European décor is famous for its romantic elegance and timeless allure. It usually has a slightly dated, vintage touch, but is still perfectly tasteful. You can easily distinguish authentic European farmhouses that came from England, French, Swiss, and Belgium countryside.

However, it doesn’t mean that people who enjoy it can’t capture rustic European-style charms in their own house. There are a lot of rustic European-styled houses around the globe.

If you’re wondering what to buy or make to create the European rustic decor of your own, here are 5 essential elements you can pick from.

1. Floral Pattern

Whether it is on the wall, the bedding, or the comfortable sofa, rustic European décor commonly uses a floral pattern to add soft qualities to its interior. The pattern itself has a wide range of variations, ranging from a small scale to the big one.

The floral pattern used for your living room sofa is perfect for a European country house. With this pattern, your room will look unique. Using blue and white this sofa will present an attractive design and steal the attention of many people. You can combine it with an armchair and a wooden coffee table which will create a comfortable space. Floral patterned sofa from elledecor.

Using floral motifs for decorating the walls of a European country house is the right choice. With this motif, your room will look more attractive. You can add this floral motif to your home curtains to make them look attractive. This green color scheme and white wood beam ceiling will give it a warm and serene feel. Flower curtains from elledecor.

2. Potted Plants

In European houses, potted plants are everywhere! Be it in a basket, ceramic vase, glass, or an old pitcher. Although there are naturally grown plants on the eaves and windowsills, potted plants are just as essential. Geraniums, orchids, lavender, and sunflower are most liked. The purpose of these plants is to give a nature touch to your house.

This European rustic-style dining room is equipped with some green plants and flowers blooming in a vase that will add a natural impression and create fresh air into the room. Using used jugs and copper flower vases gives an interesting room design for you to try. This off-white color scheme and vintage-style furniture complete the look of the dining room. Green plants and flowers from shabbyfufu.

Adding greenery in a vase and placing it on the dining table will bring a natural impression and fresh air into the room. Using this vintage-style vase makes your open kitchen look more stylish. Combined with some wooden furniture and a wooden beam ceiling, it gives a more rustic impression. Greenery in the vintage vases from hellolovelystudio.

3. Pastel Colours

You can use pastel colours such as green, sunflower yellow, sky blue, and light pink to emphasize natural elements in your rustic European décor. Not only that it draws from nature aesthetics, but it also gives a relaxing atmosphere.

A hand-painted mural brings a lyrical touch to this rustic European master bathroom. Choosing a pastel color background will create a calm and warm impression. An armchair, freestanding white bathtub, and natural light from this wall-mounted window complete the look of your bathroom. The framed wall gallery makes the perfect focal point of the room. Pastel bathroom from architecturaldigest.

This European rustic-style dining room uses a pastel green color scheme for the walls and curtains. The pink floral accent on this wall presents an attractive room and steals the attention of many people. In this dining room design, pastel green colors will provide a relaxed atmosphere and attract natural aesthetics. Pastel green dining room from architecturaldigest.

4. Wooden Furnishing

Wooden furnishing is essential in creating a rustic European house. You can experiment with a variety of natural textures and colors. Delicately carved wooden tables exposed wooden walls, and floors from wood planks or stones will make your home look cozy and effortlessly charming.

This wood accent is very important to make your European country house look natural and have a warm impression at night. This rustic wood ceiling and floors create a cozy and inviting space. This round, polished wood dining table creates an attractive and sturdy look. This wood material will make your home look comfortable and charming. Polished wood dining table from elledecor.

The wood finish on the walls and ceiling give a natural touch and gives the room a warm feel. This finely polished wood coffee table gives an attractive appearance and looks more elegant. Combined with overstuffed sofas and metal chandeliers for a cozy and dramatic touch. Large windows on one wall also create a bright room and let sunlight into the house. Wooden ceiling and wall from elledecor.

5. Cozy Seating

No rustic European home is complete without comfortable seating stacked with pillows. Whether it’s a family-sized sofa or a small couch, this element is essential to perfect your European home. Be it reading books or having an evening teatime, make the most of this cozy nook!

This European country-style sofa completes the look of the living room and creates a cozy and inviting space. Complete with an armchair and coffee table, this ottoman and wall gallery provides fun decor to do in your home. This loft living room is equipped with skylight windows that will let sunlight into the room and create a bright room during the day. Sofa and armchair from elledecor.

This European-style rustic living room is equipped with a comfortable floral-patterned sofa to catch everyone’s attention. This sofa presents the perfect look so you can linger over a cup of tea with your family or friends. Wood accents on the floor and some of this furniture makes the room look attractive and steal the attention of many people. European-style rustic living room from hgtv.

European rustic décorcould be a fun project to do for your home. Give it a try and good luck!

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