Working remotely from home doesn’t mean you can work as flexibly as you can. Deadlines can be tighter than those of the regular office work. So, you need a good ambiance at your home office to boost your productivity. How about trying color exploration? From the calming green to the cheerful yellow, here are five types of home office colors to make you feel cozy and productive in 2021.

1. Light Green

Some studies recommend green as one of your chosen wall paints for your home office. Green colors–especially the light ones–are calming and focus-boosting. The color can also create impressive backdrops for office stuff such as bookshelves, clocks, pinboards, and motivating quote posters. Add some more greenery from small house plants and neutral accents of white, silver, or gold on the furniture to improve the room’s coziness.

Apply light green paint with several potted plants arranged in such a way in your home office. Add upholstered rugs and rattan wicker pots for an attractive and natural-looking room decor. This white and green color combination provides a perfect contrast and catches the attention of many people. Light green paint from shelterness.

The light green color on the walls was chosen to make your home office produce a calming feel. Add wood accents on the open shelves to store various ornaments and green plants in a vase to complete the room decor. Floating wooden tables and wooden floors also make perfect room decor and will make the room warm and inviting. Light green home office from shelterness.

Neutral modern home office with green block walls and white accents, modern wooden furniture makes the room look perfect. Some of the hanging greenery on the floor give the room a fresh look. Another natural accent you can use is a round burlap rug and a window in one of them will let the sunlight into the room and will create a bright room. Neutral modern home office from shelterness.

2. Bright Yellow

Bright yellow is cheerful and lively, leaving great inspiration in your workspace. The color can also energize your creativity in working on everything, but not too much. Combine a shade of bright yellow with predominant white in your room, and that is a combo of home office color to make you feel cozy and productive at once.

A simple way to decorate a home office by applying bright yellow wall paint is an interesting idea to inspire your creativity. Combine with some white ornaments to complete the decor, the stylish appearance of the room looks brighter. Crystal chandeliers provide elegant room decor. White furniture and yellow wall from homedit.

Bright yellow wall paint is a great idea to energize your home office atmosphere. Combined with white furniture and walls, this will create the perfect contrast and will brighten up your home decor. By applying this color, hopefully, you will be more creative. Wooden floors will make the design of the room warm and feel comfortable. Yellow and white home office from home-designing.

This is how to decorate your home office by applying bright yellow wall paint to stimulate your creativity. Mixed with white on the walls will create the perfect contrast. This tiny home office is also equipped with white open storage shelves that will give a neat impression and avoid clutter in your office. Complete with ethnic patterned rugs will provide a warm and stylish design. Bright yellow wall from apartmenttherapy.

3. Coral and Peachy Pink

Some interior-design experts suggest warm and soft hues like coral or peachy pink to help workers improve their creativity and concentration. The colors will make you feel comfortable working at your home office as well. Put some office accessories in other bright colors on your desk to add a joyful feel to your already fun home office.

This bright and glam home office with a pink striped accent wall will elevate your mood at work. A pegboard wall with lots of stuff, two desks, and a pink fringe will complete the look of your home office. Combined with wooden floors will make the room warm at night. Large windows and appropriate lighting give the room a bright look and let the sunlight into the room. Pink striped accent wall home office from shelterness.

Apply peachy pink to the walls of your home office. This color can energize the mind and improve the mood to work. You can combine it with a patterned pink rug for the perfect look. This navy shell work chair with gold accents creates a glamorous and comfortable look. Peachy pink home office from shelterness.

Adding coral wall paint is an interesting idea for you to try. Combine with wood floors and other ornaments to complete the decor. On the wall color, you can combine it with a white color scheme to give a bright and light effect. You can use this built-in open shelf to store various ornaments to make the room look neat. Coral and white color scheme from thespruce.

4. Bluish Green

This color combo between blue and green can even reduce your stress, besides improving your productivity and adding a coziness feel to the entire room. Place some comfortable chairs near your workspace and a yoga mat as a rejuvenating retreat in between your working hours. You will feel as if you are working in a seaside sanctuary, indeed.

The bluish-green color on the walls was chosen to make your home office produce a calming feel. You can also combine it with some large windows on the wall that will let sunlight into the room and create a bright room. Add some chairs for more comfort. This quilted rug with hardwood floors creates a warm and inviting room design. Bluish-green color home office from decorpad.

If you want to create a cozy atmosphere in your home office, apply a bluish-green color to your walls. Add more ornaments and some chairs to complete the decor in your small office. Adding this built-in storage you can use to store some antique teapot ornaments to show off the perfect room design. Bluish-green home office from decorpad.

5. Off White

If the other colors mentioned previously fail you, it never hurts to try off white. It offers not only warmth and optimism, but it also gives you focus to the max as it reflects a clean space that limits visible distraction. The color is especially good for your north-facing home office, where sunlight is limited.

Applying white walls to your home office, you can try to complement the decor. Pair it with some wooden furniture and a globe chandelier to make it interesting. Using the farmhouse style of your home office, equipped with vintage ornaments and potted green plants to give the impression of a stylish room and steal the attention of many people. Large carpets and wooden floors provide a warm space at night. Off white wall home office from apartmenttherapy.

The pale white wall color is the right choice to decorate your home office to make it look attractive. Equipped with some wooden furniture and storage, it brings a natural feel to this workspace. Choose hardwood floors and large rugs to enhance your decor and make it look even more beautiful. Pale white wall color from apartmenttherapy.

If you want to have a calming home office, you can apply an off-white wall color to this idea. Pair it with gold frame wall hangings to complete your room décor so that it will become the perfect focal point of the room. This wooden table and greenery in a wicker pot bring a natural touch to the room and creates a breath of fresh air. Off-white with gold frame from apartmenttherapy.

To give a calming impression in your home office, you can apply an off-white wall color to make it look attractive. You can use the farmhouse style which is equipped with a wooden workbench set and open shelves with gold accents will look elegant and look good. The large windows in one of these rooms provide light and let sunlight into the room. Off-white wall Farmhouse home office from apartmenttherapy.

If settling for one chosen paint is boring to you, try out dry-erasable paint instead to change the types of home office colors to make you feel cozy and productive anytime you want.

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