After some time, you may become disinterested simply being in your living room. Perhaps, it is time to take it up a notch by applying some of these wall decor/ wall art ideas. You may find a thing or two that may inspire you. These are pretty simple, some unique, ideas you may create yourself at home, but they will definitely ‘wow’ your guests.

1. Put Your Hobby Up on The Wall

You may have never thought to create a wall decor/ wall art inspired by your hobby. Well, why not do it now? Put your bicycle up on the wall of your living room; your kayak oars; your hat collection; your book collection; your world travelers map and markers; so on and so forth. Nothing beats a touch of authenticity and personality to showcase to your guests.

Placing hobbies on the wall will give its own charm in your living room. Hanging a bicycle on the wall above the sofa will become a focal point in your living room making it look more attractive. Combined with dark color walls will present an attractive room design. This leather sofa also gives a warm and comfortable impression to the room. Bicycle omn wall decor from homedit.

Hanging a collection of hats on the wall is one representative to express your hobby of decorating your room. Thus your bedroom will look more pleasant. Placing this at the head of the bed is the perfect choice and will make the room stylish. The pastel color scheme on this wall provides the perfect contrast to this hat wall decor. Hanging collection hats from apartmenttherapy.

To express a hobby, you can try decorating your home. If you have a hobby of traveling the world, you can add a world map in a wooden frame to create a beautiful wall decoration that will attract the attention of many people. You can display it on the wall of your stairs to make it look attractive. Frame world map wall decor from hgtv.

Adding a wall decoration in the form of a collection of hats is the right choice for you to try. Hanging it on the wall with string and tongs makes it the perfect room decor. This design will be inspired by your hobby who loves round hats. In addition to hats, you can also add open shelves to easily store several collections of bags. Wall galery hats collection from apartmenttherapy.

2. Display an Oversized Anything

A giant, geometric mirror, a huge calendar, an extremely wide, designer’s fabric or traditional print, a huge Boho-styled macrame, a large-framed painting or photograph, a mural, and an intricately painted wall, these are just a few examples of how you can upgrade your living room with stylish wall decor/ wall art.

Filling an empty wall in your living room with a large round mirror will give your living room a spacious and airy touch so that it looks simple and attractive. In addition, you can also add several framed paintings for an interesting touch of the room. This beige color wall provides a calm and serene room. Large round mirror from apartmenttherapy.

Your tropical living room mural will give your room its own charm so it looks more stunning. This green touch gives a fresh impression to the room. This emerland sofa combined with a rattan chair gives a natural touch to the room. Using this bohemian patterned floor pillow gives an interesting touch to the room for you to try. Tropical living room mural from digsdigs.

3. Showcase a Gallery of Artistic Objects

You may choose to put up several objects of similar nature but different designs on the wall. It gives your guests an artistic display of taste through dissimilar views of your wall gallery. You can have a gallery of photos, cartoon drawings, paintings, antique plates, intricately woven baskets, and so on.

You can even have a gallery of letter-shaped wall decor/ wall art that makes up positive and beautiful words to comfort and encourage your guests.

Take the traditional approach to decorating your walls. Use antique plates to create a symmetrical gallery display in your kitchen or dining room. Mix and match pieces in different sizes and finishes to create an eye-catching look. In addition to plates you can also add framed paintings and lanterns to make the room look stunning and become the focal point of your living room. Antique plates wall decor from hgtv.

You can fill the empty space on your wall to beautify the decor and appear more alive. Adding a photo gallery on the wall is the right idea so it will feel more fun. Placing it on this open shelf will result in an uncluttered room and will avoid clutter. Adding a flower vase will also give a fresh and natural touch to the room. This all-white wall color scheme will result in a clean and airy room. Photo gallery on shelf from hgtv.

4. Create an Indoor Vertical Garden

If you fancy greeneries, you may set a vertical garden up on your living room wall. It is for sure an unusual wall decor/ wall art your guests may rarely find. Nonetheless, to maintain an indoor garden, you have to be extra careful with your choice of plants. And no watering should be done inside!

Apart from the artwork you can also add some greenery to the tone walls. Installing a vertical garden in your living room will give a refreshing feel of nature. Simply place a plant on one of your walls to make it look neater and unique. This kind of decoration will produce an attractive appearance of the room and will become the focal point of the room. Greenery wall living room from deavita.

A vertical garden will provide natural beauty in your living room. You can put house plants on the walls so that they will decorate your walls and look more perfect. Combining it with some other green plants that are hung and placed on the floor will give the living room a fresh and more natural look. Choosing this low maintenance plant you don’t need to water the plant every day. Vertical garden wall living room from thespruce.

Last but not least, out of all these wall decor/ wall art ideas, you can always mix and match, putting up a few designs on the same wall to display a more diverse look in your living room.

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