattern hardwood floor provides warmth in your kitchen. This flooring material is easy to combine with all types of kitchen designs. One of them is a modern kitchen design. Complete with modern kitchen equipment and you will get an awesome look. Some green plants in pots will bring fresh air into your kitchen. Herringbone pattern hardwood floor from decoist.

2. Marble Flooring

Marble always radiates a nice and vibrant touch to anything around it. Its aesthetic is authentic yet straightforward without having too much effort. It also gives a naturally fancy and expensive look to the room.

Installing a marble floor in your kitchen is a great decision. It is a piece of cake to clean the kitchen with marble floor because the material is very smooth. Furthermore, the magnificent look of this kitchen floor design idea always keeps the beauty and uniqueness of your kitchen.

White marble floors with marble countertops will also create an interesting feel in your kitchen. To make it more attractive, you can apply shades of white for a stylish look. With decorations like this marble, the material is easy to clean and will also look more luxurious. Don’t forget to add some great paintings to create the perfect kitchen focal point. White marble flooring from home-designing.

Using white marble floor tiles can create a unique highlight in your kitchen décor. To get a contrasting look, you can combine it with all white in this kitchen. The marble countertop will also add a luxurious look to this modern kitchen. Cleaning a kitchen with marble floors is very easy because the material is very smooth. Mable floor kitchen from home-designing.

White marble floors with white shades can be applied in your kitchen. This marble floor can make your kitchen look luxurious and pleasing to the eye. Complete the appearance with a pendant chandelier to add uniqueness to the kitchen. This all-white kitchen will create a spacious and bright look. All white kitchen with white marble floor from home-designing.

3. Pattern

Brighten up your kitchen with a pattern that has a strong characteristic of continuous lines that fold back on itself. The mood you feel when you enter the kitchen will also boost and liven up your day.

Patterns make the gathering, eating, and cooking feels more exciting. It has details that are really unique and authentic. Though it sometimes can look striking, the combination with a simple interior will perfect your kitchen.

The bold monochrome scheme will never go out of style and the hexagon honeycomb is sure to bring the floor to life. Applying a patterned floor like the picture above you can combine it with a modern kitchen for an extraordinary look. Combined with a simple interior will enhance your kitchen. Monochrome hexagon kitchen floor from loveproperty.

Black and white checkered tiles look great in your kitchen. This can bring a minimalist and simple impression to your kitchen. Choosing to install kitchen cabinets in white can complete your minimalist kitchen design ideas. With a touch of mustard and an unexpected industrial bench, it lends the perfect look to a retro 1950s kitchen design. Black and white checkered tiles from loveproperty.

This star-patterned floor not only complements modern kitchen kitchens, it also means high-traffic food prep zones have strong, clean materials underneath. This is a perfect kitchen decor for you to try and will give an attractive room decor. Combine it with the white color scheme on the walls and gray cabinets for the perfect contrast. Large windows in one of these walls will let sunlight into the room and give a bright impression to your modern kitchen. Star pattern tiles from loveproperty.

Looking to upgrade your minimalist kitchen look? Try those inspirational kitchen floor design ideas for your simple interior.

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