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“Organic Cafe” That Provide A Ventilation And Natural Lighting Throughout The Building

Density has always been a strong characteristic of Hanoi. Historically horizontal concentrations have been typical and recently vertical construction has strengthened the capital. Contrary to the trend of building density compaction, this Organic Café plays with architectural contrasts to propose a microcosm that is resilient in an urban context.


The Jakob Factory ; A Completely Naturally Ventilated Manufacturing Halls

G8A Architects together with rollimarchini architects have designed a factory building in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, that features a façade of plants. The Jakob factory proposal is seen as a unique opportunity for rollimarchini and G8A to propose an alternative to this detrimental practice, presenting a strategic land-saving project with an element of passive design focus.


Black Off-The-Grid Cabin In Upstate New York

American designer Marc Thorpe has created a simple, off-the-grid residence in Upstate New York that is meant to be present “in perfect balance with its surroundings”. The building was built in the small village of Fremont, which is a two-hour drive from New York City. It is located in the beautiful Catskill Mountains – a popular vacation spot for city dwellers.


“Lindt” Home of Chocolate Factory that Contains A Museum

Architectural studio Christ & Gantenbein has completed a museum for the Lindt chocolate brand alongside its headquarters in the city of Kilchberg, Switzerland, on Lake Zurich. Built next to the Lindt’s factory and corporate headquarters, it contains a museum dedicated to the history of chocolate and the brand.


The Hut; Tree-House Like Building Inspired By Rural Aesthetics

Greg Dutton, the architect, the designer of this treehouse-like, create an off-grid retreat in his own family’s retreat in rural Ohio. He want a building that sustainable and in sync with the environment surround. The exact location of the Hut is on a cattle farm in the Ohio Valley. It is set among a forested area on the banks of a high river overlooking a lake.


The Progressive Heritage Building with Many Clever Improvisation

Architectural practice oscillates continuously between forward planning and ad-hoc completion. It combines a precise structural grid with loose infill, clarity


The Third Space; A Building with Rigorous Sunlight Standard

The location of this “The Third Space” is in the prosperous North Jianshe Road, of which the east side is next to north-south parallel rows of workers’ house. The architect determine the direction, layout, the volume and the shape of tower and podium by calculating the sunlight, so this building will get the rigorous sunlight standard.


Traditional Scandinavian BBQ House Made from 100% Recyclable Materials

Architecture firm, SA lab, designing this modern interpretation of a traditional Scandinavian BBQ house named FLEXSE. This compact module’s made from 100% recyclable materials. It have a curved exterior. In this house, you can use it as a guest house, sauna, small cafe or even as an office pod.


Small Office Space with A Nice Combination of Wood And Concrete

This small office space is build by ALMOZNIVILA themselves. The small office space is attached to a home in Buenos Aires. The great thing about the office is it consist of a prominent built-in window seat. The office has a house-like shape protrusion with wood-framed windows, thank’s to the raw concrete facade of the office’s exterior.


Modern Villa In Spacious Plot

The house is situated on a spacious plot in the middle of the landscape on the east / south side of the island. The location of the plot presents a number of challenges. On the one hand, it offers beautiful views and the plot is nicely oriented to the sun. On the other side, the view line to the south is also a vulnerable place in terms of privacy.