What can be the best way to welcome visitors than a good-looking yet functional entryway? For that reason, no matter how small your entryway is, you must adorn it stunningly. If you are clueless about where to start, you need to read the entryway ideas we have rounded up below. We believe that you might find them useful to try.  

1. Place a Bright-Colored Runner

Why runners? Because they can draw people’s attention well. Moreover, if you have a bold red runner across your space, you visually invite your guest to walk inside the room.

Tips on selecting the runners: (1) find the best match (bright) color to the surrounding furniture, (2) opt for the one with abstract pattern, and (3) select the thickest runner so that your guests will fill the warmth on their feet as they step into your house.

To make the entrance look bolder, you can add a runner rug with a bold red patterned color. With this idea your entryway gives a bold feel to the room. Combined with wood accents on this wall, it gives the room a natural and warm look. This wooden bench also makes it easier for you to take off your shoes after a day out of the house. Red patterned rug from homedit.

Give footwear such as runners with bright colors. This runner intends to invite your guests to walk in the room comfortably and warmly. Choosing these colorful colors will make your driveway décor more cheerful and bright. Combined with this wooden floor will give a natural impression on your entrance. Colorful rug entryway from homedit.

2. Utilize a Statement Lighting Fixture

Lighting is not merely about illuminating a room. It is an essential element of home interior design. With a proper lighting fixture, the homeowner can add aesthetic value to the space. Thus, installing a luxury pendant light as a room statement is the best entryway idea ever.

In addition to lighting the room, chandeliers also have the aesthetic quality of the building and the entrance to your room. The luxury element of this lamp will also make simple decorations special. Gold accents on this chandelier make the room look elegant. Combined with wallpaper walls and pink doors, it brings a feminine look to the room. Gold chandelier from digsdigs.

If the decoration of your entrance looks simple, then complete it with a luxurious chandelier to make it look more attractive to someone who comes to the house. Choosing a globe chandelier with gold accents will result in elegant room decor and still look bright. Combined with the ceiling and wooden floors give the design has an attractive appearance. Try this idea in your home. Globe chandelier with gold accents from digsdigs.

3. Minimize the Clutter

Due to its small size, an entryway can easily be a messy space. Thus, finding a smart storage solution for this tiny spot is a must. All you need to keep in mind is you must know where to put your small items, shoes, bags, clothes, and so on into storage stylishly.  

Console table, hook, coat rack, basket, and shoe rack are the best options to help you minimize the clutter.

There is no need to use a lot of furniture in your entryway to avoid clutter. All you need is storage space like coat hangers and wicker baskets for the perfect room decor. In addition, you can add a round mirror wooden frame to give the illusion of a spacious room. At the top of this mirror is equipped with a discount lamp for a bright room design. Wicker basket and coat hook storage from digsdigs.

A good entryway decoration is to minimize clutter to make it look neater and more organized. One of the storage places that you must have are hooks and wicker baskets. Combined with the wooden floor and the white color scheme on the walls will make the room spacious and warm. The green leaves in this terracotta pot bring a fresh touch to the room. Hooks and wicker baskets from digsdigs.

4. Hang Your Favorite Decorative Mirror

Mirror adorns any room perfectly. Besides, its optical illusion can make narrow space (like your entryway) seems spacious and brighter. Mirrors come in a wide variety of shapes and frames. Pick one as your favorite. Then, hang it on the entryway wall.

In order for the entrance to look more beautiful and beautiful, the use of a frameless round mirror is the best solution that you should try at this time. Also, combine it with other furniture colors to make it more minimalist. This wooden console table also gives the room a sleek design and adds a natural touch to the room. Some ornaments and potted green plants add a fresh touch to the room. Large frameless round mirror from digsdigs.

To give the impression of a narrow room that looks bigger, then installing a geometric mirror on the wall is the right solution that you should try. Placed on this console table will produce room decorations that attract the attention of many people. Don’t forget to add a natural touch to the room in the form of greenery in a vase to bring fresh air into the room. Geometric mirror from digsdigs.

5. Keep It Smell Good

Nobody can stand stinky sneakers stored on a shoe rack in your entryway. So, don’t let this smell welcome your guests. For that reason, placing a scented candle, essential oil diffuser, or another air freshener tool in your entryway is a great idea to do.

To avoid bad smells from your sneakers, use some scented candles placed on your entryway console table. Putting aroma candles in this glass holder will present a charming and inviting room design. Combined with blooming flowers in a vase and green leaves in a vase will bring a fresh room. Gold framed round mirror and pink ottoman complete your entryway decor. Scented candles from digsdigs.

Make your entrance as comfortable as possible. The entrance will be the first room your guests will enter, so make as many as possible with scattered scented candles. Putting it on the console table and combining it with some other ornaments will welcome your guests. Complete the look with some greenery accents and rattan wicker for a warm look. Scented candles from digsdigs.

Now, take a quick look at your entryway! Can you apply those entryway ideas above?

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