Real Estate video marketing has experienced a boom in the past few years; therefore, many real estate agents use it to create interior design videos to showcase their work. Making such videos help the customers understand the product better while seeing minute details of the house.

If you are a real estate agent seeking to increase business and make a better connection with your potential buyers, a good video marketing strategy is a must. Creating interior design videos to tell your brand stories through a video helps connect with people.

Video marketing provides a big opportunity for real estate agents to seek the target audience’s attention and prove themselves better than their competitors. There are numerous ways to create interior design videos.

Ideas for Real Estate Agents for Creating Interior Designs Videos

Here are some of the best ways you can use real estate video marketing for creating interior design videos-

  1. Revise your lighting – 

The first thing you should do for creating interior design videos is revise the lighting. Undoubtedly, good lighting can transform a place completely. A dull light can make even the most stylish rooms look boring. It would help if you kept in mind that different lighting is required for different spaces; a bright light in the living room makes it look posh, while yellow and other mellow lights in bedrooms help make them seem cosy. 

Every space requires different layers of lighting, and it is essential to pay attention to this detail. The first base is the overhead lights, the second is using lamps, and the third is accent lights that help add intensity and mood to the room.

You can also use different light tones, such as yellow lights, to make the environment look warm and associated with cosiness. On the contrary, white light gives a fresh and cooler look that can help energise your day. Avoid using harsh lights as they give a feel of a clinic and take away the sense of a home.

  1. Clean like never before – 

One of the most important things you need to do is declutter and organise the house. To sell a house, it is crucial that you clean the house to make it look attractive as it creates a sense of calm. Before you make videos, make sure that every corner of the house is clean as the prospective buyer checks for everything.

A clean house looks bigger and more inviting. Every corner of the house should be utilised properly by arranging wardrobes, drawers, and cupboards. Plus, a neat house shows that you have taken good care of the house. 

  1. Opt for neutral colors – 

Using neutral colors instead of going with the latest trend is recommended. While interior design reflects one’s personality, the house should reflect a potential buyer’s personality as a real estate agent. The interior design should not be too bright or dull; keeping it neutral is the safest.

For creating videos, you need to ensure that you use high-quality products that seem classic. A good interior design with neutral colors is loved by all and makes it easy to sell the property.

Try and do hotel-like styling, such as using white hand towels and bedsheets, as it gives an impression of a clean and well-maintained house. You can pep up the look by using colored cushions and play with curtains and sofa colors.

  1. Make an impression – 

Your interior design videos should impress the customer within the first few seconds. In real estate video marketing, you must catch the customers’ attention within the first few seconds of the video. The interior of the house should seem welcoming and comfortable.

Therefore, you should focus on every minute detail before starting the video, such as cleaning the exterior, maintaining the lawn, keeping fresh flowers, cleaning the porch, and changing the bedsheets before beginning with the video. The interior will also depend on the weather, for example, in winters customers would like to feel warm whereas in summers it should look cool.

  1. Make the most of natural lighting – 

Using glasses in your house can make them look even more beautiful, and it enables the natural light to enter your house, which makes it look even better. People love the natural light coming into their house as it generates energy and improves the mood. 

Interior designers add mirrors as it is a perfect way to reflect light in any area; they help brighten up the room and add some character to it.

These were the top five ideas for real estate agents to create interior designing videos. There are a few more things that you can do to make your property more captivating so that it sells quickly, such as:-

  • Bring in plants
  • Install removable wallpaper
  • Upgrade the hardware
  • Don’t forget to attend to the exterior of the house
  • Invest in a cozy rug
  • Open up the space

Bottom Line

Using these ideas can help your property garner a lot of attention as these are a few things that every buyer looks for. You need to ensure that you use things that make your house look bigger, do not use big furniture or too loud colors. Keep it simple and clean.

Try to create videos both during the day and night. During the daytime, you can show the effects of natural light, and at night you can show the lighting and how it adds beauty to the property. 

Using simple hacks like these can help houses look more appealing and attract more buyers. It is important to make a house which will remain neutral and appeal to many. We hope you use these ideas to attract a wide range of potential buyers. 

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