If you want to build a natural and comfortable atmosphere in the living room, rustic style is the right choice. Rustic itself is well-known as a design concept that accentuates the natural impression in the room. On top of that, rustic is easily combined with other styles. So, here are five simple rustic living room ideas to improve your sweet home.

1. Put Some Unique Furniture

Create a rustic feel in your living room by putting some unique furniture. Instead of buying rustic furniture, why not make it yourself? For example, repaint your old wooden table or chair with a white base, then rub the furniture surface with sandpaper or steel wool to give it a distressed look. 

A simple rustic living room with unique wooden table combine with iron. Complete with patterned rugs and white soft sofas to perfect your living room decor.

A rustic simple living room decor with natural wood walls combined with a wooden sofa with a rough texture.

A rustic style living room decor with wooden table that match with living room theme. It can give a charming rustic impression.

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A charming choice of furniture with round table and the milk can for table stand can make the living room looks very rustic. Combine a woven rattan rug with a rough texture can reinforce the impression of rustic in the living room.

A living room with an old white table combined with a soft white sofa in the living room gives a simple rustic feel.

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2. Create a Combination of Wood and Stone

Achieve the rustic look by combining wood and stone elements. This nature-inspired concept will also give a warm sense to your living room. To present a more comfortable and cozy impression, also create adequate lighting, either from windows or lamps.

A rustic style living room decor with a combination of stone element on the fireplace and wood touch on the ceiling and floor. It can give a warm impression to your living room decor.

A selection of material with natural stone on the fireplace and rattan chairs gives a comfortable feel in this rustic style living room.

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A charming combination in the living room with white wood for the walls and natural stone fireplace in this living room can create a warm nuance in your room.

Warm nuances are created with a combination of vinyl wood floors and natural stone walls in the fireplace. It can make an elegant rustic living room.

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A living room with natural color fireplace made of natural stone combined with wooden furniture are a great idea to provide a comfortable and warm feel.

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3. Beautify with decorative themed plants

Beautify your living room with decorative themed plants. For example, you can place a display of artificial ornamental plants in several corners of space. But of course, for a more natural impression, living plants will make your rustic living room look more charming.

A charming living plants that placed on the wooden beam table can freshen up your rustic living room decor.

Placing some house plants in your rustic living room decor can make your room feels more fresh and natural.

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A living plants that placed at the corner of the living room and combined with red brick walls can create a charming rustic feel in the living room.

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A rustic style living room with a combination of living plants and rattan wood chairs it can provide a comfortable feel in the living room.

A rustic style in the living room with several living plant to give fresh and natural impression in your room decor.

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4. Place Some Antique Accents

Create an attractive rustic living room using some antique accents. For instance, hang a vintage wreath on the wall or install a lovely distressed shelf. Also, plaid some embellishing pillows to make your living room look more rustic.

A living room with a vintage wreath combined with distressed wooden hanging shelf can make your room looks rustic.

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A soft sofa with some pillows paired with vintage wreath and distressed shelf can reinforce the rustic feels in your living room.

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A rustic-style natural color living room and a pair of floral arrangement attached to the wall can increase the beautiful of rustic shades.

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A simple rustic living room with old window added with vintage floral wreath can give a rustic feels in your living room. This is look simple but still elegant.

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A wooden wall clock combined with a vintage floral arrangement in the living room makes the rustic living room decoration more beautiful.

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5. Accentuate with an Artistic Light

The use of artistic lights is also able to present a strong rustic atmosphere. However, pay attention to its model and material before purchasing the light. It would be better if you choose an antique-looking lamp design made from natural materials, as well as the one that has an unfinished look.

A chandelier in the artistic living room with metal chandeliers combined with pastel white walls can make your room looks more rustic.

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A simple rustic style living room with vinyl floor and antique metal chandelier can create a rustic feels to your room.

A warm shades in a rustic-style living room with charming lighting made of antique round metal can enhance your room decor.

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A fabulous living room with antique chandeliers in combination with wooden floors and white shade of the room concept are very perfect for rustic living room decor.

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Lighting idea in the living room with square metal lamps gives a natural rustic feel.

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Create your own rustic living room by applying the easy tips above! What’s more, don’t be afraid to experiment with many styles.

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