The open kitchen is the design of a kitchen that doesn’t give any divider to other rooms. Or, sometimes it is located with the outside spot connection. In this case, when you open the door of the kitchen, you can directly face the outdoor spot. Therefore, just like the common kitchen design, the open kitchen design also has its style decoration as follows.

Modern Style

Since we live in the modern era, then let’s talk about the modern open kitchen decoration. As we all know that modern style decoration uses neutral colors to be applied to the interior. Anyway, it won’t only be for the furniture but also the wall, ceiling, and floor. In hence, you should combine the colors well in case you want to apply more than one color for the decoration.

Handleless kitchens are a great choice for modern homes, as they offer a clean and minimal aesthetic, but are not the only option available. Flat and plate doors look contemporary with the right handle. This open kitchen design offers a stylish look and will steal the attention of many. The white color scheme and adequate lighting offer a spacious and airy feel to your kitchen. Modern open kitchen decor from homebuilding.

This open kitchen theme with an industrial style will create a modern look. Then the addition of a chandelier adds dramatic lighting. Combined with wooden furniture and concrete floors that will make your room decor more attractive and offer a bold and eclectic way to create a modern kitchen. Modern industrial open kitchen from homebuilding.

Using neutral colors to be applied to the interior of this open kitchen will offer modern room decor. Combined with the wooden floor will give a warm impression in this room. On one of the kitchen walls, you can add a stone wall accent that will produce an attractive room decoration. This skylight also provides perfect lighting so that it will save electricity during the day. Open kitchen decor from homebuilding.

The furniture has an all-white color to create a modern and more spacious look. This modern kitchen lighting idea uses LED strip lights as accent lighting to highlight the materials and architectural features of this open kitchen space. Don’t forget to add wall decor to give the room the perfect focal point. All-white open kitchen from homebuilding.

Black, white, and gray are modern and timeless, making them great choices for an open kitchen that goes beyond the trends. Add glass and metal materials to complete the contemporary look of your kitchen. The white color scheme and large windows on one of these walls will create an airy and brighter room. Modern contemporary open kitchen from homebuilding.

Classic Style

In fact, although we live in the modern era, there are also people who still love the classic one. In this case, the classic style has the ability to bring such a nostalgic feeling. Moreover, the warm atmosphere also becomes the attraction of this style. As an addition the luxurious impression can also be brought by the classic style sometimes.

The country of France went to the top when creating this elegant open kitchen. One of the main goals is to maximize the entertainment space with an island that accommodates at least six adults. Applying this patterned backsplash and chimney with gold accents gives it a different look. This double chandelier above the kitchen island provides perfect lighting. Classic countryopen kitchen from thespruce.

Open kitchen ideas also work in classic spaces. A design like this will create a flexible cooking space, ideal for both formal and informal entertainment. Creating designated areas for cleaning, prep, cooking, and eating blends well with this open kitchen design. Using an extra long kitchen island with two types of seating will create a comfortable impression on your open kitchen decor. Open concept traditional kitchen from thespruce.

Whether you want to watch TV or the kids cook, the open kitchen is perfect for a variety of lifestyle choices. Opting for a classic style combined with this gray and white color scheme will make a bold and warm statement to this open kitchen. Here the Morrocan tiles in gray porcelain add visual interest. Countertops from marble will also give a room that looks elegant. Classic open kitchen from thespruce.

An open transitional style kitchen, this time using oatmeal painted kitchen cabinets to match the pale yellow walls. These colors, together with the ash wood flooring and light yellow glass subway tiles make for a nice and soft color scheme, creating a feminine and elegant look. This bulb chandelier above the kitchen island will create a bright and dramatic room. Open transitional kitchen from designingidea.

A beautiful open-plan kitchen that directly connects the kitchen to the living and dining areas. The kitchen is in a contemporary style with classic kitchen cabinet silhouettes, using a traditional style with a more modern finish. Painting white on the main cabinets and large kitchen island using this solid teak wood finish with marble will bring a modern look to your kitchen. Classic kitchen cabinet from countryliving.

At last, whether the modern and classic style, both are adorable. In this case, it will only be about the personal taste that each person has. In hence, since the open kitchen will give a wider room impression, it is worthy to have. Especially when you have a narrow home size, then this kitchen type is really recommended.

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