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Annex Coach House; Adorable Combination of 1960s antiques with Modern

Located away from the road behind another house, the original building was part of Moore’s Hearse Livery and used as a vehicle depot. After some changes, this building turns out to be a residence in 1980’s. The courtyard’s brick wall is the only thing that left.


The Nook: Small House In The Woods with High Ceilings for Ultimate Getaway

To create the ultimate getaway for Mike Belleme, Shelter Collective, the architectural and interior design studio, agree to do this project. The team build a small house named ‘The Nook’. This 400 square foot cabin is in Swannanoa, North Carolina. The house has a firewood sided exterior and features local materials, such as black walnut, throughout the design.


La Proveedora; A Space to Provide And Shelter Within The Energetic Development Of The City

The characteristic feature of the commercial context in Latin America is that there is a high demand for low-cost products. It is usually regardless of their quality and due to the high existing poverty rates. Such need has led to a disorderly and progressive development of commerce, which in broad strokes has saturated the urban image of some cities, both in its reading and in its scale.