Your roof, without proper maintenance, is like your car without servicing. While the appearance of a car might deceive anyone that all is well, an unserviced car could break down when you least expect it.

Like your car, roof integrity does decline over time, despite having a healthy appearance. An inspection is like an oil change for your car engine. It’s not only essential to spot problems. It’s critical to increase its longevity and save you from expensive repair and replacement.

If you have neglected your roof for years, here are 5 instances that should make you consider an inspection.

When You Notice a Damage

While it takes a trained eye to identify core issues, some issues are so glaring that anyone can spot them. Missing shingles, blocked gutters, or dented sidings are obvious damages that you can spot yourself. But the extent of the damage can only be confirmed by experts.

If you notice any exterior problem, you need to act before it affects the interior of your home. Contact trained contractors for a thorough inspection before it’s too late.

After a Big Storm

If your property is located in an area with a continuous and heavy storm, you are likely to need an evaluation. The wind has damaging effects on roofing materials. Even a small storm can tear and expose them to elements.

You may not notice any damage immediately after a big storm. But a continuous storm event will, without doubt, cause your roof to age fast.

A thorough inspection can help you detect any after-storm damage. Most times, your home purchase warranty covers exterior repairs in the first year after purchase. You can miss out on this home warranty if you fail to get your roof inspected within that time.

When Buying a New Home

Before purchasing a new property, be it commercial or residential, an inspection is a must-do. An inspection expert can reveal what’s obscure for your untrained eye. This can help you save money.

The condition of the roof affects the overall value of the property. Regardless of what your seller says, full exterior roof inspections can help you avoid regrets. If there are fixes, you value them. If replacement is needed, you can sort it out with your seller on the negotiation table.

Fortunately, home insurance can cover those damages. But you need enough evidence to make your case. That’s where professional evaluation comes to play.

Annual Check-Up

How often should I get my roof inspected? That’s a common question on the lips of homeowners. The rule of thumb is to get it inspected at least once a year. An annual evaluation is ideal. However, the frequency of inspection might differ based on its age.

Annual evaluation tells you the condition, allows you to take care of damages quickly, and keeps you abreast of your roof life expectancy. If you can’t recall when last you had your inspected, or you’re not sure you ever did, you need to do so right away.


An inspection is the best-known way to keep your roof in top condition for years. It ensures your home is healthy and free of damages. If you want your roof to serve you for long, scheduling a regular inspection is a necessity and not an option.

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