Everybody needs a hobby and ultimately, a private room. We need some alone times and a place to contemplate. That is why a basement could be a perfect option. If your basement looks like a crashing ship, these are some basement wall decoration ideas to makeover your basement. Here we go. 

1. Brick Basement Wall

Most basement walls are a rustic and unpolished concrete wall. So, it’s time to set up some new rules. Apply red brick walls and decorate the room to get a vintage bunker. If you have some classic paintings, hang them on the wall. Finally, turn on some lo-fi music and TV to spend your leisure time.

Design a basement with red brick walls and classic paintings on the wall, making your basement like a pub-style bar.

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The basement renovation now expands this home entertainment area. Family and friends gather to enjoy snacks and drinks from the bar area or play billiards or darts in the storage room made for games.

This beautiful and elegant interior design is made using reclaimed bricks and wood, this decoration gives a rustic look.

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The basement design with red brick combined with classic painting, makes your billiard playing area look classy.

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The red brick walls in the basement give a farmhouse and rustic feel. Add a wrought iron ladder to connect the upper room in your home.

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If the basement walls are originally brick, not poured concrete, leave it as for a chic attic look. Brick walls can be a cool and smart basement design material.

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2. Classic Game Room Wood Wall

Everybody has a guilty pleasure. If 90’s game console or classic arcade game is your favourite, put them to your basement. To explore the vibe, hang some classic posters of famous video games at that time like Tetris, Pac Man, Street Fighter, until Megaman X. Some classic game consoles like Nintendo NES or PlayStation 1 are also worth to have. 

Many ways to beautify your basement, using wooden walls give a natural and nice impression for your decoration. This design is perfect for your game room.

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Create a simple wall with wooden and brick material for your basement. You can build a game room in the basement with this design.

Wood can be an option for designing a basement game room, with lighting and wall decoration create a classy look.

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If you like a natural and rustic touch in your game room, you can try to make wooden walls. To beautify your decoration you can try to put some ornaments like pictures on the walls.

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Fantastic basement playroom with a superb wooden wall with dark color gives a dramatic feel. A built-in cloth-coated bench provides extra seating. The dark stained oak floors are put in a chevron pattern.

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3. Hollywood Style Wall Décor

The key part of this décor is showing off the Hollywood accent. To do that, apply some wallpaper to represent them like paisley or damask. You can also put some posters or props and, of course, your big screen for your private home theatre. This idea also can be applied to other pop culture references like K-Pop, J-Pop, or even Bollywood.

Bright and simple media room with a beige décor and matching armchairs. With TV attached to the wall your room look like a home theatre.

If you like the privat room, you can build home cinema with this design. Besides looking elegant, the combination of black and red wall with patterned wallpaper is good ideas.

Home theater designs that play an important role in creating extraordinary home entertainment systems. With the Hollywood Hi-Tech system, this displays the perfect system and incredible basement.

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The basement is the perfect place for a great hangout, and a home bar, a functional home office or even a much-needed children’s playroom. But one idea that overcame them and seemed suitable for the atmosphere of the basement was a large home theater.

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4. Modern Art Wall for Private Gallery

Keep your collection of modern art here if you think your kids or neighbour are not “art-friendly”. Yes, it happens to a protective collector. So, mind the scale of the room and put the artworks as comfortable as possible. Mind also the air conditioner because some artworks can be sensitive to extreme temperature.

If you have a narrow room in your basement, you can try to put a wall gallery under the stairs. It will make your basement look modern and tidy.

Living room design with stone fireplace, L-shaped white sofa in basement. Classic images on sofas that are arranged horizontally can create a rustic charm. …

Living room design with stone fireplace, L-shaped white sofa in basement. Classic images on sofas that are arranged horizontally can create a rustic charm.

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Decorating the creative wooden stairs with pictures or photos in your home. For example, you can arrange an image or a photo in a direct pattern with stairs, making the underground ladder look neat and charming with a photo gallery or a photo of a ladder.

Smart staircase decoration ideas to remodel your home, arranging pictures with the stairs wall option as a place for a collection of images will maximize underground stairs that are more interesting and not bored.

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5. Door or Chamber of Secrets

Imagine you have a bat suit; you don’t want to hang them in the open air. You should keep them in a secret place. Like Batman, a basement is a mysterious place that can keep your secret identity. So, install some panel and door in your basement. Then, cover the basement wall with something like bookcase or cabinet. Cool, right?

Modern Media Room Featuring A Secret Bookcase Door Revealing A Relaxation Area

A clever basement idea, for example you want to make a secret bedroom, you can use wooden bookshelves as a perfect and safe secret door option.

Design a basement with a hidden ladder behind the secret bookcase door in your perfect traditional home.

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Basement design, with this elegant hidden door with bookcase option for your home. The secret bookcase door is fully integrated with wall panels.

The idea of this concealed bookshelf door includes integrated safety bolts and a smooth magnetic entry system. Our secret door solutions are your choice for intelligent basement design. From this design you’ll find more sophisticated and affordable options.

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