Properly select dining room storage is the key to decluttering your space in style. If you go to some local stores, you will find many options for this storage—starting from a sophisticated one up to the most traditional one. Whatever your choices are, you only need to ensure that the storage can store your belongings well. Yet, at the same time, adorn your room. Here are some useful yet adorable storage ideas to consider.

1. Modern Built-in Shelving

If you have a big space and enough budget, this modern built-in shelving is a must. Turn an entire dining wall into built-in shelving. They will be able to store everything you need for a dinner party at home. One best trick to do is to keep the built-in shelving open. In this way, you don’t need to add decorative items because the items stored on the shelves have decorated your room.

Use every space in the room for storage ideas. For example, use walls for storage. You just need to add the built-in shelves for a neat, uncluttered look. In this storage, you can use to store some marine ornaments so that your room looks amazing. Built-in storage from homedesignlover.

This open-shelf design looks neat and sweet to complement your dining room. You can put several collections of books and other ornaments to beautify the dining room. This modern built-in storage design gives a room an attractive appearance and will catch the attention of many. The white color scheme and some wooden furniture provide a sophisticated contrast to the room. Modern built-in shelves from homedesignlover.

Add an open shelf on the wall in your dining room. Place cutlery on this shelf to make it look organized. This storage solution can make your room look tidy. Choosing a red background will make the room design stylish and steal the attention of many people. Combined with a wooden dining table and turquoise chairs, this room design is stylish and uplifting. Built-in shelves in red from homedesignlover.

Take advantage of the wall area to put open shelves. This storage will create efficient space and savings. Use this shelf to store tableware and some other ornaments to design a stylish room and become the center of attention in your dining room. One wall uses bricks to create an attractive room and gives off an industrial vibe. Built-in open shelf from homedesignlover.

2. Bench with Storage

There isn’t much difference between sitting on a chair or a bench. But, in terms of multi-functional options, a bench offers you a distinguished way of storing. 

Some benches are coming with extra storage under them—we call it ‘storage bench.’ Therefore, considering using a bench for your dining room is a smart way to set a stylish seating and storage at the same time. You can throw some cushions and faux fur rug on it to add extra ambiance.

Add a storage bench in your dining room. A bench equipped with a drawer underneath can be used to store your equipment so that it looks neater and more efficient. At the top of the bench, you can add soft gray padding that will provide the perfect contrast and feel comfortable. The white color scheme and wooden floors will give the dining room a sophisticated décor. White wooden bench from bhg.

One smart storage is under bench storage. Aside from being a storage area, this bench can also be used as a comfortable and multifunctional seat in the dining room. This idea will make it easier for you to store various equipment and your book collection so that it gives a neat appearance to the room. Combined with this shabby chic chair and dining table, it creates a comfortable room design. Storage bench from thespruce.

3. Rattan Cubbies

Incorporating natural elements into your dining room storage can be easily done through these rattan cubbies. Store your linen or tableware inside the cubbies. Also, place mugs, bottles, planter, artwork, or other miscellaneous things on its countertop. What is best about these rattan cubbies is that you don’t need to add many accessories to adorn your room because the rattan structure will work for that.

This idea is also perfect for you who have limited dining room space. 

In addition to open shelves, add rattan cubes for your storage. Rattan cubes are a great storage idea if you have limited space. This will give a neat dining room design and will avoid clutter. At the top of the table, you can add wall decorations that will complete the look of your dining room. The gray color scheme offers a warm and inviting room design. Rattan cubbies storage from homebnc.

Having natural elements is also very important for your dining room, for example, rattan cabbies. Besides being used to store things, rattan boxes can also serve to get a touch of a rustic dining room. This rattan will make it easier for you to store various ornaments and create a neat appearance that will avoid clutter. From this rattan box, you don’t need to add many accessories to decorate your dining room. Rattan storage from homebnc.

4. Vintage Buffet

Want to have more traditional storage? Work with a buffet. It works well for vintage and classic room designs. You can store your linen, porcelain, or other dishes in your buffet cabinet. Also, some linens and utensils can be placed on the buffet’s drawers easily. 

Opt for a buffet with rich paneling to add elegance to your dining room.

Revamp your farmhouse with this charming honey-toned buffet table. Wood and tempered glass offer all the casual elegance of open shelving. With this shelf, it will be easier for you to store your various cutlery and will create a neat and clutter-free room. The flat top surface gives you plenty of room for a self-service station at dinner. Farmhouse buffet from hgtv.

This French dining room is equipped with sideboard storage which will make the room neat and look stylish. Aside from being a storage idea in the dining room, this vintage buffet also functions as a display that looks classic and traditional so that it can beautify your dining room decor. You can put this sideboard in the corner of the room so it won’t take up much space in your room. Vintage buffet from decoist.

Have you got any of those dining room storage ideas above at home? Happy decluttering!

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