DIY Decoration DIY Ideas

Crafting with Family: Unique DIY Headboard to Try This Holiday

Forget the times of bulky and expensive headboard in your bedroom. Here are unique DIY headboard ideas that are cheap and easy to make.

DIY Decoration DIY Ideas

Simple DIY Terrarium Ideas That Will Make Your Place Look Adorable

Need more than an aquarium to adorn your house? Why not try to place terrarium on a coffee table or mantel. No need to buy, you can make it by yourself.

DIY Decoration DIY Ideas

DIY Project Ideas to Decorate Your Home during Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving will be here soon! It’s time for you to prepare for the proper decoration to really welcome the celebration. Anyway, in decorating your home, you don’t need to buy new stuff since you can have it by doing the DIY Thanksgiving craft.

DIY Decoration DIY Ideas

Simple but Beautiful DIY Organization Tools

A good organizing system is the backbone of any room, including a small room or home. If you don’t have the money for a fancy organizer, you can create a simple and effective DIY organization tool. Here are some ideas that you can copy.

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Minimalistic Living: DIY Corner Shelves to Maximize Your Space

Wondering how to fill the awkward corners of your house? With these DIY corner shelves ideas, fill the spaces with eye-catching decorations instead.

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Take a Look at These 29 Amazing DIY Pallet Wood Projects

Wood pallets become a favorite material to build your furniture and decoration. Here are some DIY pallet wood projects that are so feasible.

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26 Brilliant and Unique DIY Pegboard Idea to Organize Your Workshop

Pegboards are the best idea to organize your things. Check these DIY pegboard ideas to organize your workshop that will inspire you to create your own!

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100 Winter Mason Jar Crafts You Can Have

When talking about winter decoration, then you can use the mason jar to make the craft with winter touches like giving the snowy effect or making the snowman shape. Use the mason jar to be the ornament, fairy lighting, container, candle holder, or vase.

Christmas Decor DIY Decoration

100 DIY Wooden Christmas Decoration Projects for Farmhouse Touches

When talking about Christmas decoration, of course, that won’t be far from the Christmas tree, snowman, or Santa. You don’t need to be worried since you can have those ornaments by making the DIY projects. There are still so many varied ornaments and decoration ideas that you can have by using the wood that will effectively create the farmhouse atmosphere.

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100 DIY Winter Project Ideas for Cheap Decoration

Winter will be identical with the white things like the snowy ornament, snowflake, snowman, and more. That is why we do really recommend you to include those things into your winter DIY projects. However, you can also bring a little bit of Christmas spirit since winter is really close to Christmas.