With the rising value of property these days, having spacious outdoor space is a privilege for most people. The good news is, you don’t need a large space to make a beautiful porch or patio. Try wall decor! This concept doesn’t take up valuable floor space.

Here are 3 fantastic outdoor tropical wall décor ideas for your inspirations.

1Vertical garden

Turn a blank wall into a vertical garden full of beautiful flowers or useful herbs. Wall-mounted planters are a good solution for growing a plethora of greenery. All you need is a few wall planters that you can easily find in the store. Don’t want to scar your wall with nails to hang the pots? Easy. Find yourself a shelving unit and arrange your potted plants on it nicely. Here’s a pro decoration tip: vary the height to create a more dynamic look.

Alternatively, you don’t need living plants to create a “vertical garden”. If you don’t have time to care for them, it’s best not to plant them at all, or else you’ll risk seeing them die. You can still make a vertical garden with dry flowers because even when they dry, the flowers are beautiful nonetheless.

Creating a vertical garden in your yard is perfect for tropical wall decoration. Because it can beautify your home with beautiful green plants attached to your garden fence. You can apply it to the fence to create a fresh room design and have a natural impression. Using these colorful terracotta pots will make an attractive room design and steal the attention of many people. Vertical garden fence from housebeautiful.

Reusing wooden pallets for this planter will result in a stylish patio design. Filling this palette with some low-maintenance greenery will create a fresh patio that will make your patio more attractive and grab the attention of many people. Combine with rattan chairs and jars to complete the appearance of your terrace. Vertical tropical plants from housebeautiful.

For a vintage-inspired look, pick up an old window frame and fill it with these lush foliage. With this garden, you have the option of including several different types of plants. Applying it to your garden will give a unique look to the decor of this room. Using this pocket makes the perfect look. Window vertical planter from housebeautiful.

You can make this wall planter using open shelving for a sleek garden. Placing it on this balcony wall will give the room a fresh and inviting touch. Combined with this natural stone background, it will also make your garden have a natural impression into your room. Vertical wall planter from balconydecoration.

2Exposed brick

This is probably one of the easiest outdoor tropical wall decor ideas you’ve stumbled upon. Exposed bricks create a raw yet fascinating, if not artistic, look. Plant some vines on the side and let them climb up. And there you have a fantastic outdoor tropical wall décor without having to do much.

Decorate using exposed bricks is perfect for you to apply to your tropical walls, because exposed bricks decorated with vines will develop a tropical climate in your home. Some of these other potted green plants will give the outdoor living room a fresh and inviting touch. Applying this pergola will protect you from the sun. Exposed bricks with climb plants from idealhome.

Tropical outdoor walls using exposed brick make a raw but attractive look because there are vines that can beautify your outdoor tropical walls. Combined with vines is a simple way to decorate your walls without having to do much. Combining with some green plants in pots results in a stylish room design. Exposed brick with planter from hgtv.

3Bright colors for wall murals

Tropical vibe always relates closely to bright colors: the freshness of green, the warmth of orange and yellow, and even the shades of white and blue that remind you of the beautiful beach and sky. Bright colors scream summer and tropical taste. So, paint your wall with bright-colored murals and instantly bring the tropical atmosphere into your outdoor space!

Abstract murals for outdoor wall decoration are perfect for you to apply on your walls because the combination of bright colors can make your walls look cheerful and bring a tropical atmosphere. Choosing this pink background makes your outdoor design more stylish and will become the perfect focal point of the room. Abstract murals outdoor from hgtv.

A very classy tropical style image is perfect for you to apply on your outdoor wall because it can make your home of high artistic value and very attractive. Choosing a bright blue background combined with this colorful leaf painting will help brighten up your outdoor walls and will attract people around your home. Colorful tropical mural wall decor from amazinginteriordesign.

An outdoor wall paint decoration that is suitable for you to use is a tropical mural with bright colors. Because this paint design will make your home full of bright colors and very attractive. Choosing this bright color background will give the room a fresh design if you combine it with some greenery. This small dining table set will present a comfortable garden while enjoying your meal. Outdoor wall paint decoration from amazinginteriordesign.

A very attractive wall paint decoration with a combination of bright colors, very suitable for you to apply to the outer walls of your home because it makes your home colorful, very attractive and presents a tropical atmosphere. Choosing this beach painting theme will provide a fun garden focal point. Don’t forget to add a set of tables and chairs to enjoy the garden air with your family or friends. Beach wall paint from amazinginteriordesign.

So, what do you think of these 3 fantastic outdoor tropical wall decor ideas? Give it a try and make your outdoor walls fantastic!

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