Plants are great features for all office spaces. They can improve air quality, increase humidity, and refresh your mind. Having something green in your office also improves productivity and reduces stress. The question is: which plant should you give a place of honor in your office?

Consider one of these plants to decorate your office.

1. ZZ Plant

This fern-like succulent has a refreshing dark green shade, which looks great against a pale backdrop. ZZ plant is ideal for an office with little natural light, and it only needs a little water. Want a more dramatic-looking variant? Choose the “Raven” cultivar which has almost black leaves.

Add greenery in your office to avoid tense conditions. In addition, looking at ZZ plants can also reduce stress levels when doing activities at the office. Try this idea in your office. Placed on the back of the sofa will bring a stylish touch to the room and steal the attention of many people. Two ZZ plants from balconygardenweb.

ZZ plants placed in your office serve to reduce stress levels at work. Another advantage that you can get is to add calm and freshness in the room. Combine with some other green plants, this will make your room decor look more attractive and also create fresh air. Combined with this white color scheme, it gives a spacious and airy room. ZZ plants on office decor from trees.

ZZ plants placed in white pots will add beauty and freshness to your office. Place it on your work table to make the perfect room design and give a fresh impression to the room. Some of these other working ornaments give the perfect look. ZZ plants on potted from balconygardenweb.

2. English Ivy

The swirling shape of trailing plants will liven your office space. English Ivy is a popular trailing plant for both hanging baskets and regular pots. You can use a mini trellis to give the ivy a place for climbing. It needs a moderate level of water intake, medium light, and regular trimming.

You only need to grow English Ivy in one pot. And place your pot on a standing rack so that it propagates down lush and perfect. Combined with several other shark plants, it will give a fresh look and have a natural impression. Combined with some furniture from this wood will create the perfect look of the room. English Ivy office decor from balconygardenweb.

Allow English Ivy to creep up your bare wall. In addition to providing fresh air, this green plant will also be a natural wall decoration. combined with some other green plants will create a stunning appearance of the room and steal the attention of many people. Combined with this neutral wall, it creates a bright and airy room. English ivy wall plants from thespruce.

Wall decoration by adding hanging English Ivy plants gives a unique and fresh impression. This plant is very multifunctional and easy to care for. You simply provide adequate water intake. Combined with this framed wall decor, it creates an airy space and is the perfect focal point. This boho floor lamp will bring a dramatic design to the room. Hanging english ivy from mydomaine.

3. Snake Plant

The staple of office space plant, a snake plant is easy to maintain. You can place it an office with less natural light, and it will happily thrive. The plant only needs a little intake of water (just pour the remaining water from your bottle or cup into the pot!). Snake plant is available in Dwarf varieties like “Whitney” or “Futura Superba”, perfect for small offices.

To make the workplace much more comfortable, the right solution is to use snake plants grown in rectangular pots. This plant looks minimalist and luxurious. You can place this plant on a concrete garden bed which is complemented by several other green plants to give an attractive room design and have fresh air in your office lobby. Office garden bed with snake plants from interiorzine.

Snake plants and some other green plants will create a natural office design and have perfect air circulation. Placing plants in the kanto lobby with this garden bed creates an attractive room appearance and becomes the focal point of the room. Even so, the greenery on this wall gives a fresh decoration. Snake plants on midle office from interiorzine.

To get a beautiful feel in your office decor, try placing some green plants on this room divider shelf to make a stylish room design. For example, the snake plant planted in this pot brings a fresh and natural feel to the office. This modern office design creates a stylish space. Snake plants on divider shelf from interiorzine.

Place the snake plant right next to your desk, as this will reduce the humidity in the room. Combine it with other green plants such as a succulent planter that is placed in the corner of your office space. Choosing a wall decoration with an attractive design will steal the attention of many people. Standing snake plant from bobvila.

Your table will look more comfortable and perfect by placing a snake plant next to the table. You simply water this plant with the remaining water from a bottle or cup into this plant container. choosing this plant will be low maintenance making it suitable for your indoor office design. Large snake plants from balconygardenweb.

4. Philodendron

Another popular trailing plant, philodendron refreshes your office with its large, heart-shaped leaves. You can plant it in a hanging basket or pot with trailing pole/trellis. You must moisture the plant regularly to keep its look, but a simple self-watering pot will do the job.

Use fresh décor with bright greenery. For example, a large philodendron is planted in a large white ceramic pot to give a fresh room decor. This is an easy and inexpensive idea. Choosing this plant will be low maintenance and you will not need to water it too often. Large philodendron plants from balconygardenweb.

To increase your fun at work, you can use some greenery to make it. One of them is the philodendron, this plant is very easy and cheap to maintain. You can choose a creeping philodendron and you can place it on an open shelf in your office to bring some fresh air into the room. Creeping philodendron plants from mydomaine.

To maintain the appearance of the philodendron, you just need to water it regularly and regularly. This plant looks simple but still perfect. Place it on an office desk to create a stylish focal point of the room and grab the attention of many. Adding monstera plants also gives a room that is fresh and has a natural impression. Philodendron on desk from bybrittanygoldwyn.

Philodendron on the office desk can change a tense atmosphere into a relaxed atmosphere when doing activities at the office. This plant will perfectly refresh your office. You can also add some other green plants to create a fresh and natural impression. Philodendron plants from balconygardenweb.

An office space will be improved with a simple potted plant. Choose one of these plants to give your work space life.

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