It’s commonly said that the kitchen is the heart of a home, therefore pursuing a kitchen renovation should be given with careful thoughts beforehand. Since any kitchen upgrading project will cost you a large sum of money, as well as energy, it would be better if you plan it well. You can visit A+ Construction & Remodeling or by considering some of the following useful advice. 

1. Functionality is A Must

Before starting your kitchen remodeling project, just keep in mind to always put functionality first over esthetic vantage point. You need to makes sure that it is an efficient cooking space that properly serves its purpose. While thinking about the layout, don’t forget to consider the traffic patterns and workflow as well.

The first step you have to do to get a functional kitchen is to arrange the layout. You can put the kitchen island in the middle of the kitchen room so that it can be easier for you when preparing the ingredients to be cooked, it’s not enough until here you can also make it a dining table by adding a wooden stool that has an adjustable height. You can also try to put the refrigerator close to the stove, so it can be more efficient in activities in the kitchen. Multifunction kitchen island from lonny.

By using several built-in wooden cabinets, you can easily and efficiently store your kitchen items in a neat and orderly manner. You can apply this kitchen cabinet in an empty wall area so that it can be used better and maximally. Repaint this kitchen cabinet in accordance with the other interiors around it to make it appear more elegant and harmonious. Built-in cabinet kitchen storage from lonny.

In addition, you can also put your kitchen in the corner of the room without any barriers. This is done to get a broad impression of your simple kitchen. Multiplying the curved kitchen island for the dining table is a smart idea because it can save costs on purchasing furniture and save floor area more effectively and efficiently. Curved multifunctional kitchen island from lonny.

2. Flooring

The beauty and impressiveness of a room begin at the floor. A kitchen renovation of the floor conveys a fresh dynamic that eventually will transform the entire look of your interior.

Replace your floor by using black tiles so it is not easy to make the floor dirty. Install the tiles so that they form a herringbone pattern to make it more interesting and unique so that it is not boring when doing activities. Not only can it be installed on a tile floor, but it can also be installed on a backsplash, so it will make your kitchen look neater and cleaner. Use another color for the backsplash tile, for example by using white so that your kitchen looks brighter. Black herringbone tile floor from lonny.

To bring a natural atmosphere into the room, you can try adding wood accents. You can replace your old floor using wooden floors, besides being able to bring a natural impression to your kitchen, it is also easy to maintain. This material is easily available around you and certainly not too expensive so it can save your expenses. Wooden floor from lonny.

3. New Paint

If you wish for a big change to your food prep area, a new wall color will do since it can splash a different refreshing look. It is also one of the cost-effective tips to jazz up your kitchen. White or off-white, in matte, semi-glossy to whitewashed paints are considered as the most representative shades that will turn your cooking into gorgeously classy.

An easy thing you can do to make your kitchen look new is to repaint the room. Choose a neutral color for the paint that will be used for your kitchen, for example, white. The white color makes the room look clean and can also be combined with any color, so you will have no difficulty in choosing furniture. White new paint kitchen decoration from lonny.

Not only on the walls, you can also repaint to get to the ceiling. White color is still everyone’s favorite for all types of kitchen styles today. The white color will look more harmonious when combined with black marble floors. In order to get maximum freshness at any time, you can add green plants in pots. All white kitchen with green plant decoration from lonny.

4. Optimize the Storage

Needing more space is one of the most popular reasons for a kitchen renovation. You can exploit or even increase the storage space by several helpful tricks like buying multi-purpose storing furniture pieces, choosing trim cabinets, applying space-saved vertical storage ideas, and more storage unit hacks.

To make it look neater and more efficient, try to install a cabinet with some space in it. That way you will find it easier to separate according to type and function. Floating kitchen cabinets will function more optimally if you also use a transparent glass cover, making it easier for you to find the items you will use. Floating kitchen cabinet with transparent glass door from lonny.

5. Lighting

It is widely believed that warm lighting is the best rule for a kitchen, where you need to avoid excessively dimmed lighting. Correct lighting will create such a welcoming feel, as well as adding drama and ambiance to your cooking space. One of the rule thumbs is minimal two lighting fixtures per work area.

The important thing that you should not leave behind in renovating the kitchen is the issue of lighting. Use a pendant chandelier with a larger size, in order to provide maximum light throughout the room. Use lampshades with white color for a more modern look and of course to be more perfect in reflecting light throughout the corner of the room. Modern pendant lighting from decoist.

If the pendant light is not sufficient for lighting in your kitchen, then you can add recessed lights that are installed on several ceilings in a neat and orderly manner. You can use these lights simultaneously at night for a brighter and brighter room. Try these two lightings to the fullest. Combination of pendant light with a recessed lamp from decoist.

Those are some common helpful lists before carrying out a kitchen renovation to obtain your dream cooking space.

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