We’re two years into the new decade, and the world is already showing signs of changing trends when it comes to home architecture, design and decor preferences. While the previous decade was all about opulence and grand themes, people seem to be drawn to the theme of luxurious minimalism today. The premise of luxury in minimalism emphasizes the little details that ensure maximum aesthetic value without compromising on comfort. If you want your home design to keep up with the times, here are a few ideas to include in your renovations or constructions.

  1. Swimming Pool Shutters: Swimming pools are not in use 24/7 throughout the year in every home; sometimes the pool goes unused for weeks at a stretch. Especially in the colder months, it can be a challenge to maintain your pool or pay a pretty penny for someone else to come out in the cold to keep your pool clean. Even with a tarpaulin sheet, there are other elements like algae and microbes that can contaminate the water. One of the best trends we’ve seen in new homes is the automatic pool shutter. Some of these are highly sophisticated and can give your lawn some additional space by covering the pool with a sliding shutter.
  2. Epoxy Flooring: The following is one of the first things to catch one’s attention as soon as you step into a home. Marble and exotic stones are getting increasingly expensive by the day. Moreover, they are also difficult to transport if not locally sourced, are too delicate to carve and can be brittle. One of the best ways to introduce beautiful textures to your home and have stunning coloring and shine would be to opt for epoxy flooring. There are several artists today that create stunning patterns in any color combination to match your home aesthetic with epoxy.
  3. Lit-up Kitchen Islands: Who likes to come into a dull home?! Some places here in the US are permanently chillier than the rest and need an extra touch of warmth. Heated and internally lit up countertops are one of the prettiest looking specs you will come across. Rather than only focusing on the source of light being ceiling decor, your kitchen island can now have a backlit countertop that lights up from the inside, making it glow. This creates an inviting and warm vibe for all at home, beckoning a family to share meals together.
  4. Outdoors Firepit: One of the opulent home aesthetic trends that will be seeing a peak will be outdoor fire pits. This is a specific section of the front or the back of your garden having a seating arrangement around a swanky fire pit. The patio or backyard optimizes the space in a way that can fit a cozy spot for you and the guests without worrying about space. Don’t want to compromise the garden? The fire pit can be accommodated on the terrace, where you can enjoy a lovely view of the night sky!

Wrapping Up:

Apart from these, the other trends that will showcase a strong presence are wood detailing, lighter living spaces or Grecian architecture. All these themes focus of bringing more natural light indoors and doing away with heavy furniture and displays. If you want to keep your home understated and classy, the minimalist look is meant for you!

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