Building Home Decoration

The Revolution Behind Skyscrapers: Steel Framing

The skyscrapers that adorn city roads today owe their beginnings to the discovery of steel structures. Architects and civil engineers construed a construction process that was so strong that one could build countless floors upon it; this is the steel frame.


Bismarck House; House with ‘Continuous garden’ At The Hearth of The Scheme

Andrew Burges Architects created the holiday home named Bismarck House. It is located in the Sydney suburb of Bondi. The house was designed for Will Dangar from Dangar Barin Smith’s landscaping practice to look different from the surrounding residential environment.


Circular Public Toilet Surrounded by Cherry Trees in Tokyo

Pritzker Prize-winning architect, Tadao Ando, ​​has completed a circular toilet in a Tokyo gpark as his contribution to the Tokyo Toilet project. Built in Jingu-Dori Park, the toilets was the part of a scheme run by the non-profit Nippon Foundation. They upgrading public facilities in the downtown district of Shibuya. The initiative has already seen in the toilets built by Fumihiko Maki and Ando’s Shigeru Ban.


My Room in the Garden Pod; Pod Which Easier to Assemble than IKEA Furniture

This adorable pod was made In response to the increasing number of people working from home due to the coronavirus. A prefabricated timber home office was created by London Studio Boano Prišmontas. Named My Room in the Garden, the pod can be built within a day!


12; House for Couple to Compose Music And Make Ceramics

This symmetric studio named 12 was built by Ortraum Architects in the garden of a house in Helsinki, Finland. The request is a room to compose music and make ceramics for the owner. They wanted an external space to work from home. It features two contrasting floors that have been slanted by the architects, giving rise to a sculptural form and two individual workspaces inside for couples.


Mirage Gstaad; A mirrored Building That change with the seasons

Let us introduce you to this gorgeous Mirage Gstaad, a mirror building created by American artist Doug Aitken. The reflective pavilion, which had previously been installed in the desert near Palm Springs, is currently in the Alpine meadow above Gstaad, Switzerland. When people happen to see Mirage Gstaad, they can approach it and even walk in, where mirror walls frame the windows and skylights.


Boomerang-Shaped House In United States That Maximize The Outdoor Space

The project is a 2,400-square-foot family home and art studio in the Mar Vista neighborhood. The project is structured as two independent structures to allow flexibility for converting studio use to future ADU use. Shaped like a boomerang, a white two-story trunk pulled from an expressive red folded box creates a common entrance to both structures. Playing on a square shape, the smooth corners of the bar extend the view from the entire house to the garden outside.


Gallery House; An Encounter Between Family House, Small Hotel, And Art Gallery

The Gallery House is located in the small town of La Pobla de Cérvoles, in Lleida, province of Catalonia. It’s an encounter between a family house, a small hotel, and an art gallery. In 2017, the owners of the Mas Blanch i Jové winery bought an old house close to the winery. The aim was to accommodate the growing number of visitors to the winery and to be used throughout the family at their meetings in the Little village.


Petcart Nest; Lovely Place for Humans And Animals

This building is a Petcart Nest, a one-of –a-kind ‘pet resort’ on the outskirts of Bengaluru. Thus project has no set brief. The client just want a place for grooming center, a chat room to do live videos between dogs and their owners, a pet clinic, lawns for training and play areas, a large pool, an office, kitchens (for humans and animals), and helpers’ quarters, in addition to as many comfortably sized kennels as possible, all in a shoe-string budget!


Simgok House; House that Connecting Large Families Under One Roof

Nowadays, many contemporary families decided to live further apart. But this respected poet and her daughter do not think that way. All of them, each with their own families, love to stay together. They find a site in a cozy yet high-density village where the new and old can coexist. In this unique situation, the Simgok House fulfills the difficult request of connecting large families under one roof while providing privacy for each occupant.